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  1. OK so I tried running my connection wireless through my modem without running it through the router. For whatever reason it seems to have fixed the issue (but waiting for it to go to buggery again).
  2. VanPelt

    Captains skill dilemma

    Last stand has saved my bacon in the two battles I've had since I put it on (admittedly a Japanese DD). Would think it's a must for DDs as you still maintain a surprisingly large amount of maneuverability and speed with the modules incapacitated.
  3. Yesterday it was fine, today it's back. Seriously, this is getting very old, very fast.
  4. VanPelt

    Bombers are annoying.

    Pretty sure it's the other way around. Flooding does a lot more damage.
  5. VanPelt

    Bombers are annoying.

    I think I set ships on fire around 80% of the time when a dive bomber lands a hit. You've got to remember though, for US CVs a dive bomber is usually the only form of ground attack that they have (as they're reduced to running fighter loadouts to be competitive). When you're launching an attack roughly 3-4 minutes, do you really think that the 2k damage and high chance of fire is really that bad? As far as hitting destroyers, good luck! They're really hard to hit.
  6. I've been consistently having issues. Was fixed for around 3 weeks but now up the creek again for the past few days. Done ping plots, all that sort of crap. Trace says 107ms but again, 4-5 seconds of desync. iinet in Melbourne and this is the only online game I experience these issues with.
  7. VanPelt

    To All Whiners, plus some suggestions

    Hang on a second, where's the wall of text? 3.5 lines is a wall of text and the fact I bring up I still have the desync issue in passing comment (making it even more difficult to play the US DDs) makes you write that? Good work champ!
  8. VanPelt

    To All Whiners, plus some suggestions

    I'm at Tier V down the US DD line and play with 4 seconds of desync still (WG still haven't fixed this issue completely as it's intermittent) so I have to aim 4 seconds in front of enemy ships. I know all about the painful grind of the US DD line (was at higher tiers in CBT). The problem is people see "buff secondaries" and they respond without thinking. Buffing secondaries might mean a buff for an increase in firing range, accuracy, ROF or something else so they're no longer firing at 5km with less than 10% chance of hitting. Had probably 50 or so battles in my Yamato and out of the hundreds of shots fired from my 1st battery of secondaries, I only recall seeing a couple of hits. Just useless. Still prefer to play the US DD line though compared to BB lines as they just not enjoyable due to speed with the US line and lack of AA where CVs just ruin you.
  9. VanPelt

    To All Whiners, plus some suggestions

    Can't tell if being serious or taking the piss...
  10. VanPelt

    Confusion, I have it

    Hmmm... something tells me there's to be much lols in the future with these types of threads appearing in the future...
  11. VanPelt

    To All Whiners, plus some suggestions

    This. A BB at close range should be able to nuke a DD or cruiser but they spray shells everywhere (as well as their secondaries). You just need to look at the number of guns on the thing to realise they're a porcupine and should behave like one when you get too close. Also OP give me a break. It's an effing game and there's a serious issue with people abusing the blue line. WG need to fix this issue or they'll lose customers, not the customers fix the issue of scumbags abusing a badly designed mechanic.
  12. VanPelt

    Server-client de-synch, second try

    So I've been having issues as well, thought they were fixed when the latest patches came out and again, today, same bloody issues. The game is just unplayable and it's getting really frustrating. Doesn't happen on WoT or other MMOs and it's becoming really old, really quick.
  13. So a few patches ago I was experiencing massive lag (displayed always under 300ms, was timed at an actual 4 seconds). I could fire my guns, the shells would land but they'd never hit. Tried the OBT weekend where I experienced no lag and the last patch was the same. Downloaded today's patch and the issue has returned where it's back up to 4s lag (displays 100-120ms). It's really frustrating that the issue seems to have returned! Anyone else experiencing this?