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  1. Sagaras_

    Update 0.6.6 Bug Reports

    I went back to port after i got destroyed, i tried disconnecting and logging in again, same result as usual & voice overs are seeping from kongo to haguro or myoko
  2. Sagaras_

    the Myoko heavy cruiser

    Why ask for a major buff? Shes fine as she is, dont blame the ship for your lack of skill Add the fact that shes one of the basis of the takao class, in which one of the best cruisers during the war, next to hipper and new orleans
  3. Sagaras_

    ASIA Q&A, round 1

    Hi Sub_Octavian Im just wondering why german destroyers are easily penetrated by battleship guns 38 cm and up+ even if my sides are exposed, one shell managed to land for 7k dmg or feels like they eat more damage than usual thanks~ Edit~
  4. Sagaras_

    Epicenter kinda pointless at tier 8-10

    I would rather limit and reconsider it to mid tier and change map
  5. Is it me or is it epicenter is meh and pointless at high tiers? Its an absurd island camp fest, you have to rely on destroyers and sneaky cruisers to spot for you, while the enemy team does the same :/
  6. Sagaras_

    North Carolina's shell speed bits

    After comparing all 3 tier 8 battleships with (Excluding tirpitz of course) North Carolina's AP shell velocity is kinda underpowered vs other ships of the same type and tier don't you think? One reason you have to bead further than the usual designated point
  7. Sagaras_

    Voice over bug(?)

    I don't know why iona is my VO at my ARP kirishima (im using the new 10 sp kirishima i even changed the commander to the old yotaroh kirishima), then i tried setting it to kongo, even the other Arp commander, the VO is still iona. lol so likely it looks like a bug. Any ideas?
  8. Sagaras_

    MM is pairing me with incompetents

    Lol, theres no problem with the MM, deal with it. The logic here the more WG touches the MM, the more it [content removed] up Profanity. Post edited, user warned. ~amade
  9. Sagaras_

    the Takao cruiser

    I remember an iowa giving me orders to cover our fat ass Essex for additional AA protection Srsly what can my 3 km range peashooters do to a jet squadron