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  1. no the boxes that say they might contain a commander or a camo. i think its the other boxes.
  2. I bit the bullet after looking at MVR camo for 8k gold, or the 10x containers for 6.5k ish gold, and went for the punt. got MVR camo first box, starscream the second box!. also got montana camo and megatron.
  3. oh man the MVR starscream camo commander combo looks amazing dunno if allowed to post someone elses youtube, but theres aone vid on there.
  4. Metal_illness


    I feel that many premium/ special ships are becoming redundant due to there's always the same performance ship at tier 10. I'd just get the Yoshino. How many premium ships does each player need?. WG- all of them, if you want the enterprise, musashi, belfast, black etc...(paywall of doom).
  5. I got my first 2x duplicates, so the number of containers i would have to purchase with cash after i finish all the free ones, goes up.
  6. Do the transformers have to remain in the nation they are auto assigned?.
  7. No I don't have any duplicates yet.
  8. I just got 3x containers for free from missions. first one had a 3 pt megatron can confirm I only got 2 collection pieces from those 3 containers, so not every container has a collection piece, increasing your required spending of real money to complete the collection.
  9. Metal_illness

    Test ship encounters thread

    That "fair" battle cost me $5 to play. You giving refunds?
  10. In the current transformers containers that hold special signals, each special signal is costing you 52c AUD to use in a battle. 10x cybertonian containers is $36.72 / 10= $3.672 per container/ 7 (number of special sigs you could get= .52 (cents). So everytime I go into battle with the best intentions of winning, grinding my tt ships, and the enemy team gets to bring 2x broken unbalanced test ships in a division...and then they proceed to lay waste to my entire team...for "test" purposes...yeah I'm wasting a fair bit of real money there. I don't beleib WG are being "fair". Keep this in mind every time you use high value camo or special signals in battles. There are 8 special signals, thats over $4 AUD PER BATTLE, plus if you said the high value camo for increased xp was worth the same, you're getting close to $5 AUD PER BATTLE. That is bananas!
  11. I think you need 32 pieces, but the game only gives 30 for free, so you might need to buy 2 containers @ 750 doubloons each= 1500 doubs. That's assuming that double ups are a 1 for 1 trade, and there is only 1 collectable per container. If not, it will cost you a lot to collect all the pieces.
  12. Metal_illness

    Test ship encounters thread

    where was i blaming them?. Read my post before you blame me... I am stating what facts I know about the test ship(s) which was that Gibraltar is AP only. For the dear reader.... the lost game and the test ships position in team is me keeping score BECAUSE: *sigh* 90% or even MORE test ships are on enemy teams compared to on my team of that 90% something close to 97% of those battles ARE WON BY THE ENEMY TEAM THAT HAS THE TEST SHIP when my team tends to get a test ship, we lose. And that disparity is....quite beyond "random".
  13. Metal_illness

    Test ship encounters thread

    My team had a Gibraltar. Tier x RN CA, shoots AP only. Lost game, Gibraltar got 6th in team.
  14. you can get 11 pt optimus or megatron for completing collection. collection has 32 pces, i think we can get 30 free pces from free containers? i think we need to spend 1500 doubs to complete it. not sure.
  15. Metal_illness

    Test ship encounters thread

    Enemy team brings 2x KEARSARGE IN A DIV. YEP, BROKEN UNBALANCED TEST SHIPS IN A DIV. THIS SHOULDN'T BE ALLOWED. They attacked my cv pretty much straight away with rocket planes, lost 30k HP FROM ONE ROCKET SALVO.....WTF WG???. They then continued, it took them a few more rocket sorties, but yeah they killed me easy enough WORKING TOGETHER, WITH BOTH OF THEIR BROKEN UNBALANCED TEST SHIPS IN A DIV. Enemy team also had a cv (coz 1 cv vs 1 cv), 2x Kearsarges, and a dutch cruiser for MAXIMUM WORLD OF WARPLANES FUN FUN F$#%ED!!!!. This little excuse of a fair battle, cost anyone in my team signals, camos, credits, xp, free xp, TIME, and win rate. I would like a refund please WG. I spent special camo and special signals on that excuse for a fair fight. And a refund to all my team. Enemy team won, easily but it took them a long time, with the 2x broken unbalanced test ship Kearsarges getting 3rd and 5th in winning team. WOW, JUST, WOW.