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  1. I'm just wandering how the directors/radars aim the guns/turrets?
  2. exius48

    Tier 10 Essex kill highlight by.WUNDER_

    The brutality...
  3. exius48

    Improve Collision warnings?

    Sir I think you misunderstand some points, I said..I sometimes collide when fighting an enemy while focus on aiming a gun not while cruising when i can use a "AUTOPILOT" to navigate, so my solution is to have a "Earlier Sound Warning". Thank you and Good day Sir.
  4. exius48

    Improve Collision warnings?

    Thanks for your advice I'll try look into it. ^_^
  5. exius48

    Improve Collision warnings?

    Good day, I appreciate your replies, but I think some of you misunderstand my point. I don't have intention of increasing the warning range or changing it completely "BUT ADDING SOUND EFFECT TO THE (early)WARNING SYSTEM" so players don't need to constantly check HUD if they are about to collide into an island while busy aiming to a enemyship. Perhaps like Harpoon01 said a crew voice?
  6. OK....Here's my problem, I sometimes collide with islands...END. We all know that when were about to collide on an island a orange arrow a will show up on the screen, but on the heat of battle I find hard to notice that warning until the siren screams then is to late. In my opinion the siren should turn on more early because in my case its easier to notice sound warnings when I am aiming onto something. (BBs, the feeling of being stuck and then torps are coming!!!!)
  7. exius48

    Anime: Kantai Collection: KanColle

    Season 2!! motto motto~~~ Revenge of the USN ships sunk on Operation Crossroads "After we protect our country this is what your did"
  8. exius48

    How to change target?

    Thanks Sir appreciate the help.
  9. exius48

    How to change target?

    I already tried RMB still doesn't work. I am having hard time using torps because I can't use the aim assist.
  10. exius48

    bad luck stories

    Playing as a destroyer.....ping jumping around 200ms-600ms all the time, then while firing torps *boom hits an ally.....2x this day. ORz
  11. exius48

    Client Installation Error.

    Yeah mines corrupted...
  12. exius48

    Client Installation Error.

    Nope, have you tried switching computer?
  13. exius48

    Client Installation Error.

    What is your current disk space? (Try checking WoT forums since they have same publisher."just don't ask questions")
  14. exius48

    Client Installation Error.

    http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/2440-what-specs-are-needed-to-run-world-of-warships/ here there's a thread regarding to your question.