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  1. Oxissistic

    The Battering Ram

    Only 1, but hey its a start! the "edit" is fine - I have checked it. ~lengxv6
  2. Oxissistic

    Censored Word

    Why is the word "you" being censored? it make communication with other English speakers incredibly difficult when even simple requests are littered with ***. Can you please explain why this word is no longer permitted in WoWS? Posted in general discussions, but must have been offensive. Oxissistic. Duplicate thread. Locked. User warned. ~dead_man_walking original merged with existing bug report on the banning of the word 'you'. In future use the search function.
  3. Oxissistic

    Banning of the word 'YOU' In-game

    Something that has been an annoyance since 5.3.0 is the censoring of the simple English word "you". While I might consider myself a cunning linguist I am at a loss as to who it is I am offending by asking someone to point their guns toward and objective, ask someone to follow me or address a ship directly. anything that contains the simple word "you" comes out as ***. If this is a legitimately offensive word to some ethnicity I apologize for this post, but my questions is just to who is this word causing so much offense? Oxissistic Merged with existing bug report. Please use the search function before opening new threads. ~dead_man_walking
  4. Oxissistic

    Keep public accounts out of Random Battles

    Happened again just now WoWs_Intel_03 in a Montana, had no idea how to play and their team lost.
  5. Oxissistic

    Keep public accounts out of Random Battles

    I was at PAX AU and thought that it was a perfectly reasonable request, you have no idea if the person at the console has 10 games or 1000 games experience.
  6. Twice today I've been on a team in a Tier X game with someone using a generic account, we all know the ones WoWs_Intel_1 was one of them. Im all for conventions showing off WoWs to new players and getting them involved, but keep them in Co-op mode.