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  1. Final update on this one. Video #5 has been released - "The Second Hour: Ship Hits the Fan". Enjoy. Noppers.
  2. Update. Addition of video #4 - The Second Hour: Sampson and St Louis. Enjoy. Noppers.
  3. Updated the post again with video #4 - "The Second Hour: Sampson and St Louis". Enjoy. Noppers.
  4. Updated the post with a new video - Video 3 "Rounding off the Hour". I apologise for any dad jokes contained within. Enjoy. Noppers.
  5. Update: Here is video three titled "Rounding off the Hour". In this one we look at a quick battle with the Chester with an upgraded hull, and then we upgrade her guns to 152mm and try them out against some Battleships. Enjoy, and happy sailling. Noppers.
  6. Hey all, I posted a set of videos in the game guide area, but noting that many skip past the "Game Guide and Tutorials" Sub-Forum (it's tucked away at the top of the Newcomers zone) I thought that I would drop the link in this more active area of the forum. The videos are aimed at first time players, new accounts, or folks thinking of trying out WoWS. Enjoy. Noppers.
  7. Hi all, It's taken me a long time to finally get around to creating some useful (hopefully) video content for WoWS. My post here is for the first two of a series of videos aimed at new / beginner players, or non-players thinking about trying the game out (the videos are located on my YouTube channel). They are titled "The First 20 Minutes of a New Account", and "The Next 20 Minutes". I've also dropped a random 'inspiring' video on there for a bit of fun too. The YouTube address links are at the bottom of this post. Why have I created these videos? Well, I enjoy the process, but I can't say I'm a great video editor. However, I do know how to teach / instruct reasonably well, and I have some level of marketing experience. But more importantly, I saw a need. There's a LOT of guides out there for everything about this game, particularly in the YouTube market, but I wasn't seeing much aimed at the very beginner level that wasn't a looooong list of what every single item does on the Port Screen / Battle Screen etc. My videos are a walk through of some of the basics for new players - adults or kids - to get started and start sailing a ship around, hopefully avoiding making any of the basic mistakes. They also aims to educate in a general sense, and encourages further exploration of all of the great content both on these forums and the wider internet. There will be more videos coming soon. I'm currently making number 3, and 4, in the 'new account' conversation. I'll also be creating some very specific and interesting general content too, so watch out for that stuff. I'm no crazy streamer or content maker - I have a fairly hefty full time job that absorbs my days, and a couple of young kids who absorb my evenings, so I will gradually progress more in the coming weeks and beyond. Hopefully you enjoy the content. Happy sailing. Noppers. Here are the links to the two training videos so far, and the inspirational piece.
  8. Noppers

    CVs are OP pls fix

    Been playing this game on and off since early early Alpha. Came back about a week ago. CV's are absolute rubbish.......like, ABSOLUTE RUBBISH. The balance is so terribly terribly wrong. Almost every battle has two CVs in it, and regardless of how much teamwork I try and regardless of what ship (BB, CA, CL, DD) I take - CV wins. Literally just watched a Tier 9 experienced DD player chase a Tier 9 CV and he could hardly even close the range and at 7km the damage the DD could do was pointless against the waves of aircraft which wiped him out. Note - EXPERIENCED player. Have been in a 50k+ tier 9 BB against a Tier 8 CV and despite dodging about 5 torpedo plane strikes and 3 rocket strikes in the space of about a minute I still couldn't kill the CV quick enough and he took me out eventually.........we're talking 11km range here too btw. These are two of the examples of every single battle I've played in the last week. Want the replays? I've been a WG supporter for as long as tanks has been out, and I've worked voluntary for them multiple times, so I'm no rager. But this iteration of the game is really really bad. Here's another one...........Ibuki maxed out with AA, just had a tier 8 Kaga torpedo plane wave fly directly over my ship, shot 2 planes down. 2. Really? Fix it devs........we're done.
  9. Hi all. Just a little bit of fun that 151st and PANZACS have been enjoying recently. I've been simulating various historical naval battles, as best I can within the construct of WoWS, and the video here is one of these battles. Historical ship matchups are as close as practically available, and maps are fit for purpose as much as possible also. I'm progressively getting better at video editing, but bear with me as I'm no expert. EDIT - have updated the video to fix some sound stuff. Anyway, enjoy. Noppers.
  10. Noppers

    Why have WG Asia done this to us again???

    I'm with this guy. My old clan hasn't bothered playing CW because the timezone is just rubbish for us. What's my old clan? PANZACs. That's 20-40 people not playing CW. Disappointed. Noppers.
  11. Noppers

    i know it's stupid but rant about blue line, again

    In blue........Oh dear. Really bud? Lol? You need a better hobby. Collision idea doesn't matter anyway. Can't see it changing any time soon. Besides........anyone who knows me knows I run into islands all the time, accidentally, so collision damage would only be worse for me.
  12. Noppers

    i know it's stupid but rant about blue line, again

    "I'm glad blue line players are non-existent in your games or those you speak with." Twisted words bud. No need for it. I specifically mentioned "less blue liners"....not their complete absence.....but you chose to ignore it for your own gain. I know you enjoy dissecting posts and 'countering', but some integrity would not go astray :-) Back to my original words, and perhaps some expansion to assist other readers. After 1300 or so battles, plus whatever in Alpha and CB and so on, I've been privy to the annoyance of the blue line exploit. I hated the exploit with a passion, and would hunt down 'blue liners' mercilessly. I didn't mind the first fix originally, but then found it wasn't good enough.....so, I voiced my concerns. The second fix.....the current one......I was dubious about. I was all for folks losing hp when touching the blue line in the same way you lose hp when you are grinding against a friendly ship.....so for them to 'lose speed' as a fix didn't seem to sit right with me. I figured you could bounce your ship. However, I've since found that there are rarely any players in any battles that go to the blue line. Statistically speaking (because I know you guys love statistics), I've maybe played 50 or 100 battles since the patch and I think I've seen about 5 players in total on the blue line at any time. So technically, IMO, there isn't really a problem any more......not until the next gamer works out how to exploit the next thing......for every title........ever........ But.....I agree with Steeltrap. Collision damage if you run aground......that makes sense to me. Interestingly, I'd therefore consider it for the blue line too.
  13. Noppers

    i know it's stupid but rant about blue line, again

    Nothing wrong with the current fix. Players using the blue line now die quite easily. Ergo.......less blue liners. Love reading the countless "WG aren't serious about it" posts....which are, IMO, just trolling. Proof is in-game, not on the forums....the blue liners are almost non-existent in battles now, because there's no gain there. Now people run into islands to crash stop. Perhaps that needs a fix? For those who want damage to people hitting the blue line, or something similar, same old argument.......you want to penalise the accidental touch? The immediate counter argument is "situational awareness...blah blah blah". No worries.......let's penalise that person who is having a fantastic battle against multiple enemies by completely undermining their efforts when they accidentally get too close to the blue line. Right. Myself, and a large number of players I speak to regularly are quite happy with how it has worked out. Neither they, nor myself, ever used the blue line for anything. Oh, and as always, I post this as a player....not a mod. My mod status has nothing to do with my posts thanks.
  14. Noppers

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    Not seeing a problem with the blue line any more IMO. I love watching folks hit it, then die shortly afterwards. :-)