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  1. Muds_Revenge

    Container = Loot Box = Gambling and.....?

    Thanks, *gets wallet out. *moths escape.
  2. Muds_Revenge

    Container = Loot Box = Gambling and.....?

    One question, can we stockpile the christmas boxes, or do we HAVE to open them by a certain date?. Cheers,
  3. Muds_Revenge

    [EXPIRED]New promotion code

    The WG code is not valid. Please try again. Gone, thanks anyway.
  4. It's WG's SEA way of stating they acknowledge Christmas, yet would prefer to remain Christmas neutral, so as not to offend anyone. The hundreds of salty replies I got when I requested WoT SEA server celebrates Halloween, with the generic bandwagon response being, we don't celebrate Halloween, we aren't American, on multiple threads. This year they had a brilliant Halloween event, the number of thank you for speaking up thank you for fighting it kind of acknowledgements I got = 0, (< that's a zero). Anyway, I do remember several years ago the mass debate on forums about how we shouldn't celebrate Christmas because most of the WG SEA community aren't Christian. Festivus has been the alternative Christmas since..well THAT Seinfeld episode.
  5. Muds_Revenge

    Buying konig albert

    make it OP until enough players throw money at it, then nerf it. If it's german, hit it super hard with the nerf bat. Normal WG marketing strategy.
  6. When ranked has started a new season, with open times for everyone, provided you have a tier 6 or tier 8..... And for 1 month they sell tier 5's and 7's.... D'oh!.
  7. Muds_Revenge

    0.5.12's economical problems

    How the hell do you get over 100k dmg?. Once I hit that, rng gives me nothing for the rest of the battle, even if I fire salvo's for 15 more minutes.....
  8. Muds_Revenge

    So how do we make money now?

    The idea is for people to not be able to just sit at tier 10 and play, apparently. One of the supertesters or mods mentioned it here, and many nodded their heads in agreement. Bit silly having an end tier at all, in that case. What you need to do is, buy premium account, use credit flags x2 per battle (one for +20% earnings,the other for reduced repair costs), buy more with real money, and then also buy a premium tier 8 ship, so you can do 3 battles in that ship, to earn the money for 1 battle in tier 10 ship. Remember though, 4 battles a day is a lot of time commitment for many. Your premium tier 8 ship you buy will be bumped up to tier 10 battles more often, because of less population at that tier, so you will be literally put into battles as xp and credit fodder for tier 9s and 10s, so be very careful what tier 8 premium ship you buy. You can't go wrong with anything russian, I'd recommend the MK. I also have tier 10 BB Yamato, I haven't made a profit in a single battle yet, whether I am aggressive or trying to not get torped and using my 26km range, and humungus guns. Now I only play ranked. And that's at stupid tier 6, which I am not used to playing so low a tier.
  9. Muds_Revenge

    0.5.12's economical problems

    If less people are playing tier10s because of the "improved" economics, then all you tier 8 and 9 players be prepared to be MM'ed up into more tier 10 battles, to fill the teams. I think the new economics ruins not just tier 10, but 8-10. The only people to benefit may be the premium ship players at tier 8, though I haven't tested this with any of my prem 8's, and I don't know how often I want to engage tier 10's.
  10. Muds_Revenge

    Thoughts on the new economy changes ?

    I'm glad others are noticing. I recently got Yamato, pre latest patch, and even in team losses, I could still make a little profit. Now with new economics, I haven't made a profit yet...even when finishing top 3 on a winning team. I've even tried charging in to caps, I sank 3 while doing so in a cyclone, and all I got was a larger "earnings", of negative 160,000 credits, because my repair bill was GIGANORMOUS.. I seem to be averaging -50,000 to -60,000 credits per battle if I get 100k dmg.
  11. to reward the free to players. the chances will increase that a player who buys lots of ships, premium time etc, will be at work during ranked.
  12. When you move towards enemy, and your Gneisenau AP is finally effective at 8kms or under on targets, you tend to have 3 ships attacking you simultaneously, (at least) as well as planes, and as stated, your team are far far behind. In the maelstrom that is your battle at this point, torps come from left, right and in front, from DD's (often still invisible), from cruisers or even enemy BB's, and also from planes. Hell, torps drop from out of thin air, I swear. If you rarely get hit by torps I suggest you aren't attempting the same tactic. Move forwards at start of battle, load AP, and don't stop, or go sideways, or retreat. Then see how many torps you get hit by (yes you can zig zag to try and dodge). See how many of the random pubbie team mates support. It's interesting. Now do it in a Gneisenau.
  13. Torpedoes, invisible ships launching them, and planes dropping them so one can't dodge them is what stops ME from moving forward. Anyone else?. And if I do, which I did in my Scharnhorst and Gneisenau for 50 battles, I died by torps in 49 of those battles, and only in 2 battles did team mates move up with me, (while staying behind). In 0 (zero) of those battles, were any of MY teams invisible torp spamming ships (DD's), in front of me. Some interesting and fun figures for you there. Try it for yourself.
  14. Muds_Revenge

    thoughts on new BB?

    Got Bismarck, my foray into ze Germans ends there. Would get Hipper, the konigsegg was legendary several patches ago now, however I gave up at tier 7 and sold it. I may get Prinz Eugen, and leave it at that. It depends how long the devs keep it's OP +4% dispersion of shots at it, with it's magical camo, for. I fear I have lost interest in the "historical" factor of ze German ships, after "Gneisenau" experiences.
  15. I'm not one to play coop unless required as per missions. there is not enough salt in coop, as a group of random humanoids herded into a room and instructed to compete against each other for any period of time, for any reward = salt. What I think the OP is saying is that they are surprised the amount of time, money, development being spent to build co-op mode. Makes the game less wows, and more single player, off the shelf, buy the entire game for $100, and keep a shiny box in your room for 5 years. Humanoid vs humanoid is always going to be the ultimate challenge, as humanoids are the most unpredictable of all Earth's creatures. I would hope they make a PVP historical mode where certain USN ships randomly pieced together in MM take on IJN ships such as a Yamato fleet, also with the ships pieced together. And if it flops such as WoT historical battles did, (even though for some reason the british tanks were made insanely OP vs the far inferior German ones, therefore no one wanted to play ze Germans), then maybe they need to increase the potential player base by merging SEA and NA server together.