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  1. Muds_Revenge

    Serial downvoter on the loose!

    So there is bad and angry, do both of those "downvote"?.
  2. Muds_Revenge

    Signal Flag Contest[UPDATE]

    When do we find out?
  3. Muds_Revenge


    To clarify, because as far as I was educated and from Hollywood Russians referred to Russia as the motherland, and germans called germany the fatherland. Do russians indeed refer to russia as the fatherland?. Also, does it matter, or offend anyone?.
  4. Muds_Revenge

    Serial downvoter on the loose!

    1) How do we gender assume its a HE?. 2) How do you downvote?. 3) Are they indicating they dislike the cv reworks, because I don't like the further nerfs either.
  5. Muds_Revenge


    OMG she gets stukas? GIMME!!!
  6. Muds_Revenge


    No, Hakuryu loses out big time, tier 10 cruisers can detect and attack your planes from 7kms out. With a 20% nerf to planes spotting of all ship types, this is about the same range you spot them. Against worchester and minotaur you will not have time to turn planes away to safety. But this is all assumption until we play. Considering my hakuryu doesn't spot cruisers until 7-9 kms away now, I don't think the spotting nerf was required, especially with the incredible speed the cruisers go invisible again when you do turn away from them, (its very very fast). DD's are even better at going invisible really really fast once you turn away from them, they always disappear while you are trying to turn around for second rocket run. Now...in 0803.
  7. Muds_Revenge

    DD's life in 0.8.0. Does it matter anymore!

    Well congrats DD players, you got CV nerfed for second time straight patches. 20% nerf to plane spotting any ship type now means my CV planes can only spot a cruiser when it starts killing my planes with its AA.
  8. Muds_Revenge


    I don't like this idea for CV plane nerfs. DD's with their AA turned off have to almost be directly flown straight over the top of anyway, andnow, to spot a cruiser, I will have to fly my planes WITHIN AA range to spot them, as soon as I fly out of AA range they will POOF, vanish again. The only contribution a tier 6 CV could make to a team of tier 8s, is spotting and MAYBE collect 10-20k dmg in the battle, but the primary role when bottom tier in +2 MM, was to spot, which the CV player already gets ZERO XP, credits or recognition for doing. The secondary role of the CV WAS to scare DDs out of cap zones.
  9. Muds_Revenge

    CV Update Plans - up to 0.8.4

    I find stock tier 4 and tier 6 USN CV fun to play, as soon as I upgrade the planes, I meet tier 7-8 ships, and the planes are useless against their AA. Hakuryu is fun as it stands, but the torpedo bombers are the weakest of all its aircraft, and the such small damage a torpedo hit does now... AA on ships is ok, its a challenge to a CV player, some is much more powerful than others, like on worchester and minotaur you could probably halve their AA performance and it would still shred tier 10 planes before they can drop first pass (as they currently do). But thanks for the hard work, I found it rough at first but after about 40 CV battles, and a tier 10 CV, it gets really fun. I really really want to buy some premium CV's or some RN ones please 🙂
  10. Muds_Revenge

    DD's in CO-OP

    BBs with excellent AA are the new meta with CV update. My Hakuryu can't go near some tier 8 BB's, even IJN has Kii, very great AA. Enjoy BB Captains, while it lasts. Every ship type gets a turn, and around we go!. Unfortunately CV meta lasted from 080 to 0801 lol. 6 days or so 😞
  11. Muds_Revenge

    DD's life in 0.8.0. Does it matter anymore!

    smoke is great if you got it use it, but there IS no hiding from radar, which needs a serious buff. NOT. I really don't see the point in spending captains skill points, and credits on mods, camos, flags whatever to get shim detection down to 5kms, when it gets lit up like a christmas tree by a russian ship from 11.5kms away. I usually live for about 20 seconds after that.
  12. Muds_Revenge

    DD's in CO-OP

    I only go into coop to get missions done. The new white fleet missions, one mission is about placing top 2 in COOP battles or something. LULZ.
  13. Muds_Revenge

    Rules of the "Fly! Strike! Win!" Event

    It's because deck so big, good for DB. Your momma is sooo fat, nowhere on the map is safe.
  14. Muds_Revenge

    Cannot play Carriers any more

    Another tip: when you fully upgrade your CV, it's going to be matched as bottom tier more often than not. When you play stock CV, it's going to be matched as top tier more often than not. And in 0802 I've found I can deal more damage as a stock tier 4 or 6 USN CV than a fully upgraded one, coz tier 7-8 AA is too powerful, for the tier 6 planes, so you become the spotter/ DD harasser. If I keep my CV stock, and its top tier, I can torpedo DDs and cruisers, and DB anyone too.
  15. Muds_Revenge

    Cannot play Carriers any more

    yeah hopefully WG will start to give xp for spotting damage to cv and other ship players like DDs when they spot enemy for team. Some battles I'm spotting enemy DD and he is last DD alive, and I can do one pass and he down to under 1k health, so I'll take that bet with my rockets.