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  1. New Game Mode Suggestion

    Well, at least something similar to the Halloween Operation Part 2 that slowly chunk out players HP within the mist.
  2. way too much divisions

    50/50 as well, what can you do while not in a division is going with them & use them as bait and cooperate with them.
  3. Returning player gifts?

    If you have been inactive for VERY LONG TIME, you should have received an email for it and Xmas gift is credited automatically to your account for the purpose to come back & play again. Those who didn't get it, then we are not inactive enough. For me, I have been playing sometimes in a week so... nope not qualified for the gift.
  4. PING Display

    Follow this guide and download Pingplotter (it's free): https://eu.wargaming.net/support/kb/articles/50 But set the destination to "login1.worldofwarships.jp" without quotes. PL% indicates the lag on the route e.g. blinking ping. You can use command prompt then enter: "ping -t login1.worldofwarships.jp" without quotes. What's missing though is the PL% indicator.
  5. I pity CV players

    Recently, a critical situation where 1 enemy Omaha capping the base (75% to completion) with 5k HP and 2 vs 2 ships left (1 enemy CV AFK). CV/Ryuujou(Strike Load) send all his 3 strike squadron to an 80% HP battleship instead of resetting. So why take our advice? That's up to you if you want to throw the game to defeat or win the battle. But heck, why do we want to lose?
  6. I pity CV players

    I encountered a CV refused to listen in the critical battle situation. Even if one or more dead players advised the allied CV on the best course of action, CV still ignores it & lost the game. Unless he's really a newbie or language-barrier or literally refused to listen.
  7. WOWS Low FPS

    I'm using GT 730 graphic card on my desktop. (There's no GTX 730 btw)
  8. Still waiting for Win7 patch on that fix but it's due on Tuesday they said.
  9. [PH] Wargaming Gift Grab

    Feecof and Lgndry are my clan members. I sent a message to Lgndry via Facebook.
  10. asking about mod

    Try toying with the graphics setting notably the effects & stuff. If that doesn't work then it's intentional to be like that.
  11. Shopping Cart in Premium Shop.

    It's more like a practical thing in every online store than an idea.
  12. - Mount signal flags with increase credit & reduce service cost bonus - Mount ship camo with highest credit bonus - Pick your best T9 ship you are comfortable (REALLY??) with. - Tell your team to "GIT GUD". - Give your best judgment in every combat situations of the battle. - Use every experience you know & carry the battle. Question is... will you get profit from T9 ship on a standard account? Probably? But not as big as you expect. But in long run, no it's not.
  13. Please post this again in the thread below, that critical issue needs to be recorded. @HenryQuan