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  1. middleground

    Loading time post 0.5.5 is getting worse and worse

    Can't be sure, my loading time went well with the new patch. Before, everyone has moved before my pc finishes loading, but now I have time to spare.
  2. middleground

    Blue Line abuse replay collection thread

    First File: Enemy Myogi bluelining (almost) the entire match, https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1poI6p-iH7sMUQwRU1fNVZVaFk/view?usp=sharing Second File: I dunno if these 2 CV's are bluelining (or planning to), but i found them in a awkward moment. And before anyone says i did it too, does maneuvering in parallel with the blue line count? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1poI6p-iH7sUUt6ckpPUjVNTlU/view?usp=sharing
  3. middleground

    WOWs freezes after play 5-10 minutes

    If you dont have 2 gpu's then you don't need to find out how to turn it off. (it's already off)do you, perhaps installed the nvidia beta drivers? if so, consider installing the whql drivers.
  4. middleground

    Blue Line abuse replay collection thread

    *edit* sorry, wrong replay
  5. Grrr....... desync.... desync more!!!!!!

    1. middleground


      It'll be great if the ship rubber-bands into the correct location.... but noooooooo......


  6. middleground

    Internet Connection

    Server IP of WoWs? use windows Resource Monitor,built within Windows 7. you can easily find the IP addresses a certain program uses, and it's free.
  7. middleground

    desync battle

    ... and i thought that I was the only one with the desync problem.
  8. Too many "Abnormally Accurate" players, Frustration making me lose interest.

  9. middleground

    get rid of manual dropping of torps on planes

    In the end, all we can do right now is... to pay attention to everything especially in the air, and avoid tunnel-vision gamestyle as much as possible.
  10. middleground

    Torpedo Aiming Advice Please

    and don't fire all your torpedo salvo, fire 1 first, when the ship makes a move, fire the second (or third) to where he's going. Will not always work.
  11. I gave to the temptation.....

  12. middleground

    edge of map question

    or reduce the ships power to 1/2 while turning. then normally accelerate to previous power when your ship is out of the blue.
  13. middleground

    NA or Asia server?

    ahh yes, that M3 Lee inside a mall... poor tank.
  14. sigh, i will not play anymore, i can't login anyway....

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    2. middleground


      might as well, waiting for payday to arrive

    3. middleground


      oh yeah, congratulations on getting in CBT ratdoto. i saw your name in the 3rd minesweeper winners

    4. Ratdoto


      Thx man, I pray for ur luck for next minesweeper next Monday.

  15. middleground

    New graphics card?

    Sigh.... There's a Search bar in the upper left corner of the forums, use it...