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  1. asbay

    German tier v Konig hull B & C

    all good forgot to click on the hull which shows you the difference
  2. asbay

    German tier v Konig hull B & C

    even if they have different AA guns there would be a difference in rating , AA guns in hull b have the same rating as hull c , so why spend 6000 xp for AA guns that have the same rating as AA guns on hull C
  3. Why is the hull B and the hull C on the German tier V Konig have the same values ?? there is no point in getting the Hull C as it makes no difference to the performance to the ship as both Hulls have EXCATLY the same values , and to research hull B will cost you 4500 xp and hull C it will cost you 6000 xp for no reason.
  4. asbay

    players using Bots

    Hi Len , hmm replays aren't activated yet are they ?
  5. asbay

    players using Bots

    If I exterminated them I may as well kill the whole team !!!! an they wouldn't like that a bit unfair !! In game "bot" in random battles, ship not moving but guns an torp tubes move back an forth.
  6. asbay

    players using Bots

    Have been noticing that players are now using bots in this CBT an also afk , we need a reporting system in game to report players for being Bots or AFk and they should be after enough reports kick or banned from the game
  7. asbay

    Main Guns loaded but won't fire

    reposted this topic in topic Cant fire guns located here http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/5080-cant-fire-guns/ you can comment there , thanks
  8. asbay

    Main Guns loaded but won't fire

    my ping was about 168 to 180 at the time , it all runs of the same server
  9. Is anyone else having this problem , doesn't happen all the time, you fire your main guns , they reload , target reticule tells you your guns are loaded, look down at the loading bar all guns loaded, go to fire at the enemy target , an nothing happens ,guns won't fire for at least 10 to 15 seconds. Its as though they are still reloading all though all indicators say your gun are loaded . !!1
  10. asbay

    WWII naval movies

    the best u boat movie is Das Boot
  11. Just wondering why the beta (2nd beta weekend, file 5gb size) download or upgrade took soooooo long to download , I know of one person there download took 18hrs, mine took 13hrs, my sons stopped at 86% and had to restart the client so many times to get it to finish ,he started it on Saturday an didn't finished downloading to Sunday afternoon. an other people have had the same problem, my location Australia . I hope WOWS can explain why.
  12. hi i have been given access , asbay
  13. Hi AALG I too got an email to log on to forum an said you will be made an alpha tester , then I would be able to go to the link I was given to download the game . can you help me ?? regards asbay