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  1. Metal_illness

    How Prep for 10.6

    I have a minimum 700 of regular signals up to approx 4000. I have approx 1k of each of the special VERY EXPENSIVE signals. I have thousands and thousands of expendable camos, many have credit bonuses. How EXACTLY am I about to get screwed over?. These stockpiles represent a LOT of REAL money spent.
  2. Metal_illness

    Recommending the game Survey

    If I pick under 5 the 10 minute survey becomes 1 question long... Refer to my signature....which is YEARS old, much like the length of my "random surveys".
  3. Metal_illness

    People you've encountered in-game

    shoutout to FunnyMudRainbowPee whose team easily beat mine at tier 10. and here's a link to jingles vid featuring RainbowGlitterFarts: *makes sad Mudfart noises*
  4. Metal_illness

    free xp ONLY ship, now available for CASH

    Aye? its the tier 10s for doubloons packages, that refresh every 10 days or so.
  5. Metal_illness

    current opposite day bug

    Relogged in and its fixed. Now stuck on preloading update
  6. Metal_illness

    current opposite day bug

    repairing game was a 60 Mb patch....i play vanilla... then checked again and update another 30 Mb
  7. Metal_illness

    free xp ONLY ship, now available for CASH

    and its not even lootbox luck you need to rely on, you get exactly what you sea!.
  8. Metal_illness

    current opposite day bug

    So I went to build my FDG this morning, thinking I'll suffer through to get another tier 10. I added main battery reload and it ADDED 6 seconds to reload time, instead of REDUCED reload time. Same goes for all equipment I built onto it, except my secondary range did increase out to 10kms. My forrest sherman has AR, and i swear the reload is slowing down with more damage I take.
  9. Yep, Hayate at a cost of 2m free xp can be anyones now for sum cash.
  10. Metal_illness

    Is PREUSSEN worth grinding to or FXP to ?

    not right now its not. theres a bug where all builds do the opposite of what they are supposed to. I just built my fdg for main gun reload and it INCREASED the reload time by 6 seconds, instead of reduce it!. Same for everything else I just added to build. DONT GRIND ANYTHING RIGHT NOW, you are wasting your signals, credits, camos etc... You should see my forrest sherman rate of fire when adrenaline rush is being used...IT SLOWS DOWN< NOT SPEEDS UP!!!!.
  11. I've built the FDG, added main battery reload, and it ADDS and extra 6 seconds to my reload instead of reducing. Same goes for ALL the equipment I have added.
  12. why the hype for yet another IJN BB at tier 8-10? this one has an even more over explained vulnerable citadel, and 32mm armour.... it will also come with weak IJN AA. yet WG says it's for cqb.... I don't think you will get within 10kms of your enemies before you are dead.
  13. Metal_illness

    Dildo or Canarias ?

    *SAD* Perth noises.... Only been sitting there for 4 years or so alone.
  14. Metal_illness

    First Impressions on Dirigible Derby Gamemode

    I love the brawling, if only my 10 teams I've had would know how the game mode works, like the enemy teams all do....
  15. Metal_illness

    WOWS or WOBS?

    I'm fine with WoBS. Prefer BB meta to ANY OTHER CLASS. This creates best balance, though a fair bit of snipey snipers. Those could be a lot of FTPs though saving from damage, and still having tier 8-10 a viable game time vs credits cost.