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Casual gamer, obtained Missouri, Musashi and Alaska without exp conversions...

-----------------------Missouri Grinding Log---------------------------------------

18/09/17- 515 384 Free Exp (gained 100K from flags, 200% first win, full set of exp gaining flags and camo.

02/10/17- 560 194 Free Exp (result of everyday gaming for at least 2 battles, with FExp flags)

09/10/17- 585 320 Free Exp (still gaming everyday, but with less flags, this is going to be slower now)

21/10/17- 685 116 Free Exp (spam flags and camo during 2 days of free premium on my Des Moines and Fletcher, gained at least 50k)

25/10/17- 751 276 Free Exp (got free premium time from red october crates, keep spamming flags)

-----------------------Grind completed---------------------------------------------

06/05/18- another 750k Free Exp available for IJN Musashi, about half a year.

-----------------------Musashi Grind completed---------------------------------------------

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