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  1. Cool
    GRADAN31 reacted to mr_glitchy_R in My first tier 10 ship :)   
    Hee hee boi
    This is it everyone. It's the Yamato!

    No real money is involved in this grind tho. Just a handful of credits, FXP, Ships XP and a little bit of generosity from WG to give some doubloons.
    This is what I call 'pure hardwork'
    Wish me luck :)

  2. Cool
    GRADAN31 reacted to D_for_Detonation in To all the DD mains saying they will uninstall their game, STOP complaining and adapt to the new meta   
    I know I am going to be downvoted for this but I am gonna do this.
    I mean players playing DD should stop crying about the change towards the CV saying they are being perma spotted. Learn to disable your AA with the "P" key and stay undetected during the match. Learn to not rush into cap during match start and kill yourself blaming it is the CV rework killing all the fun. Learn to go into cap when CVs planes are on the other side of the map. And learn to switch your AA sector when necessary.
    The thing is I feel like players nowadays are crying so much about having a disadvantage whenever possible. To me, CV spotting is actually a lot better because CVs now can only send out one squad a time instead of multiple squads, which they can use to scout several spots and caps of a map. DDs on high tier are just not used to having CVs in their game because they were so rare back then. And now when people are playing CVs in high tier they start to cry whenever they see CVs in their pre-match lineup. They are already talking about to nerf radar so that only radar ship can detect you for the first moment. How about we just remove detectability from DDs once and for all......... For god's sake, stop crying and learn to adapt to the new meta.And yes, pls play CV yourself to learn how they are gonna spot and kill you so you can adapt....
    Oh and Yes, CV planes can no longer spot torps too......
  3. Cool
    GRADAN31 got a reaction from yansuki in Clear sky Achievment 0.8.0   
    For your info
  4. Cool
    GRADAN31 got a reaction from waichung1823 in Finally... Yamasushi   
    Congrats on your success!
    mine is:
    Slot 1: Main armament mod 1
    Slot 2: DCP mod 1
    Slot 3: Aiming system mod 1
    Slot 4: DCP 2 mod
    Slot 5 : Concealment
    Slot 6: Main battery mod 3
    But I don't play Random with it, only Co-op, because I am not good at it.
  5. Cool
    GRADAN31 reacted to HuginnKR in World of Warships Collectors Club   
    The automated Collector’s club insignia distribution system is being launched today. It will automatically check the number of Ships in your Ports after each Battle and is planned to stay. 
    Because of some technical limitations all insignia will be awarded step by step, so after the first Battle following the system’s launch you should receive the first message if you have 50+ Ships currently in your Port. This will grant you the Patch with a special background and special Collector’s Ensign. After one more Battle you should get the first Collector’s Emblem (if you have 100+ Ships), and after one more Battle – next Emblem (for having 150 + Ships). With a fleet large enough, you should get more Emblems (200+ and 250+ Ships).
    Please note that occasionally it takes more than one Battle for system to trigger due to high server load but everyone will have every insignia they earned.
    While there is no longer any requirement to play each of the ships in your port to make them count for your collection, we recommend you do this anyway to participate in our very collector-friendly Snowflake event throughout update 0.7.12!
    Have a great rest of your year and happy holidays!
  6. Cool
    GRADAN31 reacted to Sharr_Dextera in Edinburgh   
    radar, 10k torps, more AA.
    plus a chance to fight against (or slaughtered by) tier 10 ships.
  7. Cool
    GRADAN31 reacted to Max_Battle in Permanent discount?   
    I made this same mistake.
    It's your clan discount.
    Permanent as long you stay in clan I guess.
  8. Cool
    GRADAN31 reacted to Grimnar42 in Permanent discount?   
    One of the port upgrades is what gives you the discount more it gets upgraded bigger the discount. Even if you dont play the clan battles it's worth it to be in one.
  9. Cool
    GRADAN31 got a reaction from Mechfori in What one thing you wanna add to wows or change   
    Ability to stock up upgrades during discount. I.e. you can buy more than 1 and store it in the inventory.
  10. Cool
    GRADAN31 reacted to Max_Battle in Code - CITADELSLAM   
    Ring challenge.

  11. Cool
    GRADAN31 reacted to Paladinum in Salem or Alaska?   
    Thanks for all the responses! So Alaska it is then...
    @Gummilicious I can't wait until 0.8.0 and WG throw me a wrench in the face by announcing a German free xp ship (something I've been waiting for since Musashi was revealed). Maybe I should wait until that happens. Come on WG, Germany was the FOURTH nation in this game to have a full tech tree!
    @GRADAN31 I don't have Des Moist but I'm like 15k xp away until researching her with my Buff. What you brought up is reasonable: different playstyle.
    @Moggytwo that's sad. That is really sad. I need a high-tier cred printer. Dude of Yokes doesn't suffice, as my Hindy with signals and camos does MUCH better, and I LOVE that ship. I do not have Des Moist myself.
    Maybe I should get BOTH? I mean besides Salem, I have no interest in any other Coal ship... Not a BB player and there isn't a T9 Coal DD or cruiser in the Arsenal...
  12. Cool
    GRADAN31 got a reaction from Paladinum in Salem or Alaska?   
    I will go for Alaska because Salem is a similar ship to Des Moines (which I have with permanent camo). So I don't think I will play Salem often if I get it. Furthermore, I want more variety of ships in port. Alaska will require a different play style because the ship is different, rather than having a similar ship, why not a different ship?
    Thus I will go for Alaska.
  13. Cool
    GRADAN31 reacted to waichung1823 in STEAM1YEAR - Redeem it fast!   
    Reward : Steam Container
    Contain either Signals, 24Th premium time, 250 Doubleloons, free xp or Camos depends on RNG. 
  14. Funny
    GRADAN31 reacted to Akyamarukh in WHY Rasputin is always comeback??? TOP 5 Rasputin secret......   
    1. Rasputin is not inside the ship this whole time.......

    yeps, that is why you cannt kill Rasputin no matter what..... 
    2.  I dont know ,,,,,,.......

    krik krik krik
    3. Rasputin is RICH or have multiple Insurance for its ship

    this is just speculation though........
    4. RASPUTIN is doing party inside black lair castle this whole time!!!! the ship itself is controlled by A.I......

    what is inside black lair? according to our spy Rasputin held a party with tsar inside the castle this whole time, laughing and knowing how futile is our effort.....
    5. WG pay Rasputin to develop Smart A.I. to ship warfare using player behavior as experiment

    Russian and AMurica is well knowA to have quarrel this whole time..... as we know the most current powerfull Navy weapon of Empire Russia is submarine. BUT NUCLEAR SUB IS COSTLY..... Russian is trying to create cheap submarine without human inside for suicidal mission againts CV. WG actually try to keep its promise to never add submarine....
    too bad KGB forcing WG and WG also need monies..... did you even wonder why there is no OP premium recently? how did WG create expensive "aircraft dance" video on youtube? of course there is a sponsor to it..... and "SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE" to tell that Carrier crew miss their home a lot.
    WHY THERE IS CV REWORK? KGB is forcing WG to find THE BEST WAY TO SINK Murica CV...... OUR CV rework is perfect simulation to find the best way attacking an Aircraft Carrier...... this CV rework will encourage CV sniping because there is no penalty from losing plane.
  15. Cool
    GRADAN31 reacted to mr_glitchy_R in My first Kraken Unleashed :)   
    First of all, I'm not a veteran in either high or low randoms. It can be that the opposite team are full of noobs/newbs. I'm using premium Russian bias. So this should be the thing you want to use to rekt your opponents. This is low to mid tier match. So yeah, it's a good opportunity to flank and farm some damage. If I recorded it, I will send it to sea smackdown cuz this is Russian ship. But sadly, I didn't :( I'm luckier than I thought. I'm using the right ship, the right teammates, the right flags, And I'm using prem account. Oh, and I'm using Russian bias commander.

  16. Cool
    GRADAN31 reacted to waichung1823 in KRNAVYFOUNDATION - Redeem it fast   
    KRNAVYFOUNDATION bonus code 
    Reward : I dont know, haven't login yet 
  17. Cool
    GRADAN31 reacted to waichung1823 in TYTY10KINSTAGRAM - Redeem it Fast   
    Reward : A Halloween Container
  18. Cool
    GRADAN31 got a reaction from Nerdfighter2004 in My thoughts on earning free EXP without doubloons   
    As per title, just my thoughts, constructive critic is welcomed. I wanted to write this post because in the recent WoWS 2nd Year Anniversary, there is 200% on first victory and premium. Spamming my signals allows me to gain 100K of free EXP in 3 days.
    What happens when you spams:
    NOTE: It will be a slow grind, use doubloons is the fastest way. This is just a casual gaming guide for poor users.
    For those who is lazy to read, Simplified Conclusion:
    Main Text:
    I usually do is to use the signals and camo when there is premium time.
    Example: with 50% Equal Speed Charlie London.
    Normal: Effective multiplier = 1.0 (normal) x 1.5 = 1.5
    Premium: Effective multiplier = 1.5 (premium) x 1.5 = 2.25
    From the example, you are getting more from the signals when you use them during premium times. Effects on signals and camo are added together, and multiple in the EXP equation. Premium time is a direct multiplier in the equation, which means you are getting 50% more from whatever you used. It is not hard to see when WARGAMING keep showing you the result screen with premium effects.
    Free EXP signals are usually in the hundreds. For example Papa Papa, +300%, your Free EXP will increase from 5% to 15% (see below for the formula). Stating the obvious, to increase your free EXP, put more signals for both base and free EXP, not forgetting the camo also.
    When should I use my signals/camo?
    Condition 1-> Researching the ship/modules
    Normal days: Save up unless you have a lot of them.
    Premium: SPAM ALL signals and camo, on first Victory ships. If you lose, just take it as EXP earning. Special signals can spam lesser, since they are rarer.
    Premium + special bonus (like 200% first victory): SPAM ALL!!!
    Condition 2-> Not researching anything, training commander and earning credits.
    Normal days: Save up unless you have a lot of signals/doubloon camo. Credit camo should still be used on ships like DD.
    Premium: Use those you need, like Zulu (+20% credit) and Zulu Hotel (+50% commander EXP)
    Premium + special bonus (like 200% first victory): SPAM those you need, especially on first victories.
    NOTE2: Spam at ships that you are researching and/or higher tier. Reason: 1) so you will minimise wasting those ship EXP that are useless without Doubloons. 2) Higher tier (like 8+) usually earn more base EXP, unless you seal club at tier 5-7 (i.e. don’t waste on lower tier ships).
    NOTE3: EXP gained from Base EXP Modifiers are added to the Commander EXP, under “Ship’s bonuses”, so you are also training your Commander.
    Where can I get more camo/signals/premium time?
    1)      Public test: usually play 1 battle and earn 3 signals from all type expect special signals. There are also camo and premium time, but you have to spend more time on it.
    2)      Campaigns and Missions: camo, signals, premium are the rewards in some
    3)      Supply Crate: 2000exp is easiest to get.
    4)      World of Tanks: Yes, for those play WoT, they do have premium in some of their missions. Premiums are shared across account.
  19. Cool
    GRADAN31 reacted to tc1259 in Mods - Where are we? And how do you get our attention!   
    To all you wonderful Captains and forum members. 

    As a reminder, if you come across a post, thread or anything that feels off or out of place, please report it with information as to why. Me and my fellow Moderators, whilst we believe we are all seeing :P the reality is we are human and we don't necessarily see every post raised here.
    Additionally, we can usually be found either in game, discord and you can always poke us here through the forums mention system or if you really want to have a one on one chat we can also be PM'ed. 

    On the flip side, if you break the terms and conditions of the forums or the game, please expect to be warned or sanctioned, you may think that we might be picking on you, or that we are being unfair but the reality is we've been entrusted to ensure the rules as set by War-gaming are followed. 

    Useful links

    Unsportsman Like Behaviour

    So happy sailing all!
    Brought to you by the Wargaming Mod team
  20. Cool
    GRADAN31 got a reaction from scharnhorst_VII in Mysterious letter from Dasha   
    sorry, was not on forum recently. I got it from my clan mates
  21. Cool
    GRADAN31 got a reaction from scharnhorst_VII in Mysterious letter from Dasha   
    Is this related: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/content/arg_content_page/
    Warning: a bit creepy
  22. Cool
    GRADAN31 got a reaction from scharnhorst_VII in Mysterious letter from Dasha   
    Is this related: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/content/arg_content_page/
    Warning: a bit creepy
  23. Cool
    GRADAN31 reacted to MatterCore in Kitty Purrfurst's Combat Missions   
    Mission 2 Code   PURRFECTFURREAL
    Mission 3 Code  whatacattitude
    Mission 4 Code  MEOWNIFICENTSHIP
    Redeem at >> https://asia.wargaming.net/shop/bonus/
  24. Cool
    GRADAN31 reacted to RalphTheTheatreCat in DOUBLETENDAY. Free camo code.   
    10 striped pyjama camos.  Valid on the Asia server.
  25. Cool
    GRADAN31 reacted to HuginnKR in WG failed to clamp down on BOT   
    Captains, Thanks for your report and enthusiasm for World of Warships, especially @sunlo2013. We do understand how bot accounts ruin your game expriences. We really don't want to let that happen.We, including Asia office and Dev team, are doing our best to prevent this. As @Sub_Octavian said on Reddit, please PM me if you have any inofrmation about such software.
    Furthermore, there are multiple requests for another reporting channel except Customer Support. I created thread for that here. There will be no Name Shaming rule on that thread since replies are only visible for WG staffs. We are sorry again for any bad expeience you had. We will do our best.