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  1. this thread reminds me of a line I once put on a sailor's performance report: Sailor sets exceedingly low standards and consistently fails to achieve them
  2. wrong deity - you need to pray to Vadim
  3. What history?! A ship that never was completed, never sailed, planes that were only ever on the drawing board and were never produced ....... ARCADE game BASED on Historical Ships - not an Historical Simulator......
  4. for fun? Smith, Tachibana, Mikasa
  5. Cockatoo Island
  6. check the firewall built into your router for the ADSL link - it's probably blocking a side port being used to show the data
  7. Use a PM. IF you go to far you'll get a perma ban (LadyGrey is staff after all).....
  8. SaltDrama ST
  9. Reminder this is the newcomers section. lose the "git gud" replies in here folks. ~dead_man_walking
  10. It's lonesome away, from your kindred and allBy the islands at night, where the wild BBs hideBut there's nothing so lonesome, so morbid or drearThan to stand in a cap, with your team far awayNow the teams getting anxious, for the points to run down
  11. better solution is to use the code that calls the regional settings from the browser viewing the page. That way you get your settings and the argument disappears (even tho dd/mm/yyyy is the correct way to do things ;) )
  12. a very suggestive colour there
  13. It wasn't a public nerf. The ship was rebalanced after supertesting feedback, PRIOR to being released.
  14. they could.....