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  1. My beloved waffentrager e100 switched out for a grille 15 I never asked for.... ENTERS THE CHAT. Even worse....I spent a lot of time and $150 AUD to get the wft-e100.
  2. Metal_illness

    Armada: Habakkuk

    sums up WG treatment of patrons in a nutshell. this was the one sale that would have bought me back, but its a JOKE. its the only thing to interest me in a month or two.
  3. you missed premium ship to premium ship= retraining tt ship to tt ship= retraining and premium ship to tt ship= retraining. because all ships tend to play differently, requiring that one change in a skill. for example my cv main captain can be trained for GZ, but if i want to use him in EL....I GOTTA change his skills. If I want to use my CL main captain in wooster, i gotta change his skills from Atlanta.... If I want to use my KM BB main captain in scharny, I gotta change his skills from Dudpitz or Bismarck. the biggest differences are when you want to use a high tier trained captain in a lower tier ship, mostly around the AA captains skills builds.
  4. Metal_illness

    Leone in the Armory and Premium Shop

    I would hope the tier 9 italian tt dd is like paolo escobar but not quite as good, some very minor things to make it not as good.
  5. Metal_illness

    Why must you make me suffer???

    From reviews Leone is a super stinker.
  6. Metal_illness

    Leone in the Armory and Premium Shop

    I clicked discuss on forum so let's discuss. Leone appears to be below average according to reviews. The IJN dd featured in same promo seems, no IS far better tier for tier. I've blown 6,000 gold on the italian random chance crates for lepanto and not got it yet, the next 2 openings also show me not getting it, so I give up. And how come italian premium ships don't shoot SAP?. Questions abound. Answers not to be found. Yet here we are, discussing. YO, HO HO.
  7. For what seems a great deal at1500 gold, I whaled 5 of the evil doers boxes. I didn't get any of the ships last year, so lets see the drop rate and post what you got this year. Those that don't know, each container is either a ship, 5x camo or 10x camo. I got 5x 5 evil doers camos.
  8. Metal_illness

    The Zoupening

    Its all self promoting. "It's better to be talked about than not talked about at all" - Oscar Wilde (when all of London was talking about him preferring the company of men). What he means by this is, publicity good or bad, still spreads your name. Infamy or fame, does not matter. Flamu has left a power vacuum in the pecking order of youtube WG sycophant fanbois, and the pecking order is established by how many subscribers and views you get per content you post for WG. And right now, we are witness to what those CC fanbois will do for a meagre 100k subscribers. And quite frankly, it's an embarrassment to all humanity that has gone before us.
  9. Metal_illness

    Italian BBs: What to know?

    Lucky its the meta off BB with deadeye so WG get away with these ships.
  10. Metal_illness

    Would you pull the trigger?

    I pulled the trigger. it is my first and probably only steel ship i'll ever own. I play cv a fair bit and have all premiums except enterprise and tier 8 RN. also have 2 of the tier 10 tt ones. Yeah... fdr. sure it flies through AA clouds, sure it can get 2 or even 3 attack runs per launch, but its only OP if your enemy are potatoes. a potato player doesn't turn his ship when the planes attack, a potato forgets to turn his AA on, a potato doesnt pop smoke, a potato doesn't use islands as cover protection. Spoiler alert: I don't meet many enemy potatoes, they are all in the same sack as me... So yeah FDR is great for the memes, but it isn't OP enough to CARRY the entire sack.
  11. Metal_illness

    A T9 ship for 1.5k dubs?

    you also get it fully upgradeable, for 0 credits cost too. I bought 2x 1500 lottery gambling tickets and got a fat GFY from WG. Not getting any more...
  12. Metal_illness

    Mssing the Resolute and Rapid Collection

    omg apologies for the crime of the century, i was out by 1. yeah i spent that much on coal then.
  13. Metal_illness

    Overall Thoughts on Rework after 1 Month?

    RPF isn't a required skill for dds, rather a waste of 4 crucial points. it's only best used when chasing a shimakaze or asashio who has gone to maps edge to flank, and your cv isn't helping to detect. that instance happens maybe 1/100 games. I had a game the other day when I was like wtf my dazzle isn't working!. I got spotted, was engaged with other dd, and of course he had 4 ships supporting fire AND cv planes attacked into me, while my team....ZERO support fire...ZERO planes....as normal. All the incoming fire was smashing me to bits, not dazzling AT ALL.
  14. Metal_illness

    Mssing the Resolute and Rapid Collection

    yes, and the 6k coal container might only give you a duplicate, it cost me 6,000 coal x5 to get ONE item from the collection....as ALL were duplicates. NEVER AGAIN. NEVER COLLECTED.
  15. Metal_illness

    "Naval Battles"

    I like yogurt.