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  1. Dread_Pirate_BlackHeart


    cant wait. bring them on!. I christen my u-boat, the love boat. Please advise ASAP which branch we need to grind at tier 5 to get the xp ready for these sea wolves. Thanks WG.
  2. No, i haven't been able to grind out any free ships ever during token or special resources events due to working a full time job, which allows me to pay the devs wages, but apparently not enough to get me the coolest stuff in the game like Stalingrads. Turns out all devs want is your TIME and not your MONEY.
  3. Dread_Pirate_BlackHeart

    On The Topic of Rebalancing Premium Ships

    Don't forget Stalingrad and the high tier russian bias is obvious OP ships that can only be bought by a select few with extremely rare in game currencies that take MONTHS for them to obtain, or YEARS for those of us with FULL TIME JOBS that we use our REAL CASH TO SUPPORT THE DEVELOPERS!!!. I want access to those ships!. I'm a PAYING CUSTOMER!!. Who DOESN'T HAVE THE TIME to collect steel, irononium, copper or whatever the hell comes along next.
  4. Dread_Pirate_BlackHeart

    Let Jingles be as crap as possible again

    Its called monotone, and it's the number one biggest worst possible sin you could commit in the voice acting, orators arsenal.
  5. Dread_Pirate_BlackHeart

    Never an easier time to play BB

    As I said, MM seems to spawn my Sinop as far away from any anti air support as possible, and she moves SO SLOW, that when you ARE manuevring to dodge planes which I always am...she slows down to 20 knots, and rudder shift is heavy too. So I can easily spend the first 10 mins of the battle trying to catch up to teammates for some air cover, and even just any support, as they are all on the other side of the map due to "random" spawnings.
  6. Dread_Pirate_BlackHeart

    Never an easier time to play BB

    My personal Sinop experience: 35 battles, 33 times death by torpedo planes, 2 times battles no cv. Despite full AA build and AA stock rating of 57 or so. RNG also has only permitted her to get over 100k dmg in one battle so far I've noticed too. A good average game is 80-100k dmg. The last thing this game needs right now is stealthy DD's with their torp spammage. Win rate in supposedly "OP" russian bias not quite balanced for general consumption yet BB?. 33%....
  7. Dread_Pirate_BlackHeart

    This is what happens when Mr. Red CV does not do his job.

    rockets are really bad on a lot of cvs so players won't even fly them.
  8. Dread_Pirate_BlackHeart

    unfair container ships !?

    Personally never had a ship from a free container either. Don't believe its even possible, until it happens.
  9. Dread_Pirate_BlackHeart

    Soviet Era Crates (BB Early Access Chance)

    I spent 5k gold to buy crates, got 1x sinop. From the in game reward free crates I've never had a free ship from any of the events, so don't beleib you can get them, until I do. Change my mind WG!. Sinop is great mian guns secondaries set fires are very accurate, its HUGE GLARING weakness is the AA though rated at 57 is only works from 3kms or so, same for its fighter plane defense, so is absolutely useless versus cv planes, and even worse when there are 2x cv in the battle, because word already out amongst cv players, hit the sinop!. Yesterday I also had a tier 5 USN BB shave off over 30k damage in one salvo, take that as you will.
  10. its the last gamble ill ever do with WG offers.
  11. Dread_Pirate_BlackHeart

    Soviet Battleship trailer (USSR CVs confirmed?!)

    Subs by end of this year, so they said, I beleib in the beib.
  12. Dread_Pirate_BlackHeart

    Honor and Glory of the Soviet Navy

    I've got 1 million free xp ready for these OP magically powered as if by a god ships. Really, its just pixels coded by humans though. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
  13. Dread_Pirate_BlackHeart

    What to expect from 20x Naval Aviation Container

    of all the events for potential to get a "free" ship from a "free" container, i've not had a single one, ever. "luck"?, or because WG know I spend cash?. You decide.
  14. The sycophant endorsers are kinda advertising for WG with their "good luck" wins from loot boxes though, and well with us being human beings, it gives false hope. Most of those who negate the arguments of the "losers" of "luck" tend to be those who thrive off the money pumped into the game by the "losers".
  15. Dread_Pirate_BlackHeart

    What to expect from 20x Naval Aviation Container

    25 TWENTY FIVE air supply containers purchased 1 ONE CV (Kaga). I should have known as I seem to be returned to the WG naughty players list where bad teams MM, bad rng are gifted to you. Prior to last update my cv's (any tier etc) had very high win rate, now since patch, 31 battles 3 wins. Not sure why I'm back on the hit list, I've been genuinely praising and enjoying CV game play after I got the hang of it. On the bright side, WG says Kaga is most noob friendly CV, and I've already got lots of CV battles, so first game scored 19 torpedo hits. For 1 flooding and 87k dmg. ONE FLOODING.