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  1. hi guys, I have been playing on linux,manjoro KDE plasma using the steam linux client,I have found it to work great very easy to install and play so very user friendly,like if I was on windows. Now for the down side not being able to use my WG account,I know it is possible to play games on steam having to use other game company accounts so I can't understand why WG have not done this.world of warplanes works great too but again both don't let us login with our WG accounts,there is no reason or excuse as to why WG have not made this possible.
  2. camdy

    replay mod?

    cool i'll google it then,yeah do have fraps but the replay it self does let you get a different views found it http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/19170-enabling-wows-replays/
  3. camdy

    replay mod?

    just wondering is there a replay mod or do we have to put a line in a config file somewhere like back in the old days of wot cbt???
  4. camdy

    Eurobeat's How to Guides

    why am i not surprised someone had to make a how to video for the atlanta best $20 i spent though i do miss the old 15km range
  5. camdy

    Banning of the word 'YOU' In-game

    yup i can add to this the word " you " is now " *** " in every chat channel for me too.this would include when someone has typed it too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/You
  6. camdy

    Good job with the update

    no we would never dare do that on the internet
  7. camdy

    Carrier loadout customisation

    well you do have Flight Control modules they do give you different loadouts the bogue has 3 in total
  8. oo thats good someone else posted the same bug
  9. camdy

    Good job with the update

    you will find when most games add new skills to their skill tree they will reset them for everyone which is great and fair
  10. i wonder what currency they are using as their exchange rate base for the SEA server then???
  11. camdy

    0.5.3 really soon

    yup trolling your trolling
  12. camdy

    0.5.3 really soon

    some vet will and some wont . some new players will and some wont. but wait you already know this. oh that's right your a bitter old vet that thinks everyone is like you,sorry my mistake ;)
  13. camdy

    0.5.3 really soon

    if your scratching that head maybe you should see the doc ;)
  14. camdy

    Tirpitz and Warspite on sale AGAIN in shop

    exchange rate and any local taxes would be the answer there more than WG
  15. camdy

    Mouse cursor missing when using CV

    it is fixed now thank you