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  1. Metal_illness

    Why is Atago cheap? [DERAILED]

    I'm not referring to the skrop g when saying something is half decent, I'm generalising.
  2. Metal_illness

    rader ships

    don't worry, after this repeats itself 25 times with the imbalanced MM, then YOUR team will suddenly get 4 radar ships and enemy will have 1. See it balances out? 25/1. my personal mm and rng is more like 75/1. but yeah BALANS.
  3. WG will simply release the weak dd line, and after watch the chaos and tears unfold as usual. Then WG will apply a quick fix patch like french dds, where dmg is spread over centre of ship where best armour is, making the dd more durable in a fight.
  4. Metal_illness

    Why is Atago cheap? [DERAILED]

    WG knows that for some reason despite ze germans being the "bad guys" there is a huge market for anything ze german. QB himself lord of everything tank including blessed MM and rng, states the ze german skorp g is highest selling premium tank of all time, (WG now realise what happens when they sell something that is ze german and HALF decent). A patron must have his wits about him though when parting with their hard earned dollar, for anything ze german, WG sure do produce a LOT of ze german steamers, as in piles of. Panther 88 enters the chat. But yes, I really enjoy the tier 6 dd, the tier 8 light cruiser, and the tier 9 bb, oh nearly forgot tier 6 cv is good fun too. Atago, also from the team that brought you the "bad guys" has always been a great ship, ninjaesque concealment, torps, one of the first if not the first cruiser with heal etc etc.
  5. And how about the radar that is on 75% of the tier 8-10 models, yet they don't have radar?.
  6. Metal_illness

    Stop being such a snowflake...jk more snowflakes pls.

    i had 60 odd million credits so bought a few stock tier 8s id sold to get the steel snowflakes, and the odd tier 9.
  7. Metal_illness

    I finally got the Stressbourg...

    I got 2x ships and fates stages to go then finito.
  8. Metal_illness

    Captain skill changes: What WILL work?

    gun platform dd get some buffs about increased rate of fire when enemy is detected within sight range of own ship or something like that. I look forward to playing Kidd, Marceau, etc. Unfortunately all ships that have under 130mm main guns now have BIG NERF to range, thanks to loss of AFT except for Atlanta (kept good long almost AFT range due to being so popular for Ops of the week, namely Narai. Friesland, Colbert, Flint to some extent, can all go suck the fat WG kumara. They will be dying very early in battles, dead in own smoke, or worse DOESN'T EVEN HAVE OWN SMOKE *looks at COLBERT*....that WG have buffed with improved acceleration and deceleration....almost as if they think Colbert can fight in open water on the run BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA🤣 You might wanna check those penetration angles on Colbert WG... the ship that YOU developed for the game. Italian bbs with SAP enter the chat. Colbert quickly returns to port.
  9. Metal_illness

    Commander Skills Update

    Increasing Colberts acceleration and deceleration isn't going to save it from the scrapheap. This ship absolutely cannot open water combat, and absolutely DOES NEED increased firing range. Range is it's only safety, as it can be penetrated and smashed by any ship class, from any angle. But you don't need a 40% win rate player to tell you that, surely?.
  10. By the phrase "pay to win" this does NOT just apply to cash money payment. This also refers to time given up to get a reward, as that is WG largest currency in their universe. There can ONLY be several different types of player: the casual: this type of player works full time, or even several jobs to collect a wage(s), wants the best stuff WG can sell and buys it, but can't ever access the very best stuff because it's hidden or removed by a paywall, loot box gambling or a time paywall ( player needs to dedicate approximately 12 hours a day to clan wars, events etc to get certain currencies tokens whatever, which this type of player CAN'T do because they WORK). this is wg largest spender group per type individual, a materialist who thinks they are getting something of value for their money...until they reach a certain point. The casual will continue to stick around revisiting the game title for years to come, often after heavy financial investment, yet will not achieve the accomplishments of the competitive gamer, or reap the same rewards. the competitive gamer: this player needs to dedicate as much time as possible to the game to compete in all events, and there are a LOT of them. WG kindly offer great rewards, but events such as ranked come at a great price, often taking 500+ battles per ranked season to complete, in a very limited timeframe. A casual player with a job mentioned above cannot meet such time commitments when needing to compete in clan wars as well as ranked and other events simultaneously. This type of player is more the happy go lucky type of carbon unit, "I'll take what is given, and be content", and spend less on the actual game than the casual. The competitive gamer values real money moreso, and is not so materialistic because they often have less of it, after all being a pro gamer doesn't pay well for most, and a competitive gamer has to work less hours to devote more time to playing pixel ships, so will spend closer to the minimum required to progress competitively, yet in the WG universe is rewarded the most handsomely of all player types. The competitive gamer will continue to stick around as long as they keep getting over powered rewards for free for completing heavy time invested events, and can use these over powered rewards to dominate in battles versus other carbon units. This gives them a sense of vindication. the rich kid: can come in to the game, spend any amount they want, be as competitive as they want because they have so much real money they don't work a wage slave job. Often turn up, spend large, will revisit a title for 1-2 years tops, then disappear distracted by a shiny new title. The rich kid is neither here nor there, and will disappear at their leisure, if they even have precious time to give to a computer screen when there is real life out there, because the rich kid knows the one thing that cannot be bought, is time. the poor kid: comes in to the game, doesn't spend anything, should really take the game as it is given, tries their best, and only after years and years of dedication to the title, can they feel they are accomplished. The poor kid will stick around the title for years, as long as playing for free remains viable, and they get the sensation of accomplishing something. The poor kid will take years to get their first OP ship or tank, clans won't want them in any competitive sense, unless they band together as poor kids, and form their own clans, or WG introduce ways for them to progress faster with better rewards, often after a title has already been out for several years ( recruitment driven rewards for example) a poor kid can now get a tier 8 premium tank for free, even if the marathons being time constrained prove too difficult. the cheat: yes this type of player does exist, WG have "fairplay" sweeps to weed them out, other titles will have live running detection systems.... the cheat wants to progress and get all OP rewards as fast as possible, cutting out the fat middle man TIME, that WG taxes players so heavily on. The cheat is willing to risk it to get the biscuit, pay money at high risk of losing their cash investment. Clans have been caught many times doing this in groups (or duh clans), farming global maps, rigging campaigns, rigging random battles even, to get those elite reward ships or tanks such as Obj 279(e) or Obj 260. One cheat actually obtained the Obj 260 in less than one week of it being available...and here's your author still trying his little heart out years later and thousands of dollars...the obj 279(e) will likely NEVER be obtained. the smart kid: tries the title out, enters as a poor kid to test the waters, and promptly exits and deletes the game. This form of carbon unit does not become addicted easily to anything in life. A title might keep him entertained for a week or so. Their power lies in the fact there is so much competition for our time and money these days, this person realises they have the power, and they exercise it, often. the smart ass: me. I'm a casual who desires so much to be a competitive yet can't, because...JOB. Only want to be competitive so can get OP rewards and get sensation of dominating ALL before me. Spend a fortune, and never get there. Justify spending by saying to self the money is spread out over years, and it's a form of entertainment. Have lengthy opinions on every subject in the titles, however have spent so much real money keeping game alive, feel entitled to give one, as that's pretty much the only sense of accomplishment I'm really getting, while hopefully and praying to make the title improve. The constant win / lose gives no sense of power or achievement yet am an addict, which again justify financial spending by thinking there are worse things to be addicted to. Think I'm intelligent yet obviously are not. Am a wage slave, pretending to be a rich kid, wishing was a smart kid, feeling it's too late now. Can't possibly be a competitive gamer in the sense of getting the reward OP tanks ships, however WG keep me baited on the hook, by allowing me to get tantalisingly close on some occasions, such as right now, so close to getting my first steel ship, after how many years???? yet how much money have I spent??????. yeah. smart-ass. Will stick to a title for years and years and spend a tonne of real money. The smart -ass is a combination of the above classes, coming together to pretty much gain the LEAST in satisfaction of ANY player type, yet continue to have the highest amount of DESIRE!. WG have an entire department dedicated to studying our spending/ risk assessment spending over cash outflow, the surveys we answer, etc... DISCUSS.
  11. Metal_illness

    Unique/Legendary Commanders

    But you get a normal Captain to 19 points while you waiting for chance to get special Commander, you don't want to start again, even at 10 points starting position. Most ships to be competitive and unlock their potential require AT LEAST a 14 point Captain. Well done right there, WG....just another way to unbalance the MM... Duplicates are great, until you realise you need 5 duplicates to unlock ONE item in collection. At 6k coal per duplicate thats 6000 x 5= 30,000 coal can easily be wasted just to unlock ONE item from the Italian collection. This happened to me, so spending any more coal became completely and utterly stupid.
  12. Metal_illness

    Unique/Legendary Commanders

    And the EU one is currently unavailable to get since event finished, right?. I had no chance of getting him, but he would have been so tasty in my Halland. And the bloody Italian one, STILL costs a HUGE 6k coal per container, and I've spent over 50k coal JUST getting duplicates, so I gave up.
  13. Metal_illness

    Unique/Legendary Commanders

    yes I raised this elsewhere that IJN only has one Commander with special skills so far, Yamamoto. Seems a little off, when Russia has at least one, Germany, USA and UK. Italy also only has one. Europe? one?. Commonwealth? dunno?. I thought IJN with its huge investment and spread of ship types would have more than one.
  14. Metal_illness

    No modern siliwangi review?

    Yeah, WG put in the premium shop, and its way down hidden in the ships, not even advertised in feature sales...
  15. Metal_illness

    No modern siliwangi review?

    CC's are getting slack. Flamus review from 4 months ago is quite bad, says its not worth getting. It's torps can't hurt other dds so it can't contest caps until later in battles, I wonder how the AA is against the massive enterprise swarms, or the fdr planes that just never die, even to Halland AA. It's main guns don't look very good for gun fighting dds, but it's kind of average at everything?.