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  1. "Can You Unicums help Newbies to make them better and make yourself free salt captain?" Implies that we should go down to tier 1-2-3-4, because that's where most of the newbies are (the others that are not in the "most" are wallet warriors in their Belfasts and stuff). I am almost always there. If you know what I mean. :>
  2. Calderhunt

    Can we name the torpedo guy ?

    Oh look there's like 2 of them now. (Szyzwy reports all 3 of them - another guy scrubbing the deck in the foreground - appearing in the same time.) So yeah, 3 names, not just one... Mr Deckscrub Mr Donothing Mr Torpedorub
  3. Yeah you only saw the "English" part of it, how particularly observant of you.
  4. No one said that friends can't disagree with each other.
  5. Calderhunt

    How do you guys play each class?

    BB : TAAAAAAANK CA : RUSH FOR BEST POSITION DD : stealthstealthstealthSURPRISEstealthstealth CV : What does this button do? Where are my planes going? What are they doing? STAHP
  6. Meanwhile... By all means gentlemen, you are free to justify yourself for not being part of the problem, but you're also excluding yourself from being a good solution.
  7. Someone did? I wonder who.
  8. Just gonna quote myself, while underlining what you should be paying attention to before throwing your salt on my direction. "And salty rude English speakers have no whatsoever patience to simplify their English anyway." And also as far as I probably realize (or not realize because apparently I was told that I'm not), most of the time English speakers that get salty also happen to think that they have a superior sense of judgment, skill levels and in overall, concluding them to be elevated to the status of being a boss and giving them the right to boss people around. I wonder why no one is willing to respond to these excellent individuals. I don't know man. I'm not the expert here. I'm just someone who used to work as an English tutor for a short while and experienced the effect that even intermediate levels of English can sound intimidating and/or provocative to beginners learning the language, even more so when those words are written and not spoken.
  9. I did not say that they don't want to communicate. I said they have no reason to. Given that the typical English speakers are salty rude and mannerless, even less reason to. Also, it isn't like those guys don't understand English. They do - even if they could only understand simple phrases. As I cannot type in Chinese due to machine limitations, I could still work with them even if we resort to simpler English. They just chose to ignore salty rude English speakers because there is no point to reason with them. And salty rude English speakers have no whatsoever patience to simplify their English anyway.
  10. Calderhunt

    Concerning the New CV Economy...

    Yeah, considering CVs are most of the time either full HP or 0hp... and the only time they are damaged by the end of the match is if the team has already lost and the enemy is trying to finish the last CV off...
  11. ^ See? "not really". If you don't even want to try because "not really", what's stopping them from going "not really" too? English as solution? "not really" sounds fair enough. We can go down the road and blame each other, it's a chicken and egg scenario. Everyone loses in the end if no one wants to suck it up that the responsibility of language is on EVERYONE and instead forcing just one party to change.
  12. Calderhunt

    Concerning the New CV Economy...

    I'm even more concerned that this is the byproduct of the attempt to curb a single problem, but ending up screwing up a lot of things that are already working out fine - things like the old CV economy. This is purely personal speculation (so feel free to disagree with what I see because I obviously am not omniscient and I like to wear tinfoil hats :^) ), but the sequence of events from my perspective looked exactly like this :- IJN torps became a "problem for almost everyone who sails straight, guess which class does that the most" -> IJN torps nerfed by getting spotted from miles away -> BBs became easier to play -> BB population grows -> CA/CL population reduces because BB eats them alive -> AA support from CA/CL reduces -> CVs have easier time to drop on BBs -> BB AA buffed -> BBs became even more easier to play -> OVERPOPULATION of BB population -> bowcamping becomes significant problem -> proposed BB bow hull nerf to "curb bowcamping"-> proposed nerf canceled, instead economy tweaks to attempt to, again, "curb bowcamping"
  13. Not using the common language isn't the problem. If I'm not a native English speaker, why would I bother to speak to rude salty English speakers? We should make it more welcoming to the non-English speakers to encourage them to talk instead of pushing all the blame on them. The way how this thread is lambasting on them alone already proves my point.
  14. It's not that the players do not understand or speak English, it's that there isn't any reason for them to communicate at all. Considering that most of the English-speakers in the game are in a high dose of NaCl (with the addition that the first "greeting" is some name-calling insults after the team is failing), it really is hardly rewarding to initiate any English conversation. Might as well speak to the air with boxes. I'm saying out loud here, to you people who are pushing English as the speaking medium - you should really go back to practicing manners again, and use that to initiate a proper conversation. Even a simple "Good luck and have fun" could help break the ice.
  15. Calderhunt

    I feel dirty today :3

    He's already bathed in the tears of his poor seal victims.