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  1. if you have idea how to do the operation, for me T5 or T6 doesn't matter. The most cases I saw was T6 ships player do silly things, and blame T5 ships players for bringing T5 ships in the battle.
  2. best thing to do: uninstall the game
  3. ong_hy

    How can u enjoy this cowardice meta

    uninstall the game would be the best idea
  4. ong_hy


    same as wot la, BB afraid their ship scratch by enemy shells...
  5. ong_hy

    Not a fan of RU cruisers so far

    that thing not better than Karlshure, turning lose a lot of speed, gun turn slow, cant evade shots like Phoenix Destroyer like armor, yes, do not fire AP to tier 3 and 4 Russian Cruisers, that will do minimal damage.
  6. ong_hy

    What's the point?

    because wg want to nerf u
  7. ong_hy

    Need help in the Karlsruhe

    this thing is just bad in all aspect, low rof, low dpm, slow, maneuver like a battleship, short range of fire. and yeah, few hits at middle of the ship will knock your engine down have to go as a back stabber, when enemy busy firing at your teammate, u go to shot enemy from other side, if the enemy decided to shot u, gg lah.... the lucky thing it is at tier 4, so not that much exp needed to move to next ship, Konigsberg is great
  8. ong_hy

    Ship stuck at Big Race

    lol... good idea, but we are at winning side.... yeap, i become the gun bunker (i suppose?) and kill another enemy cruiser. i tried speed up, reverse, turn left right.... still remain 0 knot
  9. the moment you click 'sell' Karlsruhe, so much of satisfaction
  10. ong_hy

    Ship stuck at Big Race

    So, i've been tunnel vision a bit, and drive straight to the little port at big race...... end up i stuck at this place, cant move forward nor backward, turn both left and right also not able to move...
  11. this ship is garbage, that's it, low hp, slow, low dpm, engine get knock off easilly....
  12. wows mm is much more broken than wot, i have a lot of battle with uneven tier of teams
  13. ong_hy

    Level 3 Japanese battleship problems

    Kawachi is ok, only draw back on the firing range, u need to use island as cover to move close to your target. the ship have a lot of guns which make it a monster when move in firing range. After move to Myogi, this ship have huge firing range improvement compare to kawachi, but the ship only have 6 guns, and the accuracy is........ overall, i prefer Wyoming more compare to Myogi
  14. ong_hy

    Malaysian Players

    using streamyx, ping around 30-40