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  1. Scuba_Steve

    New 1.8m milestone for Project R

    6 Mil..... just straight out stupid .....
  2. Scuba_Steve

    New 1.8m milestone for Project R

    @ 1.8 mil we win 8 Question marks. Can you not read mate?
  3. Scuba_Steve

    New 1.8m milestone for Project R

    about 5+ extra & very easy weekly missions I didn't even know I did. P.S. What do we do with the extra pearls? I know, any one want a "Pearl Necklace"
  4. Scuba_Steve

    New 1.8m milestone for Project R

    Went to lunch with 105 pearls...came back after dinner and I have 147 thanks WG(no sarcasm either)
  5. can any one explain how to get the extra 55 pearls as you need 145 and the current missions only total 90?
  6. Scuba_Steve

    Rank season ended. No rewards?

    I seem to remember a lot of flags,(for free), as rewards every 2 ranks advanced, and you have to remember it was just a pilot season so things(rewards) may improve also to entice more players. 10 min wait for battles because of lack of players was a put off. P.S. when is the next set of ranked battles starting and which tier ships?
  7. Scuba_Steve

    % of draws

    I agree with the 3 points that have been made but also, 4) People just don't understand,(or care about), the different game modes and just go and "shoot shite"
  8. Scuba_Steve

    % of draws

    Just wondering what ever ones % of drawn games is as mine is at 7% which seem high.
  9. Scuba_Steve

    Aircraft Carrier (CV) Historical discussion

    If you wish to go " Historical", CVs should have to be moving before they can launch planes. This would stop them just camping behind islands or sitting were they spawn
  10. Scuba_Steve

    slow/laggy server?

    ATM:- Asia server 200-260 bouncing & constant lag. and on the NA server 160-200 with no lag.