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  1. spider4929

    Tier 5 Elimination Thread, SEA edition

    Konig +1 = Best BB in T5 Emerald -3 = A ship just asking to get autodeleted Bogue (2/0/1): 15 Bogue (1/1/0): 18 Bogue (0/1/2): 6 New York: 16 Texas 17 Omaha 4 Nicholas: 12 Zuiho (1/1/2): 15 Zuiho (1/2/1): 15 Kongo+ARP clones: 13 Furutaka: 7 Kamikaze/Fujin: 15 Minekaze: 16 Gnevny: 14 Gremy: 18 Kirov: 17 Murmansk: 15 Konig: 23 Konigsberg: 16 Emerald: 3
  2. spider4929

    Takes too long to enter the game/long loading time

    Ok sorry for the late reply. I reinstalled the game, completely defragged my hard drive. No change. I still enter the game 2-5 minutes after the game started.
  3. Issue: Takes too long to enter the game/long loading time Screenshots: NoneShip: AnyMap: All except the Halloween event mapOccurrences: EverytimeTested: YesSeverity: Medium impactDetails: I enter the game 3-5 minutes after the game started. This problem never happens to me in the past patches. This only started during the release of the 5.13 patch. Any help?
  4. spider4929

    Ridiculous things you've seen while playing WoWs.....

    Doing minimal damage on the citadel area of a broadside Prinz Eugen at point blank range in my North Carolina.
  5. Guess I'll use my Bogue and Ryujo against bots.
  6. spider4929

    World of Warships package extraction keeps failing?

    Neat! Now I have another way of downloading updates. Thanks.
  7. spider4929

    World of Warships package extraction keeps failing?

    Thanks for the link. By the way, where did you get the link? Now I know what happened, I actually refresh my modem while downloading whenever the downloading speed is only 30-100 KB/s. That probably caused the corruption. I actually tried this earlier using uTorrent but the download speed of 0-50 KB/s is so bad I stopped downloading.
  8. spider4929

    World of Warships package extraction keeps failing?

    Here's the .log file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/txg0ckf51qgcvua/WoWSLauncher.log?dl=0
  9. Issue: Installation/Extracting package keeps failing. Screenshots: (First image: Before the 2 GB finished downloading; Second image: Have to download another 1.5 GB after second failed package extraction)Ship: N/A Map: N/A Occurences: Twice. Tested: N/A Severity: Cannot install WoWS and wasting time, money and bandwidth. Details: I'm reinstalling WoWS because of patch 0.5.5 (My PC can't handle the massive repackaging). I initially downloaded the 9 GB file needed. When extraction of package happened, it failed and had me download 2 GB more. After I downloaded and the extraction happened, it failed again and now it's making me download another 1.5 GB. I don't have a fast internet download speed (only around 300 KB/s) and majority of the time it only downloads at 100-20 KB/s so it's taking a huge amount of time and I'm getting really annoyed. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening again or do I have to suck it up until the package stopped getting corrupted?
  10. spider4929

    Cannot enter the match...

    Issue: Cannot enter a match... Screenshot: Attached Ship: Only happened on my aircraft carriers namely Bogue and Zuiho Map: Any Occurences: Randomly when I play CVs Tested: No Severity: High impact Details: This problem is very new to me. It only currently happens on my CVs. Problem is the game is stuck on the loading screen going to a match. I cannot enter the match no matter what I do. The strange thing for me is in the picture attached (highlighted in a red box) all ships are shown that there all in a corner. Any suggestions?
  11. spider4929

    Crashing because of Fuso?

    Looks like copying and pasting clean data on the folder didn't work. The game still crashes. EDIT: Searched the python.log and this showed up: This is the content of the CRASH file: This is what showed up in the Event Log of the crash: I hope this info would help in fixing my problem.
  12. spider4929

    Crashing because of Fuso?

    UPDATE: I don't personally know anyone who play this game so I can't copy the game files. Also I narrowed down the problem to the 1943 hull of the Fuso. (Hull B & C in-game). I think I need the folder "JSB006_Fuso_1943" in "res\content\gameplay\japan\ship\battleship" folder. If anyone has a clean data of the Fuso 1943 folder (which is only 10 MB), please, PLEASE upload it. I can't play my Fuso because of this.
  13. I play WoWS at lowest setting forced at 1024x768 resolution so I can achieve smooth 40+ frames but at this resolutions the UI/HUD is just crowding the screen. Is there a way to make the UI/HUD smaller?
  14. spider4929

    Crashing because of Fuso?

    Issue: Game crashes when I interact or look at the Fuso. Screenshots: NoneShip: FusoMap: AnyOccurrences: RandomTested: Yes, zoom in/spectate/fight etc. a Fuso.Severity: Heavy Impact on my gameplayDetails: The game crashing for some unknown reason is no stranger to me and is negligible but this crashing with an oddly specific reason is kind of impacting my gameplay. Whenever I zoom in on an allied/enemy Fuso at >4 km, fight with a Fuso at close range (i.e. torping a Fuso at close ranges), spectate a friendly Fuso, etc., my game crashes. This crash is really impacting my gameplay because due to this problem, I can't fight a Fuso properly due to the fear of crashing. I can't even help out friendly Fusos fearing they might cause the game to crash. Can anyone please help me solve this?
  15. spider4929

    Suggestions for new historical based battles

    How about there will be a land area (airport, fortress, base, port etc) that one team should defend and the other team should destroy? BB would be probably restricted to one due to their long ranges and heavy firepower.