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  1. The seas are alive with the sound of EEEEEEEEEEE OUMD DDDDDDDDDDD. Will be back soon just to play Carriers?

  2. Rarely active in Ships. Because I'm doing my job in Tanks.

  3. Just lurking... currently, my desktop rig can't handle the game client since Update 7.1 & I haven't played this game since January 2018. :etc_swear::etc_swear::etc_swear:

  4. HaruM47

    Post battle service sould be removed

    That's why the random battle is much rewarding if you did know how to exploit & last longer in battle. Co-Op is MEH-diocre already and if we did remove the services in Co-Op then it'll become worst & play Co-Op all day with no challenge.
  5. >>Time in port (lower right) >> 2:09 One word: S L E E P
  6. HaruM47

    Torpedo backwards launch bug

    And I thought this is fixed already in past 2 patches. Inb4 the fix wasn't ported in next update after the confirmed fix.
  7. HaruM47

    How to identify ships by build in the game

    Go to game settings > gameplay tab > mark checked the "Alternative information" option. Or you can press & hold Left Alt button to display alternative information.
  8. HaruM47

    Geez can't people take a joke now?

    I guess you did not include "Jk" in your so-called "joke", guess they took it as mockery instead.
  9. HaruM47

    Sister Ships- A Proposed Tech Tree Rework

    Technically, that is still the same as others suggested in the past wherein the players be allowed to rename their ship to their historical names then show it off to other players in the match. And your download link is broken, put it on google drive or mediafire or whatever file hosting sites you are comfortable here. I want to actually see if it's different from what others proposed because I am seeing this will be the same Again™.
  10. HaruM47

    AFK problem

    I guess Drakon had enough detonation fever in randoms
  11. Coz the community is smart enough to take advantage of things. *wink wink*
  12. I actually supported this suggestion: To alleviate "sniping" in the battle. Most likely the German & French BB with the secondary build.
  13. Have 1 clan member in other teams is then accused of spying & rigging a single match. I guess OP is fine having 2 x 4-man division on the same side then? << I hope this scenario wouldn't be called rigging because they are basically simply doing teamwork.
  14. The domination cap idea is 50/50 for me. Like you said, a revealed or detected target like BB will be king of the cap but not in this game where enemy team can focus fire on you lol :P
  15. HaruM47

    Improvement of in-battle chat system

    If you really really really can't wait for that change, then download this modpack from WG. Practically the same as what you have been looking for. It's under Battle & Notification UI > 1. Advanced chat V2