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  1. Metal_illness

    Nottingham Tokens?

    once it gets added to game permanently for sale it should be around 60-70 bucks, maybe even less.
  2. Metal_illness

    Nottingham Tokens?

    yes, and there are 3x captain b00by prizes thrown in, to make you spend on additional boxes. I did some 1st grade math, and the best case scenario is you spend your resources to get the 100 tokens, you finish missions for another 70, you draw the 100 and 2x 50 token boxes and NONE of the captains, the least you need to spend is 13k doubs for nottingham. Worst case scenario, you draw all 3 captains, and none of the 100, or 2x 50 token boxes and nottingham costs you 26k doubs!. Due to my perfect track history of whaling lootboxes proving I must spend a LOT to "risk my luck", nottingham would cost me the resources plus around a minimum of 15k doubs. The fact that nottingham isn't even a chance in the lootbox draw is unusual.
  3. Metal_illness

    AFKs and Pink Players

    I had a neptune today that sailed only straight, and into an island, and then fired 2 shots in 15 mins, then died. Bot?. Also had a malta who was too bust attcking me (his teammate), he was upset I hadn't played how he wanted me to play, and he turned pink, and still kept attacking me. We lost, simply because of his actions.
  4. Metal_illness

    People you've encountered in-game

    Holla, Pyle_BLOODPUSH. gg we kicked them hard.
  5. Metal_illness

    People you've encountered in-game

    Puggsley, had in my team. they in Halland, and gave them a plays well karma, even though I scored higher on team 🙂😂😋
  6. Metal_illness

    People you've encountered in-game

    shoutout to cat_piss, bone_cancer and adjustment_arse. seen in battles last 24 hrs. last saw adjustment_arse in battle about 6 months ago :)
  7. Metal_illness

    People you've encountered in-game

    ngu_fighter in their italian cruiser grind, tier 8. me in baltimore grind.
  8. Metal_illness

    Vote Now: Free Anniversary Permanent Camouflage

    Thanks, this works for all.
  9. Metal_illness

    Vote Now: Free Anniversary Permanent Camouflage

    Hello, it's still not working on portal, I would like to vote Benson please.
  10. Metal_illness

    Inca trails test spend

    With inca trails event completed and all tokens spent, takes me approximately 30% of "luck" loot boxes opened. No ship.
  11. Metal_illness

    I hate submarines

    In randoms?. In coop?. In missions?. Please provide more information. I play primarily random battles, and they are a minor issue, yesterday my first 10 battles didn't have a single submarine in them. My main issue in interacting with subs, is that asw bombers are much more effective at countering subs than actual sub hunting specifically designed ships. The biggest cheat factor in this game remains to be radar, it can see through islands, while sub detection weaponry cannot.
  12. Metal_illness

    Inca trails test spend

    tell me honestly dude... compared to 2017/2018/2019.... did your WOWs spending increased Significantly? Yes, absolutely correct. I think gambling up to a 25% chance an equilibrium of fairness to both the developer and my wallet, especially when each event you are gathering evidence for the hypothesis that whales get milked on purpose, and it's not random. Now the devs have battlepass, ship pre-release cash spend events, dockyard builds, and lootboxes, along with regular premium account and premium ship purchases. Then there are the holiday lootings too, black friday, xmas etc. I'm putting a lot of TIME into WoWS atm, so that reduces my spending a bit, I'll finish the inca trails event, get further in dockyard (not that im spending for the ship, also not spending for current BP), but TIME in WoWS does equate to a fair amount of FREE progress that a whale who doesn't normally have TIME to spend, would buy stuff with cash money.
  13. Metal_illness

    Inca trails test spend

    25% is my standard risk for these events tests. I think 1/4 or 25% chance is fair enough, I also think never having once drawn the grand prize in the first 1/4 or 25% is very telling, and not quite "random".
  14. Metal_illness

    Inca Trails Armory campaign

    my first mission is grind 12k base xp OR get 550k dmg in a netherlands or pan american ship.
  15. Metal_illness

    Inca trails test spend

    Yet again here I go as a whale, testing the theory that whales get milked. I bought 850 inca coins and opened 17x inca heritage bundles. NEWSFLASH: no ship. Got the economic bonuses.