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    zaha reacted to asbay in WWII naval movies   
    the best u boat movie  is Das Boot
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    zaha reacted to CrimsonGabri in How to change your commander picture   
    This is just a tiny mod~ to change the profile picture of an commander control your ship, it pretty easy
    Step one: Get a desire picture, i'm using my CV Langley so i take this image
    Now in order to change this pic to your commander pic you need too remove the back ground and of course resize the pic, the good size for commander pic is 200 x 184
    That the pic i want
    Step two: go to [Where you put WoWs]/ res / gui / crew commander / base / [which nation you want to change ]
    you will see pics of default commander, in my case i already mod some haha~
    Langley is base_3_11 so remove the old profile and add the one i want [ you have to change the right name or it wont work]
    Step 3: Restart the game and...
    we are done!, simple right?
    if you want the big profile pic is fine too, in my case i want it to balance so i use 200 x 184
    when you in gui you can see consumable or account level etc, i think those can be mod too but i havent try~ up to you to discover. Thanks for reading
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    zaha got a reaction from meta69 in [Channel] WoWS Malaysia Network   
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    zaha got a reaction from meta69 in [Channel] WoWS Malaysia Network   
    Nice work, meta.

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    zaha reacted to ExESGO in ExESGO Video's   
    With the lifting of the NDA, I give you my first WoWS video.

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    zaha reacted to IJN_Urakaze in It's Happening!   
    First thing pop up in my mind when i see this thread