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  1. Thanks for the contest @RalphTheTheatreCat! I dreamt that I won, but I am really thinking too much
  2. GRADAN31

    Advice on recruitment stations

    Hi there, I think you posted in the wrong forum section. Maybe at https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/forum/82-suggestions/ Hi @tc1259 for your action.
  3. Yaaaaaaar me Hearties. I'm going to plunder your treasure (huh?)
  4. ah, I thought you were on 1507, that is why I was shocked. 1803 is fine, I upgraded 2 of my PC to 1903 already (1 on VM). Though there is one laptop(i5 3rd gen) that Microsoft refuse to push the update to me.
  5. I continues to use Windows for games, Linux can stay for work. Technically you can directly upgrade using windows update or manually download Windows update assistants https://support.microsoft.com/en-in/help/3159635/windows-10-update-assistant. Remember to always backup your data. I am surprised how you manage to skip so many updates when windows keep pushing it down our throat.
  6. I cannot advice on this, but I speculate that it should work in Windows. Potential problem like you cannot uninstall from settings-> App & features, but still can uninstall directly at wows folder. There is a fix installation feature at launcher, you can try that after copying the folder. For Linux, WoWS did not build a Linux version, you will needs some software to run the windows version on Linux. I guess you can copy the installation files at WOWS updates folder. Install WOWS launcher in your Linux machine first then copy the files to the update folder, so you save time on downloading. Though nowadays WOWS diligently removes update files after installations, your luck might varies. Last year I tried and it did not work well for me using WINE. you might want to refer to linus video on
  7. GRADAN31

    Codes NEW NEW and even NEWER

    Thanks for collating!
  8. GRADAN31

    No.4 Pocket History

    +1 for so much effort to search the history. 4 years already...
  9. GRADAN31

    Just about time for another break...

    play co-op to get back the joy.
  10. GRADAN31

    Random plane kill score boards

    There there. I did not get Kronshtadt that time because I was waiting for Alaska. Now I doubt I will have enough for new ships. "Earning" takes too much time when my time is getting lesser, kind of a silly way of getting one when time is precious. (Yes, I am one)
  11. GRADAN31

    Random plane kill score boards

    They flew into your flak burst and self-destructed.
  12. GRADAN31

    Random plane kill score boards

    That Shokaku wants you dead, but their planes say otherwise. My Neptune had a similar game when the tier 8 CV focused on me, not sure about CV's skill, but my build is not AA build.
  13. GRADAN31

    Honour vs Glory

    I enter the team with easy difficulty, because I know I have no time to earn 1500 points everyday. So by getting 500 points, you should be getting 44 + 8 (top 50%) points. If hard difficulty, you will earn 40 + 8 (top 50%) + 4 (winning). Don't even bother harder difficulties, because you earn less (respect to 500 points) + you will lose. However, if you played like me (less than 300 points daily), you can afford to switch to winning team to earn extra 4 pts.