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  1. HIJMS Mikasa

    Rare return to the forums ;) Recently I was in Japan visiting family and took the time to visit the Mikasa Historic Ship in Yokosuka. Photos can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1frACsQ6MhJdnOQsqsRkPTBr41pUGFibE
  2. DD Detection Range Problem

    won't show the difference for cammo or skills
  3. Thoughts on new DD's and recent changes?

    1. New DD line just released = higher than normal numbers of DDs in lower tier games 2. CV's change as the tiers go up, alt attacks (strafe and drop) change the meta completely 3. Marketing will never tell you the downside of a product
  4. to speed up a re-install - copy the /updates to another location. Start the installer and let it do the initial configuration, once the launcher opens up and starts to do it's thing, stop it. copy the /updates back in. restart the launcher, this will use the files you copied into /updates first and the grab anything else it needs.
  5. Questions regarding XML

    can you post up a snippet of what you are talking about? top level to closure for that section would be good.
  6. Questions regarding XML

    umn I just looked in my preferences.xml and the only '@' symbol in there is a valid entry as the data for the login element.....
  7. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    This ^ Leave the politics and commentary on politically sensitive topics for other forums. ~dead_man_walking
  8. Operations, Rewards and Future Incentive

    Although I am in agreement with the others say no don't... If such a change was to come about, make it harder rather than easier - e.g. for every clean sweep of 5 star operations after the initial completion, then you get an additional reward. Every 4 star or lower run resets the counter. or something along those lines.
  9. We won't know until the regulations are enacted. Until then, we don't know the full impact, leave it for the scum lawyers to figure out ;)
  10. Pan Asia Flag Poll Results

    As always thread descending into political commentary. Locked, key dropped into the marinaris trench. ~dead_man_walking
  11. Black Friday Real PACKS ( for rich people )

    hmm nothing I don't already have there
  12. WG will abide be the regulator requirements. If they change then WG will adjust the game to suit.
  13. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    I've no idea - from what I understand they just loaded it and it worked lol
  14. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    it's not really. I've a couple of hardcore linux fanboi's that I work with and they got WoWS running smoothly under wine....
  15. Pan Asia Flag poll

    Thread devolving from a discussion on flags to politics. Locked. ~dead_man_walking