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  1. Clousseau


    I was waiting for this kind of post. Just take time in getting to know it and soon you'll find it to be a credit making winner that can hold its own most of the time.
  2. Clousseau

    Go grab a Tirpitz

    It must be bought in the Premium Shop Not ingame
  3. Clousseau

    What happend to wows

    LOL You will Get that with any new release people with think is Great and will be OP
  4. Clousseau

    Go grab a Tirpitz

    Dont worry ralph thinks any Boy/girl is pretty. Very tempted to buy
  5. Clousseau

    No.1 CA player's Youtube channel

    Nice work with the consistent Citadels hits will follow
  6. Clousseau

    Some thoughts and ideas about WOWs.

    More of a issue for Cruiser's to stay close I prefer to stay close to BB's in my Cruiser for the AA support i provide not to have them chase me around.
  7. Clousseau

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    As others have said it'll be fixed at some point as its a known issue. 10x Fires and sinking seems appropriate
  8. Clousseau

    World of Lemmings.

    True True I guess he's on a losing streak