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  1. Auslander

    Groningen for free XP?

    Thank you.
  2. Auslander

    Groningen for free XP?

    Grabbing this ship, will replace the Friesland?
  3. Auslander

    0.8.8 Bug Report Thread

    I have this very annoying issue. I cant access my clan info at all and it comes up with this :- 5 Days and still going. I am unable to do any clan business at all. Surely I'm not the only person to be having this issues?
  4. Auslander

    We shall remember them.

    No Aussies were drafted, voted twice against it. Those votes split the country. So your Grandpa enlisted. Lest We Forget.
  5. Auslander

    Cannot purchase doubloons in premium shop

    I had/have this issue since before Christmas. I missed the whole crissy crate deal due to this. It Turns out WG are VERY picky when it comes to transactions. IF for example you use a prepaid debit card and the card people delay, slow or have some sort of waiting period before transferring credit, WG will slap a ban on that card, and no matter how many emails to support about it, they will NOT CHANGE their stance. It will always be you and/or your bank's problem. Now how to get around it. I don't know if WG have shares in paypal or what, but I got around this by using paypal. I have never liked the whole Ebay and paypal ownership thing as it seemed like collusion at large. But, after i linked my not working debit card from my bank to paypal, all of a sudden WG liked the card again, and it recommenced working with them. It even worked for the not working prepaid debit card i got for crissy. SO, it seems WG are slowly passing off the whole "does that DC/CC work and security check" thing to others. Also might i add that my card had worked since 2011 before hand, without any issue with WG games(WOWs and WOT). So either WG's account has changed and become WAY more picky or they have shares. I dont know, but it all changed just before Christmas, and they wont budge on any support queries you may have. Try linking it to paypal and see how you go n00b1e.
  6. Auslander

    Operation in progress, lock up

    Just an update on this. Since 0.6.10 I no longer get this error. I waited for a time to see if in fact it was gone, and in the number of games played I haven't had 1 lock up. Just wish the ping was good enough to play:) (Cable to OZ Issue)
  7. Auslander

    Time for a Oceana Sever

    At the very least, let us go back to NA. The fact of not many cables to SG make it non viable at all when any of the few cables bust.
  8. Auslander

    Operation in progress, lock up

    Getting weird now. I have a spare PC, but with different hardware. Installed the game on that, and the same thing is happening! So it's not my machine. I changed ports, changed graphic settings, re-installed the game. Then i tried the above. My son has the game on his PC and has no issue. Log in under my account on his PC and BAM! Is it my account? 3 different PC's and only effect's my account. Seriously WTF is going on?
  9. Auslander

    Operation in progress, lock up

    Now its happening when i try to get into games. Not having fun here!
  10. Auslander

    Operation in progress, lock up

    I'm having a strange issue. After the 6.9.1 patch, I am constantly getting a "operation in progress" lock. The screen just locks in that mode and i have to restart the game, where it does it again as soon as i do anything in the game that requires me to send data to the server. IE:- change a flag, adjust a capt skill or change a captain, anything that sends data back to the server. This only starts to happen after the first time i do anything like the above. Then it will do it, and i then have to reboot the game. This even happens when i try join a battle. So i join the game, and press BATTLE first to enable to play a game, but i cant adjust anything, add a flag etc. Anyone else having this issue? it is most frustrating, as I cant re3ally do anything. It must be the new patch as a few hours before the game patched itself the game was fine.
  11. Auslander

    Update 0.6.6 Feedback

    155k damage, premium ship and account, was a loss, but really! 5k coin backwards! Pass.
  12. Auslander

    Do we still get it?

    Thanks WG, all sorted now. The PE really does look nice.
  13. Auslander

    Do we still get it?

    Yes, this issue is still ongoing. 1 reply in nearly 3 weeks.
  14. Auslander

    Do we still get it?

    My mate bought 2 Prinz Eugen packs and a flag pack. 1 of the Prinz packs was sent to me as a gift. This was last night (21/9) when all that server thing was going on. And he/we are yet to receive anything. We assume the server issue last night is the reason for the delay, but having received no indication at all is a worrying sign. He put a ticket in, but as yet no reply.(most likely a back log) What we are concerned about is. If this issue isnt sorted before the end of the Prinz Eugen sale, do we still get the ship? less than 24 hours to go now and support tickets usually go on for a lot longer than a day or two.
  15. Its rare you have a game without receiving any damage and you tend to notice when it occurs. I had a game in my Tirpitz just moments ago and noticed i paid 14,000 in damage costs whilst receiving no damage at all. The only thing I can guess at, is you damage yourself as you shoot, the more you shoot the more damage you give yourself?