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  1. Wolf168

    de 7 Provincien Airstrike didn't load

    Tried another game and this time it works
  2. Hello. I played my D7P just now and my airstrike didn't load the whole game. When I tried using it, it kept saying the Airstrike was being reloaded. That picture was late into the game already. Is this a bug? Thanks in advance. 20220327_062821_PHSC508-De-Zeven-Provincien_15_NE_north.wowsreplay
  3. A clanmate has the same problem
  4. Wolf168

    Regarding Santa Crates

    So to clarify, can you choose which package you wish to be refunded or will they refund all the 2020 Santa Container purchases?
  5. Wolf168

    ARP collaboration

    Yeah. Maya shouldn't have the third turret at the fore and instead have an AA suite.
  6. Wolf168

    Premium Ships That Need A Buff

    Yubari. I wish they would add the 2 x 1 14 cm/50 guns. They are modeled on the ship. EDIT: OK Made a mistake. Yubari is the 1944 model. Won't work then since the single gun is 12 cm. Disregard.
  7. Wolf168

    Tier VIII premium cruiser

    Right now with what's available, I would go with Mainz.
  8. Wolf168


    Ah ok the other Chikuma. I forget there was another Chikuma in the game. Sorry about that.
  9. Wolf168


    Saw in the 0.7.11 updates details there was mention of Chikuma. Does this mean they have managed to balance out the hybrid aircraft cruiser?
  10. Post refit IJN Maya. I know it's another Takao but losing a turret replaced with AA guns seems interesting.
  11. Wolf168

    Do you think Ise will be OP?

    Doubt it will be OP. As mentioned at most T7 but most likely T6. It will only have 8 14-in guns. Aircraft it carries will most likely be limited to fighters and they won't be able to land back normally unlike on a full fledged carrier deck. Limited in number as well.
  12. IJN Tone or the IJN Mogami with the flight deck aft IJN Ise or Hyuga with the flight deck aft SMS Derflingger SMS Seydlitz HMS Exeter HMS Repulse
  13. No love for the Ise/Hyuga?
  14. Wolf168

    Stolen kills

    Yup I have seen battleships like Bismarck/Tirpitz/Conqueror/KGV that was a salvo or two of being deleted and managed to slip away and later came back with half of their life to carry the game.
  15. Wolf168


    Yeah I already have the Dunkerque. I will pass on Gascogne.