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  1. Rear_Admiral_Krackenfart

    Cannot sell iowa's stock hull

    Most ships i have been able to sell stock hull when i have researched the upgraded hull but i cannot with iowa not sure if it a bug.
  2. Rear_Admiral_Krackenfart

    Tirpitz floatplane bugged in port

    Floatplane on tirpitz is bugged in port plane is hovering off right side of ship not sure it is also in battle.
  3. Rear_Admiral_Krackenfart

    match making beter or worse

    Was wondering what people think of match maker since "fixed" I personally haven't noticed any difference.
  4. Rear_Admiral_Krackenfart

    Tirpitz minor collision major damage

    Is it max hp or hp the enemy has at the time because enemy only had about 10000hp left and it was more an exchange of paint rather than a ram.
  5. Rear_Admiral_Krackenfart

    Tirpitz minor collision major damage

    Issue: Had a minor side scraping collision with an enemy tirpitz and received 60464 damage Screenshots: None takenShip: TirpitzMap: Two BrothersOccurrences: Just the onceTested: NoSeverity: Pretty bad if the ship cannot survive a small collision like thatDetails: I was engaging an enemy tirpitz in close quarters we had both fired torpedo's i avoid his he got hit by one of mine he turned to ram i turned head on with him passed on his right side only just caught the outside edge of his ship and was killed receiving 60464 collision damage for a glancing collision which should have caused minimal if any damage.