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  1. InfinitySquared

    Additional dynamic crosshairs.

    Would it be possible to make the radial crosshairs, Type 9+ I think, dynamic as well? It might not be much of an improvement, and I'm not sure how much code goes into the game to make dynamic crosshairs work, but I believe it would be worth giving people the option of more dynamic crosshairs.
  2. InfinitySquared

    Battleships main guns

    What about an optional 'advanced turret aiming' mode that can be toggleable. But I suppose that would split the playerbase between more experienced players and those less so, creating its own set of problems. As for engaging multiple targets with one salvo: Imagine we've got two targets, one on port and one on starboard. What I do is that I set the guns straight ahead, but a degree or so towards the port target, let the turrets turn until the rear turrets are at their limit, aim towards the starboard target and fire off my forward turrets, then quickly snap back and fire my rear turrets at the port one.
  3. InfinitySquared

    [MOD] MFP MOD (Modern Fleet Project) by Kamar_96

    Could you replace the AA gun sounds with appropriate sounds to match the weapons? I suspect only the CIWS ones would need the BRRRRT sound.
  4. InfinitySquared

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    First supercontainer: 250 fire flags. Second supercontainer: 50k Free XP Third supercontainer: 250 fire flags. I am a happy Cleveland driver.
  5. InfinitySquared

    Stuff I've Written About WoWS

    Thanks for spotting those! I assumed that "305mm/45 41st Year Type" is a noun and that 305mm would have been a shortened version of that, but I could be wrong. Thanks for the compliment as well!
  6. InfinitySquared

    Stuff I've Written About WoWS

    A memoir that I have to submit to my professor. I'm going to be talking about how gaming helps me as a writer. Thanks! I should probably figure out a way to edit the post title.
  7. InfinitySquared

    Stuff I've Written About WoWS

    So, this is also a repost from the NA community as well, but I thought you guys on the SEA server would also like this. It's part of a project I have to submit to my professor. The thunder of guns ripped the sky into smoke and flame as propellers churned the icy cold water into white froth. Rounds as big as a man’s torso tore through the sky like the spears of gods to strike deep into the hearts of these steel maidens. Sister ripped into sister, brother into brother, turning proud superstructure into piles of twisted metal, setting fire to decking and ammunition stores, hammering the work of master shipwrights and naval architects into the seabed. A Japanese Kawachi-class Dreadnought lumbered through the waves, frantically smashing through the pillars of water torn up by the explosions of errant shells. Her 305mm guns roared and thundered, but they did nothing to dent the armor of her assailant: an American Wyoming-class Battleship whose cold steel had been painted in mottled shades of blue and gray. It was a scheme designed to confuse gunnery officers and hide the true bearing and speed of a ship. It served to exacerbate the inaccuracy of the Japanese Battleship’s armament. The American was gaining slowly, her own 12” guns leveled in silent threat as the Japanese shells bounced ineffectively off her armor. A few found vulnerabilities and exploded within that steel sheath, but none ever found her heart, her citadel. The secondary batteries opened fire, smaller-caliber shells lancing out to splash uselessly into the water and rake across the Japanese superstructure to deal insignificant damage. On paper, the American and the Japanese were matched evenly in terms of armament. But the reality was far more damning. The Kawachi could only bring four of her six twin 305mm turrets to bear on a single target, while the Wyoming could align all twelve of her dual 12” guns with a target. Crucial seconds passed as the American turned, presenting her broadside to the enemy, as the turrets traversed, as the gunbarrels elevated. And then she spoke. Armor piercing shells lashed out at the Japanese dreadnought, spearing into boiler rooms, ammunition stores, fuel bunkers, and other vital spaces. They then exploded. Fuel ignited. Ammunition detonated in protest. The he Kawachi burst open like a ripe watermelon. Columns of smoke billowed into the gray sky as the ruined hull listed, and then slipped beneath the waves. But the Kawachi’s allies had come to avenge their fallen sister. Three Destroyers--tiny compared to the Battleship’s lumbering might--sallied forth. While they were small, they were no less dangerous. Where the Wyoming’s might lay in brutal firepower and the sheer mass of her armor. These Destroyers, an American Wickes-class and Sampson-class, and a Japanese Wakatake-class, were quick, stealthy, and maneuverable so that they could close the distance with the battleship, and sink her with their deadly torpedoes. Together, the three Davids could send Goliath to the bottom of the ocean. But their maneuvers were uncoordinated. They bunched together instead of attacking from multiple angles, and they attacked one-by-one. The Destroyers hadn’t reached the optimum distance to launch their torpedoes when they’d been spotted by a squadron of fighters. The Wyoming’s captain had deduced just that, and took advantage of their mistake. “I deny your speed.” Said the Battleship’s captain. Number-1 turret sent a pair of High Explosive shells screaming downrange. One shell sailed over the Sampson and splashed into the water harmlessly, but the second had the desired effect and smashed into her side, disabling both propulsion and steering for just a moment. But it was enough. Number-2 turret fired as well, sending another pair of shells into the tiny Destroyer, permanently ending the little ship’s hope of survival. Turrets 3 through 6 unleashed their fury on the intruder and tore her apart. By then, the Wickes and the Wakatake had unleashed their torpedoes. The launch had been slightly too early, and the Wyoming had been maneuvering to present her bow to that inevitable danger. Eleven torpedoes sailed past, missing the venerable warship by scant meters. Only one made contact, as it had come in at an oblique angle to the ship’s course. It wasn’t enough to sink her. She’d been wounded, but not fatally so. Her crew sealed off the breach and began pumping out the water, and she continued on. The Wakatake had come around for another pass even as shots from the Battleship’s secondary batteries whistled past her. But she was both too close and too far away: she was in the range bracket where it was impossible to miss. Three pairs of 12” guns spoke as one, and sent the Japanese Destroyer to the bottom. “I deny your weapons.” The last Destroyer was adamant in sinking the titan, adamant in avenging her fallen comrades as she came around to where the Battleship wasn’t aiming--for it would take a long time for the turrets to rotate into the correct position. It would have worked, had the Wyoming not cut power to her turbines and turned her rudder hard to port. The Battleship turned in such a small space, assisting those slow-rotating turrets in bringing the powerful armaments they carried to bear. “I deny your existence.” Twelve 12” high explosive rounds smashed the Wickes into flotsam. Her reaping completed, the Wyoming sailed to other waters.