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  1. Mudpheart

    Anchorage impressions

    So, now that you have all had a chance to get Anchorage, how are you finding the ship?. Does it exceed your expectations, or does it sit in port to rust?.
  2. Mudpheart


    I thoroughly enjoyed both sub hunting in dd's and playing subs.
  3. Mudpheart

    sekrit mission chain

    I think its the tab selection is crucial bug. Ensure you have tab harder option, then also select harder option. Perhaps those of you who got the bug had the easy tab open when you tried to select hard.
  4. Mudpheart

    Stupid Halloween rubbish again

    2011 and the death of the idea of "historical WW2 gaming by Wg", says hi.
  5. Mudpheart

    The Extinction of T10 DDs

    Its frustrating when you are trying to put pressure on the enemy, even though they have multiple radars and cv planes spotting you, and your team can't back you up because they are all staying well in rear sniping meta HAHAHAHAHA. Yesterday enemy had radar mino, 2x petros with radars, and a cv who all decided my flank was the one to pressure. GG.
  6. Mudpheart

    Research Bureau: Rewards for Leveling Up

    I spent $450 AUD resetting branches of my tier 10s then converting xp to free xp using doubloons to whale through the research points grind. I even had to wait an entire season of research points reset, to gain from the x2 first victory bonuses, so it took over 3 months to get Colbert. A ship that isn't even meta enough to pay $20 for if it was for sale in the premium shop. NEVER AGAIN WG HOW DO I DOWNVOTE?. My Hallands AA is twice as good as my Colberts. So are HAllands guns, and Hallands torpedoes are 100% better than Colbert.
  7. Please, note: if necessary, balance changes may be applied to ARP Yamato. Hmmm will have to watch this closely. Maybe the ARP Yamato will actually be better than the tech tree one. Also, this isnt the first time they have sold or offered camos and things for the Musashi yet not sold the actual ship with it... mildly frustrating for patrons is putting it lightly.
  8. Mudpheart

    How much it costs for new american BB camos!

    Yes I did rough workout also just to get Florida, tier 7 russian HE prey will cost some $165 AUD. Thats $165 AUD will also give you approx a 50% chance to get the tier 9 BB Minnesota is it?. Which i think is a free to grind ship in the tech tree, if you can wait that long.
  9. Mudpheart

    what does world of warships feel like now?

    It went from a fun relaxing game to a full time J-O-B,
  10. Mudpheart

    Inflation of the in-game economy

    They got to make it fairer for all too, in collecting the economies for purchasing stuff. There is a clear class separation going on, some have already had steel ships such as Stalingrad for YEARS, while others are still YEARS away from getting one, despite WG introducing extremely small pitiful steel mission rewards. We all know there are super star OP ships, and others that are just food for them. And if there is such a thing as power creep then please explain how a ship like Stalingrad can be so over powered for so many years, and IS STILL A META SHIP???. WG purposely build the game around the ships they want to be the best. Let EVERYONE have the same accessibility to ALL ships. Otherwise, they need to create a disabled mode, for players who just want to play the weaker ships. With handicapable parking spaces behind islands. Don't forget all the token economies that I cant even be F'ed looking into, as I don't have the TIME to spend collecting a single one, and haven't yet....they show on my screen in armoury too.
  11. Mudpheart

    Dockyard: Kansas

    The poor russian ships need to be able to farm something, so it must be these.
  12. You're going to LOVE the Anchorage 15km firing range and NO OPTION for range upgrade. Which equates to effectively engaging enemies at 12-15kms, perfect for literally ANY TYPE OF SHIP to BLAP you back to port.
  13. Mudpheart

    Let's get ready to Rumble!

    I've opened all free ones got rumble and optimus. I selected montana and he was autobotically placed on it!.
  14. Mudpheart

    finally after 5 years...

    31 detonations in 3997 random battles. Or perhaps tell us how much time you have put into the game, seeing as many of your tier 10 ships are coal or steel only obtainable?.
  15. Mudpheart

    Ragnarok/Ignis thoughts..?

    I have a WH crate unopened. when would be my best chances of getting a ship from it, seeing as all the other crates had nothing?.