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  1. In the Armoury the description of the Smoke Generator Mod 1 says; "Smoke Screen Dispersion Time : -5%, Action Time of the Consumable:+30%" There is no mention in the Armoury that the upgrade does not work with the Italian Exhaust Smoke consumable - you only get to discover that AFTER you have paid 14,000 coal and purchased the upgrade! I of course read the description in the Armoury and purchased one for my Amalfi and then wondered why I could not mount it on the ship. I will raise a ticket requesting a refund but the description in the Armoury needs to updated to include the exception that the upgrade is incompatible with Italian ships.
  2. Manic_Wombat

    An old bug returns - game freezes on the team screen

    Next night the bug returns - it took FOUR restarts of the game before I could get in - the in game counter was at 11 minutes and half my team was dead. I gave up playing - thanks WG.
  3. Manic_Wombat

    Blocked characters

    This isn't a bug. The characters are not blocked - they are typing with an alphabet you have not loaded. e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic, Hindi etc. You can download the alphabets but unless you also can read the characters there is no benefit to you. Have you considered that just by typing in their language they are going to attract the attention of people they can speak to? In other words - its self- selecting.
  4. 6 months ago there was a time when games would regularly stop (become unresponsive) at the "team screen" with the circle spinning and the map showing all my team mates moving. Well it's back! The last three nights this bug has resurfaced and it's driving me nuts. The only solution is to kill the game via control-alt-delete and restart it. Tonight it happened twice in a row - both times on the Trap map. The first time the game also hung on the second log in - taking 3 very long attempts before I could join. Seriously WG this is unacceptable - fix your server/game/client! Edit - further games both Co-Op and Random on multiple maps had this hang-on-start bug. I noticed it begins with "Waiting for Players" while the countdown counts but the only play not highlighted is me - however the server HAS connected me because it is sending my client the map updates as ships start moving.
  5. Manic_Wombat

    UI elements unresponsive - 8.1.0

    In 8.1 - and I have never seen this before - some of the buttons on the after battle screens and in the port are not responding. After battles and after Narai, the "Back to Port" button does not respond to mouse clicks but the "Esc" button does. In port, the "Open Container" button does not respond but the "Esc" button does (leaving the container unopen). Multiple repetitions (going back to port) still leave the container unopenable.
  6. Manic_Wombat

    General tips thread for brand new players

    Thanks for the tips. Can you add something about how Captains / crews work please? I played my first battles last night and got up to tier 3 without touching on the Captains or crews of my ships. When I sold my tier 1s did I lose the captain?