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  1. Canislupus

    Then there is this person..

    ? TBH I can only see my name in the SS.
  2. Canislupus

    Then there is this person..

    I didn't I took the high road.
  3. So this guy decides at spawn to launch 4 torps then test his galleons ramming skills.
  4. Cannot remember the title, but it was either a C64 game or early console. You had to retake Leyte gulf at the start you selected supplies and aircraft carrier load out for bombers /attack planes amount of troops. then you had to secure landing zones along a map which started out with you using a battle ship to shell bunkers etc then landing troops to take the beachhead. Whilst cruising between landing zones you could be attacked by aircraft or encounter a battle group then you had to use fighters/bombers or AAA to defend. Difficult game I couldn't ever secure the last beachhead.
  5. Canislupus

    Introduction thread

    I heard the Black pearl was going to be a premium ship...