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  1. retirement, time to grind a new CO
  2. Regionally SG is actually pretty centralised as a viable option for both location and infrastructure.
  3. So this arrived in the mail today. Totally unexpected gift from family!
  4. Thread locked at OP request. ~dead_man_walking
  5. erie or swan - anything to troll an enemy ;)
  6. overflow will always occur for successful/popular (go look at some of the anime fanbase groups lol) groups
  7. personal opinion change it to: Default - 50 First increase - 75 2nd increase - 100 and double the amount of oil required for each stage
  8. I like the idea, implementing it would be another story. The problem with the idea of a timer is that no 2 battles run for the same amount of time. Right from the start of a battle you could possible set a 20 minute timer, but, how often do you have a battle go that long? How often does your clan-mate, friend, acquaintance etc survive a battle for the full 20 minutes? Great in theory, almost impossible to implement further than the generic "in battle" indicator we already have.
  9. For the history buffs:
  10. can be up to a week for support to answer billing/account issue tickets.
  11. What? You mean we actually have to play the game and not AFK our way through?! Shame there isn't a P2W option, even whale's need loving!
  12. run the file verification from the launcher and try again
  13. Nope - SC is and SC regardless of which option you chose
  14. Thread dropping into the realm of racial typing. Locked. ~dead_man_walking