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  1. GRADAN31

    TYTY10KINSTAGRAM - Redeem it Fast

  2. GRADAN31

    Mysterious letter from Dasha

    sorry, was not on forum recently. I got it from my clan mates
  3. GRADAN31

    Mysterious letter from Dasha

    Is this related: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/content/arg_content_page/ Warning: a bit creepy
  4. GRADAN31

    DOUBLETENDAY. Free camo code.

  5. GRADAN31

    Recommended Premium DD

    Premium helps you grind the line faster (more income + exp). If you are looking forward to getting tier 10 and you have time to play, then premium time will be worth it. But if you just want to play for fun, getting a tier 8 premium is not a bad way to earn credits (train commander), while you grind the line slowly. Playing in higher tier means you will not earn credits, and the grind will be slower. Your tier 8 premium should be your "credit earner" (unless you play more Tier 5-6) HSF Harekaze is another versatile ship that suits a lot of play style (3 guns to choose), but might not be selling anymore because of HSF collaboration ended.
  6. GRADAN31

    Recommended Premium DD

    I have Anshan also, but did not like the turret rotation speed. Kamikaze (R) is more fun to play (quick torp reload), but provided they sell it.
  7. GRADAN31

    Verifying 24/08/2018 weekend discount

    i see, so you got the 100% discount.
  8. GRADAN31

    Verifying 24/08/2018 weekend discount

    Did you guys participated in at least 1 Clan Battle?
  9. GRADAN31

    Verifying 24/08/2018 weekend discount

    @RisaFujiyama Thanks for the clarification! now i can update my record!
  10. Hi forum, "Commander training" refers to "skill reset" right? but I am seeing 100% at my port. https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/sales-and-deals/august-missions-2018/ Back to school mission: Anyone understands where is the "-80%". A typo? Or special for those participated in Clan Battles?
  11. I am seeing 100% discount for skill reset now
  12. GRADAN31

    Code for mission for patch

    i see....