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  1. derekPo

    WG failed to clamp down on BOT

    Some of the offices were closed, and the staff reduced. No surprise here
  2. We have to accept that some players are not going to strictly follow their initial suggestion whether or not they have good reason to. The tendency of some players is to distance themselves from areas where they feel threatened, and in turn, other players who see the slight retreat would like to stay with the pack and follow. Interestingly, every now and then people would gain a bit of courage when politely asked to push, as long as there's a good assurance that the push is positively reinforced by a strong ship, or by number. As for players moving in only after their ally has died, I have no clue why. I can't really say much about your teammates since I wasn't there. Anyway, good effort and +1 man, just don't let this game get to you on an emotional level just to be safe. haha
  3. Yup, so seems like en error rather than a bug
  4. It's a plate that fits with the front of the casemate armor. I'm guessing the plate extends both sides from the documents the modelers followed Edit: Here's the plate shown with the casemate armor displayed
  5. derekPo

    Totally unbalanced CV

    I'm fairly sure that your Kaga player wasn't one of the better ones out there, just as some of the other people here commented. I don't have any evidence, but I have seen the same CVs but in a flipped situation where a Kaga dominated a Saipan for most of the game
  6. derekPo

    Just Introducing Myself

    Hey man, welcome (back?) ! Are you currently staying in Asia or America? Also, would you make a post comparing NA and Asia metas? I'm curious
  7. I usually chat with people back when I played World of Tanks, be it advice or just plain 'hello's and 'how are you's, but then World of Tanks made me stop chatting with people. At least people don't straight up reply to a question with just 'poi' anymore
  8. derekPo

    i actually managed to do it

    Congratulations man! Don't forget your FP captain perk hue.
  9. derekPo

    Is this a camo problem or something?

    It's the 'Arirang' camo available for Korean players in celebration of the SEA server opening in Korea if I recall correctly.
  10. You guys are stinking heap of pineapples!!!

  11. Actually what you highlighted in pink is actually quite clear. The formatting on the website turned " ( C ) " into " © " They are conditions that need to be satisfied to get a compensation. If you satisfy all the conditions, you get all the compensation
  12. derekPo

    [Update 0.6.0] Release Feedback

    Just wondering, has anything been done to lighting in port? Also, the port feels more responsive than before, sneaky code edit?
  13. derekPo

    Bayern- Glorious.

    Yeah, forgot to mention that I was referring to well armored higher tiers when I mentioned the superstructures. Them guns, makes Nagatos cry haha
  14. derekPo

    Bayern- Glorious.

    It's a beast of a ship at its tier and beyond. Having shells that lose slightly more velocity than its counterparts makes for interesting citadel hits on cruisers fairly far away -- less overpens. And its caliber fares well against higher tier targets provided you're given the opportunity to shoot at the right spots. Also, shooting superstructures when presented with an angled adversary is actually something you may want to do when an enemy is adamant at keeping angled. Just train your judgement to better choose whether to wait or to shoot. The rudder shift time isn't bad because it's fast enough to be forgiving when you're dodging torpedoes, provided you pay attention to the enemies around you. I love it.
  15. I am satisfied with the changes. I'm currently enjoying my Hatsuharu.