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  1. if they were to add clan wars or campaigns to WOWs then for dock attacks, then having what Navyfield did in which they used LST's which were practically cargo ships that had 2 shitty guns on and a few torps to defend itself with would be a good idea to use. By this i mean that a fleet with one or two of these craft in it would be able to do a naval landing/dock takeover. It would also give the defending force a target in which they can target if seen to end the attack early. This would also increase the teamwork and skill level in the game as fleets would need to protect the LST's until they are in rage to start the landing(capping of say 2/3 points) but also keep them hidden from the enemy eyes while moving around the map.
  2. The way i thought it was, and please advise i am new but from what I've gathered from people who stream etc on Twitch is the following: DD's > CV's: CV's can hardly hit DD's due to there speed and maneuverability. CA's > DD's: CA's are primary there to counter DD's from getting close to the CV's while also escorting the BB's from CV's Air attacks. BB's > CA's: To knock out the escorts etc to give DD's a chance to get close to BB's and CV's. CV's > BB's: Easiest Target to hit with Torps due to the nature of BB's Speed. I don't get how the above is unbalanced or give one class a advantage or disadvantage at all. Considering if your team works together and completes the roles they are required to complete, and don't get me wrong lots of classes can kill the others but there primary roles where meant to be the above.