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  1. wasaabi

    CV BOT occupy the games now

    Keep some replays, upload them to a file sharing site and raise a ticket with Customer Support with the link included. PM a moderator with the names of the suspected bots and your ticket ID and they can ensure it get put on the investigation list.
  2. Wrong forum. Use the forum at http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/ and you can PM a moderator there with the ticket number who may be able to escalate on your behalf. Did you make the ticket as a billing transaction issue?
  3. When you receive a warning you will get an email sent to your login email address with the warning and a copy of the text of your post. Copy and paste the contents of that into your support ticket.
  4. OP plays on other servers and then comes here to win a contest. Leech much?
  5. wasaabi

    Different region client

    To play different regions you need different clients. If you want to play both NA and Asia then make sure you install each client in separate folders.
  6. wasaabi

    Alpha is OVER? (RU Portal News)

    Forum titles will be updated, KaZanova posted about this to the new Alphas.
  7. wasaabi

    us destroyer or jp destroyers?/

    On the other hand, WG are moving away (slowly) from paper-only designs in WoT.
  8. wasaabi


    If you look at WoT as an example, the core game started with only Russia, Germany and US and over time were added other major tank using countries - French, British, Chinese and Japanese (not necessarily in that order). Chinese came in early with a single tank as a premium. Given this, the need for a full Tier 1 to Tier 10 line in at least one class, the work needed for each model involved, etc, I would say as others have here that minor nations might only be included as premiums if a) they had something really interesting that was unique, or b) there was a significant user group who might buy one, or even c) there was a significant event that the premium could be tied to, like, I don't know, a movie, say.
  9. wasaabi

    Possible mods for WoWs

    I can see a need for an Anime sub-forum in my crystal ball...
  10. wasaabi

    us destroyer or jp destroyers?/

    The discussion should be more about how did they perform their tasks (anti-submarine, capital ship screening, convoy protection etc) compared to the other countries equivalents, not how badly managed they were.