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  1. daniel98

    "Warships Model"

    Hi guys, just wondering do you guys build warships model? share it if you do! I have one question actually is it alright to do straight build will it look presentable?
  2. it happens dont worry its not a bug the number of players depends what time you start playing
  3. daniel98


    Nobody even realize Indianapolis moving around days ago XD
  4. Lose a lot....... Is actually players problems sigh oh well if I keep losing why not just continue
  5. daniel98

    Spotters new toy

    Lol I just use team panel mod so it makes me easy to see the ship tier and name
  6. Lol definitely XD as a DD it must do a head start on capping if you are playing domination
  7. For me I follow my teammates mostly but most of the time things turn out very bad and I will have to turn back
  8. Time to really do some ship blowing!

  9. yes I agree on the coordination is a major problem cuz most players nowdays uhh I dont know how to say them but some times being stubborn they know there is nobody in the other flank and they know but they dont care ended going one way urgh
  10. Later everybody end up talking poi words eh and that's might be too much lol
  11. daniel98

    Upcoming weather

    But sometimes even if you fly near your target you still can't scout it until the very few seconds it appear and planes fly over that ship ended up getting AA rekt. This situation is when I am using hiryu against 2 Iowa
  12. Yea, I agree communication is one of the problem also well and also hope whoever who are working with this game they would redo the radial button keys so players can use it to communicate better I hope.
  13. I have been playing WOWs for quite some time now but still a lot of players still lack of teamwork and coordination especially in high tier battle most players just act on their own and think they are good at it. In the end, they end up getting sunk by multiple enemy ships. Honestly, I myself is just an average player I am not a pro but I learn in order to keep up and correct myself. So what am I trying to tell the players out there is to try to cooperate with your teammates who knows victory is just there and learn the way of WOWs.
  14. daniel98

    Upcoming weather

    for what I think weather system will bring some disadvantage for those who are playing CV cuz its kinda hard to know enemy position once the storm came lol
  15. daniel98

    0.5.5 Rumours/News

    CV is already Nerf I hope WG don't do anything that gonna make CV much more not useable