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  1. Dantes_Inferno

    Turret firing angle need to be fixed?

    There is a disturbance, turret if firing would hit B turret, it's actually really obvious.
  2. Dantes_Inferno

    Aimbotters, Matchmaking and ticket response

    Just not the case. Simple as that.
  3. Dantes_Inferno

    Upcomming ANZAC Day Memorial Skins & Flag

    +1 good sir, I'd love to see WOWs Asia get on board this year.
  4. Dantes_Inferno

    Never going to play in 200% weekends anymore

    Dude, we old timers used to have 10-12% draws in Alpha and Beta, you never ever ever look respectable coming from those days.
  5. Dantes_Inferno


    Did you pick all 3 photos with trees in them?
  6. Dantes_Inferno

    Upcoming ranked season is the very definition of P2W

    ? Gneisnau pay to win?
  7. Dantes_Inferno


    Bang. Bingo. Eureka.
  8. Dantes_Inferno

    U.K. Inconstant Smokes

    Hi Ryzil, Yep well known bug. Russia says its our poor play not their poor design. Flamu has a great ep on the problem with examples and how to overcome.
  9. Dantes_Inferno

    Proposed British BBs

    You guys need to check out the iEarlGray interview basing tier on gun characteristics, its an amazing overview. Keep an eye out for Kelorn's Gun calibre pen vs dmg chart http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/108185-speculation-how-gun-performance-will-affect-royal-navy-battleships/
  10. Dantes_Inferno

    New armaments might be missiles?

    I'm with EarlGrey on this one.
  11. Dantes_Inferno


    Not home for Christmas. no internet and old girl's house. Looks like a purchase for me then.
  12. Dantes_Inferno

    Ship sinked by 0 hit

    Secondary detonation, just did it to a dd, so funny
  13. Dantes_Inferno

    Hackers, and don't say they don't exist :-(

    David Ikie Lizard man picture here. This thread is so dumb I cannot be bothered to actually go find one.
  14. Dantes_Inferno

    I want to get refund for Atago!

    Is this thread an actual joke or serious, its difficult to tell.
  15. Dantes_Inferno

    Am i part Bot?

    The answer is that you are clearly part bot! Cyberdine systems has interfered with your genetic makeup and you are part of a plan to bring about Judgement Day! Watch out for Sarah Connors and a rather large bloke.