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  1. GRADAN31

    Finally... Yamasushi

    Congrats on your success! mine is: Slot 1: Main armament mod 1 Slot 2: DCP mod 1 Slot 3: Aiming system mod 1 Slot 4: DCP 2 mod Slot 5 : Concealment Slot 6: Main battery mod 3 But I don't play Random with it, only Co-op, because I am not good at it.
  2. GRADAN31

    Snowflakes removed.

    wow.... so many ships
  3. GRADAN31

    [Expired] Free Flag code

    I guess no more?
  4. GRADAN31

    Nope! Not wasting my holiday doing this.

    I hope that the last mission do not requires 6 completion. It is only a tier 6, please....
  5. GRADAN31

    Beta Tester Patch

    I got it too, I guess they counted those open beta testers even though we just regular players in the forum
  6. GRADAN31

    What one thing you wanna add to wows or change

    Ability to stock up upgrades during discount. I.e. you can buy more than 1 and store it in the inventory.
  7. I am surprised that wows is dominating others
  8. GRADAN31


    Thank you!
  9. GRADAN31

    Salem or Alaska?

    I will go for Alaska because Salem is a similar ship to Des Moines (which I have with permanent camo). So I don't think I will play Salem often if I get it. Furthermore, I want more variety of ships in port. Alaska will require a different play style because the ship is different, rather than having a similar ship, why not a different ship? Thus I will go for Alaska.
  10. GRADAN31

    Mysterious letter from Dasha

    sorry, was not on forum recently. I got it from my clan mates
  11. GRADAN31

    Mysterious letter from Dasha

    Is this related: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/content/arg_content_page/ Warning: a bit creepy
  12. GRADAN31

    DOUBLETENDAY. Free camo code.

  13. GRADAN31

    Recommended Premium DD

    Premium helps you grind the line faster (more income + exp). If you are looking forward to getting tier 10 and you have time to play, then premium time will be worth it. But if you just want to play for fun, getting a tier 8 premium is not a bad way to earn credits (train commander), while you grind the line slowly. Playing in higher tier means you will not earn credits, and the grind will be slower. Your tier 8 premium should be your "credit earner" (unless you play more Tier 5-6) HSF Harekaze is another versatile ship that suits a lot of play style (3 guns to choose), but might not be selling anymore because of HSF collaboration ended.