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  1. Metal_illness

    New CV mechanics

    lol don't be anywhere within 30 seconds of an island if you attack with rocket planes, i tried in my fdr to attack over a low lying island, and my aim recticle shot up to far end border of map, 15kms away.
  2. A few errors, was obj 430 and 430u are the stupid OP russian medium tanks. Obj 277, Obj 263, Obj 257 etc etc all too OP.
  3. Metal_illness

    Tone looks nasty

    Yeah the big drawback to having torpedo planes for attacking is when you are using them, you cant manual control your ship, often my Ise is set on fire while I am on a flight sortie....2-3 fires at once and that's a lot of HP. Tones planes are pretty much so situational they are useful less than 10% of any battle. I'd expect to use mostly main guns and ship torpedoes, taking advantage of the stealth, but if there is cv in the battle....screwed. At least Ise attack gimmick planes are useful much more %.
  4. Metal_illness

    Tone looks nasty

    So wiki calls Tone Atago like. AA useless. CC calls it a hard pass (that means totally, unequivocally a pass) Oh, its planes are exact same as Ise tier 6 planes. Same armour same torps etc... So you are expected by WG to use planes THAT SEE TIER 4 to attack on tier 10 ships. INSERT MEME HERE.
  5. Metal_illness

    Twitch Prime Rewards Dutch Girl

    eww tier 4
  6. Its likely because the russian bias is so bloody obvious, after 40,000 battles in WoT or 5,000 or so battles in WoWS, and 11 years of playing WG products, almost exclusively. The russian tanks or ships can remain over powered for years, in fact the only russian vehicle I can think of that was reduced from OP to UP by an actual nerf is the KV5, when WG weakened the armour of the radio operators turret, making it THE only weak spot on the front of the KV5. The following is now an extremely exhausting list of current russian OP tanks in WoT (sigh here we go again): T34-85M OP since release still OP now yet been out for years of powercreep Defender OP since release still OP now yet been out for years of powercreep LT432 OP since release still OP now yet been out for years of powercreep The Obj tier 10 medium... bugger cant remember name it has an A at end, ridiculously OP since release, still OP now. I played the tier 9 (doesn't have the A) and was able to face hug tier 10 heavy tanks front to front, and BEAT THEM EASILY... Damn my memory fades, just add ALL tier 8-10 russian mediums, heavies, and light tanks, including the reward tanks and any other tanks with Obj in front of the name as well. Then you have some of the SPG such as S-51 is brilliant too. Especially the russian tanks that are banned from competitions. There's a reason for that. Now for the ships, as what you will notice if a russian BB is slowly floating towards your team, is that it takes an incredible amount of your teams firepower to sink it, and quite some time, meanwhile the rest of the enemy team is winning the game somewhere else: Kremlin, Vlad, Lenin, Sov Soyasauce, the tier 4 Pyotr whatever its called gets TIER 10 ARMOUR AT TIER 4....imperator nicholai is legendary unicorn ship most players want. Tier 10 russian dd was released with laser guns, fortunately those DID get nerfed, now russian tier 10 dd never seen, surely re-re-buffed *soon. Mikhail Kutuzov ( renamed to Kutuzov) was OP now been powercrept somewhat, because is rare ship not available and never played, not likely to be re-re-buffed by WG anytime soon, is still a good ship to play, a little OP. Has name AK 47 for the memes. Ohotnik unusually powerful in its tier, so slim it almost doesn't even exist, try hitting that as a target. Had a game yesterday where enemy one sailed into an island, and stayed there beached and invisible the entire battle (10 mins) while it spotted our entire flank sailing past it....perfect bot ship. Petropavlovsk OP since day of release still OP now, how many years will powercreep take to make it average?. Smolensk OP since day of release, due to salty tears of players WG forced to remove it, still great now. DM donskoi and Moskva are both great ships, very powerful to play, think both have ice breaker bows which is WG excuse for them being so BB indestructible like when they bow face enemy....see BB survivability comment above. Stalingrad the island camping OG, so OP since day of release still OP now. WG are releasing an entire line of parachute bombers just to combat this gameplay, it's THAT Over Powered. The good news for WG is players trend towards playing through the russian vehicle lines, especially from tier 8-10, and NOT spending free xp to skip, because they are so easy to play, making RUSSIAN vehicles look like they are the best in the world (of WG). I know I'm guilty of this. I've surely missed some doozies of OP tanks and ships, but you get the picture now?. I could also list a lot of french tanks that are also OP (france seems to have the second most number of OP tanks in WoT), but their list STILL wouldn't exceed the russian one. That's why they are called second most. All other nations tend to only have 0-2 real OP gems in their entire lines. A line being a classification BB, CL, CA, DD and COMING SOON russian CV!!!!!.
  7. Metal_illness

    New CV mechanics

    I also feel the rocket planes attack mode change was unnecessary. Now its made rocket planes completely unviable as an attack mode on dd, and any other agile ships. The 5 extra seconds the player of the rocket planes has to now judge where the target WILL be in the future...is ....typical WeeGee i guess. I have read they are also doing the same thing to SPG attacks in WoT, with large indicators on the ground showing the target tanks where the shots are going to land soon...
  8. Metal_illness


    If not pay for them now, you pay for them later! As they will form part of the WeeGee paywall. Pretty much all the ships are fun, Lenin is rather OP, as all good russians are. It just soaks up so much enemy fire, the rest of your team can win. Same as a Kremlin, Petro, Moskva, Stalin etc.
  9. Metal_illness

    Tone looks nasty

    Well I can't wait for Tone, youtube vids of its final form are up. IJN cruiser stealth...hydro, repair, all main guns forward deck.... Torps AND planes!. Damn... this is gonna be a fun ship to play. I take it must be modelled something similar to Atago? 203mm mains? stealth? torps and repair similar maybe?.
  10. Metal_illness

    DIE WAFFEN, LEGT AN! (Soviet Carriers Has arrived)

    2023 soviet hybrids which will be a soviet submarine with BB main gun turrets, and cv planes.
  11. Metal_illness

    Battle of the Beasts progress...

    I havent got a single special captain yet.
  12. Metal_illness

    People you've encountered in-game

    Had a fatfluffypenguin in my team, first time in tier 6. I shouted out Hi in chat but no response. DOA, went on to win, got 3rd in team in my Ise.
  13. Metal_illness

    People you've encountered in-game

    I had Skarkabeh on my team last night for the first time. Great to see him in his Ise and me in my Ise.