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  1. Cheap_Manufacturing

    Please make the horrible music stop.

    Go to the ocean port the music shud stop
  2. Cheap_Manufacturing

    How long does the id verification take?

    lol u just made it, rule of thumb just post on forum if u think u wont get accepted
  3. Cheap_Manufacturing

    3rd Nation of ships

    that russian navy... u wot m9?
  4. Cheap_Manufacturing

    How long does the id verification take?

    1 day for me
  5. Cheap_Manufacturing

    For the Aussie players

    Well said Tanz, fully agree, like ur use of english *cough* ARMED *cough*
  6. Cheap_Manufacturing

    Who has played Battlestations Pacific?

    I've played Midway but not pacific i think, its quite a good game but i think this'll be better.
  7. Cheap_Manufacturing

    WoWS Theme song

    Yo Tanz, nice song there! :D
  8. Cheap_Manufacturing

    Introduction thread

    Scrubloard here ready to scrub some more!
  9. Cheap_Manufacturing

    Threads archiving after 1 day?

    look its a thread that work'd :)