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  1. Cheers mate, lookin forward to it. Will do. Done.
  2. **** you T_T. Sounds good.
  3. tbh I only remember getting detonated once in all the games I've played so far, HE firestarters piss me off more.
  4. WARDEC!!! plz, no more diplo......... Cheers mate, sounds good, would be nice to play with everyone here just to socialise, I don't play video games to entertain myself anymore, I do it mainly to have nice conversations with other people now. God....... how times change.
  5. Yeah I can, no probs, bit rusty, but I can still confidently say I'm at least better than 95% of the server population in tanks. As for the name change it's abit expensive lol. And I'm not in the team anymore T_T, unless somehow magically I git gud again and can play at that level.
  6. can I find him in game?? I lost contact pretty much with everyone except a few when I started work.
  7. Recently found some time off from work before it starts up heavily again next year, some school buddies got me into video games again. Problem is that they don't really play as much as they said they would and I'm just stuck here by my lonesome and getting bored, So I thought why not do what I did 4 years ago and find friends on the forums to play with. A little background on me for those who don't know me from tanks: - I used to play tanks, ALOT - People knew me as the Red Panda who gets hammered by Bisons. - Once I had a nice team that played with me in tournaments and still remains as one of the best highlights of my life. - Platoon whore back in tanks since I felt like a loner when I played solo (still feel the same way now). Now that you know abit about me, I hope some of you can make me like this game as much as I loved tanks back then. What do you get out of this?, I dunno, but I can be someone who you can talk to whenever I'm free and offer whatever help I can afford to give. The only thing I ask of is that you share with me your knowledge of this game and how it works as others have done for me in the past with tanks. Plz no bully......... *cries in corner....... EDIT* Also forgot to point out my playing times.... Usually you can catch me 4PM Server onwards forum lurking, I will be willing to play with anyone (yes I know I sound like a whore). Can use Steam, TS or Discord as voice platforms.