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  1. Dread_Pirate_BlackHeart

    Jean Bart

    nice, played one game in JB so far, good credits, some 80k dmg, built her for secondaries as mains already good, and reduced fire risks, with 100% AA survivability, coz being a cv player I know I can't get near a JB.
  2. Dread_Pirate_BlackHeart

    Jean Bart

    dont like playing BBs, but just got mine, because i missed out on missouri and musashi. hopefully it farms decent credits.
  3. Arrr see what I did tharrr?. I just got my first package of bog paper in 12 weeks and was only allowed to buy one packet per customer. Shame I was on my own because families had ONE pack PER PERSON in ONE trolley. And the queue was 35 mins, just to buy one pack of TP, the food aisles were jam packed with the backlog of people waiting to pay and check out, so you couldn't physically shop anyway. Next I went to buy some fast food, the dine in options for eating are removed due to covid (whichever mutation 19?? we are currently up to ala media panic, it will keep mutating). Hand shaking is forbidden. And now WG are reducing services. Don't expect much in the way of development, releases, fixes, patches etc in the near future. I expect the evolution of all WG products, (and likely all other game devs) to slow down. This is a mutation thread because as the situation develops, WG will have to be flexible in their response to the issue. I would have liked to see dakkadakka ships get a bit more power returned to them, after the IFHE nerf that has so reduced their prowess, oh well. Settle in for the long game.
  4. Dread_Pirate_BlackHeart

    Now aircraft carriers ca n’t play at all

    First my shimakaze gets MASSIVE NERF to torpedo tubes traverse time, (30 seconds to turn 180 degrees, meaning useless when needed in hurry, forcing shim players to snipe from long range and making short range torp loadout completely waste of time might as well remove them WG). Now my PREMIUM CVs... Now my Colbert, which I only JUST GOT at a VERY EXPENSIVE COST. Time to move on I guess.
  5. Dread_Pirate_BlackHeart

    Now aircraft carriers ca n’t play at all

    Where are all the tinfoil hat handout officers, who claim PREMIUM SHIPS AND TANKS CAN'T BE NERFED????.
  6. Dread_Pirate_BlackHeart

    Now aircraft carriers ca n’t play at all

    So...my original question, have WG nerfed premium CV?.
  7. Dread_Pirate_BlackHeart

    European Destroyers.

    That sounds more like pure luck, with a little bit of skill added!. Does it rub off, in this non rubbing social climate?.
  8. Dread_Pirate_BlackHeart

    A very good explanation on 0.9.2 IFHE

    What I learned yesterday before seeing this IFHE bible was: respec is free, reset ALL captains now, and you can always fiddle with them later. A great review, two things of major importance: 1) the IFHE magic calibre appears to be from 140mm up to 203, one nation appears to use around the 130- 203mm calibre A LOT, I'll let you guess who. 2) WILL NOONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN, by that I mean this rework now severely limits each Captain to a specific ship, so no more speccing my Captain for a tier 10 end game ship, or extremely expensive ship ala Colbert, yet mostly playing said Captain in my Bayard, to farm skill points, up to 19, or using my 19 point end game Captain in my tier 8 premium ships to farm MUCH NEEDED GAME ECONOMY CREDITS. YES YES I know Colbert doesn't use IFHE now, but I'm JUST USING THE TWO SHIPS AS AN EXAMPLE. And we all know that a 19 point Captain on a team is much better than a 3 point Captain, even more if you quantify (if that's the word) by (x) number of players on any given team. One team gets 10x 19 point Captains, and the MM matches other team with 10x 3 point Captains, AS AN EXAMPLE.
  9. Dread_Pirate_BlackHeart

    Now aircraft carriers ca n’t play at all

    I haven't tried my CV's...but I do rent (or PAID IN CASH) for a GZ, Kaga, Ark Royal. SOOOO....have the premium CVs been nerfed too?. I play all ships, and my most powerful AA ships still easily get smashed by rocket planes, and the weaker the armour, the bigger the guaranteed hit for damage. This includes Colbert, Wooster, Friesland, Atlanta all considered to have great AA, and I maximise their AA builds too. Bayard and PE have brilliant AA too, sadly in 90% of random battles will eat the first enemy rocket attack, for 5-10k dmg.
  10. Dread_Pirate_BlackHeart

    Concerns about Colbert

    From my extremely limited want to understand this game any longer, small calibre dakka dakkas IFHE is useless, but guns over say 150mm ish have had a buff when using IFHE?. This reduces our captains skills to be force them even more specifically to certain individual ships, rather than just an entire class.
  11. Dread_Pirate_BlackHeart

    European Destroyers.

    Trouble is they radar overlap. From the comfort of camping behind ample number of islands provided by WG, counter intuitive to WG very own video Bad advice number 5. Still viewable on youtube. Recently I forced a high tier russian cruiser to pop his radar, then I moved in to cap, and he was able to pop radar AGAIN, before I could finish capping!. Spotted, and insta-smashed.
  12. Dread_Pirate_BlackHeart

    One thread to derail them all!

    One would beg to question why DD torps must fly straight while subs get homing missiles. The pinging of sonar targeting then the releasing of the homing sub, just doesn't feel right in the game, I was thinking WG would have made unguided torps. The pinging of targets seems like an effort to keep sub commanders interested during the battles.
  13. Dread_Pirate_BlackHeart

    One thread to derail them all!

    As much as I love the idea of having another class added to the rock paper scissors cv, from what I saw of the CC youtube content, subs were looking really bad development wise, and this was several months ago. Flamu did touch on them briefly with one sentence during a wows cc content recently where he stated he hadn't heard anything from WG about why sub development has gone awol.
  14. Dread_Pirate_BlackHeart

    Concerns about Colbert

    I have reset, friesland, smolensk, atlanta, colbert. Awaiting advice on what to respec to, now their IFHE pen values are all nerfed to useless. Any other sips I need to remove IFHE???! Thanks WG.
  15. Dread_Pirate_BlackHeart

    Concerns about Colbert

    So I should respec Colbert Captain and remove IFHE?. TIA.