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  1. Here's my thoughts on your 4 goals and what you could do 1 - Make full use of your camo rating. Now with the removal of stealth fire, you can't rely much on your guns as you used to. They're still usable but you got to know when to use them. Know thy detection range and turn them on in the minimap. Have a rough gauge of your opposing DDs' detectability and since you're at tier 6, get to know which are the radar ships and stay away from them. 2 - I find IJN DDs useful for capping especially the torpedo line. Here's how I cap. As I get near the cap, I kill my engines and drift in to the barest of minimum needed to start capping i.e. having 75% of your ship's length in the cap circle. Resist the urge to smoke or fire. If they get too close for your liking, back out. While caping with 75% of your ship in the cap corcle, keep it bow on to roughly where the enemy main fleet is. Chances of combing enemy torpedoes is better. After capping, hang close to the cap corcle for a while to help the team spot for enemies. From what I have seen so far, DDs, opposing or friendly, gets trigger and smoke happy and start smoking or firing. Have gun and smoke discipline and balls of steel. It pays off. 3 - Exploit your camo rating. Don't just torp the forst thing that you see. Stalk it and have a feel how he moves. Than torp. If you can raise alarm to your team, click on the minimap or F3 notable targets. If you spot those RU and DE DDs, don't gun fight them. Stalk them as long as possible. 4 - Be a d- and use your team mates as cannon fodder. Don't get too absorb in the gun fight till you end up being baited over to their side. If you feel uncomfortable or it gets too hot, disengage. TLDR - IJN DDs require the player to be calm and level headed at all times and always have an exit strategy. IJN DDs can make the difference between winning and loosing since they got such low detectability. Don't rush your way up to Shimakaze.
  2. Same. I'd disable standard battles as well.
  3. go back to mid tier to get more credits
  4. It's stated over ALL chat? How or whatbwas the deal about? You can let out the details here but not the names though
  5. I got Hiryuu to Hakuryuu... Along with Hindie, Senjougahara and Shima
  6. I'm still waiting for the day i see you as my opposing CV.
  7. 3 ways for me depending on the ship that I use In game torpedo aim assist Smoke Leading shots using Crosshair 7 and the mathmatical estimations and calculations as GRADAN said above.
  8. You're very evil
  9. Welcome to the partial ST programme. May your testing be filled with joy and laughter. Remember to comply with NDA if any.
  10. I've never used spotter planes so it's inconsequential I get into my cap zone and fight like a man I get in close and hantam them Doable with the amount of HE thrown in the game What concerns me most is that I only have Bismarck and Tirpitz to do this with
  11. Doable and completed it yesterday
  12. Cant open mine
  13. Unable to open CLAN and INVENTORY tabs using the game client
  14. The learning point here is that we got to practice self-restrain when we're giving harsh or critical feedback. Practice free speech responsibly and you can still make send your point across to WG...