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  1. Me while in battle:
  2. Because there are not enough seeders or seeders limit their upload speed for you. Like me!
  3. Normal Matchmaking behavior. If you are solo running, it's a normal match as long as it is within +2/-2 tier or level what you called it. So at some matches, you are either the top (/highest), middle, or bottom (lowest) level of the match. Really depend on available players queuing in the match. So assuming you are queuing for Tier 8 ship then a lot of people using Tier 9 & 10, most likely you'll be bottom tier of the match. I see no issue on that.
  4. Inb4 spoiler for Ace Combat series
  5. Before the buff, Yorck is ok (with priority target, demolition expert, & concealment perk). Then buff came, it still ok. >___>
  6. I suggest you find a "server region change" mod to re-config your game client to play a specific server.
  7. If you downloaded the game client from .asia, the only server is ASIA. If you plan to play on NA, it's worldofwarships.com then create account & download there. If it's EU, worldofwarships.eu
  8. Can't say much. I just send my complaint off to support & they'll take care of it.
  9. Difference? You'll deliver damages effectively per salvo* than not locking on at your target. *depends on how you aim on your target
  10. I can confirm this, amade. This is intermittent issue, hard to replicate. Sure it is configured in ENG in very first place, then at some rare point when directed to the website it suddenly switched to JP. Despite the address link is worldofwarships.asia/en/<link page>
  11. Must be from Fort Drum.
  12. Hi all, anyone with Subject Matter Expert (SME) on this. Do the server management actually utilize this feature on the Wargaming Game Center application? Or the feature is not yet fully functional? Because understandable it's in beta phase, that tag BETA. Best regards, Mingfang47
  13. I played Shiratsuyu before & after the nerf. Sure the separated smoke & torpedo booster were fun. After the change, I don't feel the nerf is drastic as most "torp booster"-dependents said. Had 2 good gameplay on my Shiratsuyu, I used smoke to cover my teammates & hopefully survived longer, which they did.
  14. Long time intermittent issue on website, honestly. But temporary solvable by random clear cache or go directly to home page itself or random bashing on the F5.
  15. I forgot which file to open the game launcher's log text file (Since I'm using Wargaming Game Center to manage & update WG products), it will indicate there which downloaded update file is corrupt that failed to extract. After finding out which one is corrupt, you delete that file & run again.