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  1. GRADAN31

    Just about time for another break...

    play co-op to get back the joy.
  2. GRADAN31

    Random plane kill score boards

    There there. I did not get Kronshtadt that time because I was waiting for Alaska. Now I doubt I will have enough for new ships. "Earning" takes too much time when my time is getting lesser, kind of a silly way of getting one when time is precious. (Yes, I am one)
  3. GRADAN31

    Random plane kill score boards

    They flew into your flak burst and self-destructed.
  4. GRADAN31

    Random plane kill score boards

    That Shokaku wants you dead, but their planes say otherwise. My Neptune had a similar game when the tier 8 CV focused on me, not sure about CV's skill, but my build is not AA build.
  5. GRADAN31

    Honour vs Glory

    I enter the team with easy difficulty, because I know I have no time to earn 1500 points everyday. So by getting 500 points, you should be getting 44 + 8 (top 50%) points. If hard difficulty, you will earn 40 + 8 (top 50%) + 4 (winning). Don't even bother harder difficulties, because you earn less (respect to 500 points) + you will lose. However, if you played like me (less than 300 points daily), you can afford to switch to winning team to earn extra 4 pts.
  6. GRADAN31

    Azur Lane buying options

    I think they are selling at $10 because each box comes with 10 point captain. If they reduce the price, then it will be RNG taking care if you even get a captain.
  7. GRADAN31

    Golden week mission has stopped working

    nope, mine works fine (part 2 now). I suggest restarting your client, which you should already have done. Sometimes the client is not 100% accurate.
  8. GRADAN31

    Server Problems

    me too. WG cannot handle such a small server population or they just don't care about ASIA side?
  9. GRADAN31

    WG gathering is non-existence?

    Yes, those old days. Now it feels so isolated.
  10. GRADAN31

    WG gathering is non-existence?

    I see, too few people per area to justify the gathering. I still remember how I looked forward to every year's gathering even though it always clashed with my exam period.
  11. GRADAN31

    WG gathering is non-existence?

    What happened to those gathering (e.g. AFASG 2016). Am I missing out on some events or the funding to these events are exhausted?
  12. GRADAN31

    Super container

    I got mine 2x 7 day premium during the last 2 weeks of Christmas campaign after 100 & 100 & 100 of more resources. (thanks WG making my grind easier) And just for your info, there is a SC mega thread:
  13. GRADAN31

    Clear sky Achievment 0.8.0

    For your info https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/game-updates/cv8-how-to-tune/
  14. GRADAN31

    [Ichase] flying shimakaze

    feels too op.
  15. GRADAN31

    Finally... Yamasushi

    Congrats on your success! mine is: Slot 1: Main armament mod 1 Slot 2: DCP mod 1 Slot 3: Aiming system mod 1 Slot 4: DCP 2 mod Slot 5 : Concealment Slot 6: Main battery mod 3 But I don't play Random with it, only Co-op, because I am not good at it.