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  1. If anyone's interested, Trumpeter's releasing a plastic 1/700 Graf Zeppelin. You guys can check it out if it's to your liking. Why not have both plastic and pixel Graf Zeppelin?
  2. Let's play the game"Find Fegelein"
  3. Sound the trumpets!
  4. Why no torp bomber on GZ? Blame that fat man named Goering. Simple. No need to blame STs or the playerb- Oh wait...
  5. cos they're relatively easy to play
  6. I got late into Senjougahara game but even without stealth fire, she does fine. Though she eats smoking RN CLs for food. Full ninja Senjougahara FTW. Ninja in close and turn around and kite away while shooting. That might be the new Senjougahara tactic. Though could someone enlighten me why they'd abandon Senjougahara just because she cannot ninja fire?
  7. Yes WE CV PLAYERS. Regardless of skill level, do you see any other class give tips how to counter? Yes WE CV PLAYERS wonder why time and again we have to see this kind of garbage leveled at us despite us doing our best for the team. Right from day 1, DDs and CVs have gotten nothing but garbage thrown at our faces. Why do we have to bend and paydearly for the lunacy of players who refuse to learn from what the rest of the community and community contributors have advised? I've seen teams working together with their CV and also teams that work against their CV. Our losses fall solely upon us who fail to grab the initiative that our CV has created for us and it's unfair to blame CVs for that failure of ours. Before anyone goes round slamming me for being an extreme CVphile, please note that I play all 4 classes. I try to empathise with BB players but with the way BB players are, I wonder why I even try. Can we instead have a game mode that has no BBs? Only DD, CA and CV? BBs can have their own game mode called Island Rave Party. by the way, #oceanbestmapmakeshipsgreatagain
  8. Like all of us CV players have been saying since the start of the game, there are ways to ciunter us and Aside from DDs, no other class actually share tips how to counter them. Time and again these BB whiners refuse to listen. So whose fault is it? CVs? No. The BBabies themselves are at fault. We CV players have share with you how to counter us. Community contributors have done the same as well. Should us CVs take the blame? No. You only have yourselves to blame for your arrogance.
  9. I see that Goreng and Reader settled their cow faeces and finally start to cool Waffles in the Luft.... Toothbrush moustache man is happy and all is fine on ASIA server. Good times we live in. P.S. Trumpeter, when will you make GZ in 1/700 scale? I want both pixel and plastic GZ!
  10. got Ibuki already now on to Hindie.
  11. The reason why I'd put concealment expertise and concealment mod because every bit of distance rediced lets me get the mich closer to the enemy or to phase out.
  12. Regardless... I have plastic Big E and pixel Big E... When will Space E come into the game?
  13. I'm just traumatised by Saipan... I'd rather face Belfast or KUtuzov... Not Saipan. Not healthy for my mental state.
  14. Funnily though... I'm more concerned about Saipan going on sale instead
  15. BBs

    See... That's a BB player who knows what he is doing!