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  1. Kryta

    Someone Said the Aoba was Bad?

    I too have had great games occasionally! Does not mean the other 90% didn't feel like pulling nails. I'd love to see some real statistics WG has collected on some of the 'under preforming' ships in comparison to average and 'overpowered' ships.
  2. Last couple of days I've been seeing a lot more AFK ships and ships that just full speed to the back of the map or get stuck on an island and sit there until they die. One of the last games I played last night I think there where 3 other people on my team that didn't just head in the opposite direction to the objectives, turned out to be quite the quick game when the enemy capped in no time. There is no point to AFK in this game currently, I mean everything is going to be wiped clean sooner rather than later. Unless they are gunning to just get battle up to get the CBT ship, they should be kicked out if this is the case.
  3. Kryta

    Question About Aircraft Carrier

    Pressing shift should bring you down to the regular view for your carrier, if you have your planes selected it will also zoom into them.
  4. Kryta

    It's Happening!

    Given the news we just got, I'm willing to let it slide. This time
  5. Kryta

    It's Happening!

    But the mind games are way better my way Edit: yeah I originally posted over on the open side
  6. Kryta

    It's Happening!

    *waits for AALG to say its RU only*
  7. Kryta

    It's Happening!

    Good work on the trailer there, really nice.
  8. Kryta

    It's Happening!

    Post on the ASIA portal can be found here for more information. Quick working out someone correct me if I'm wrong but the magical time will be: March 12th 5:00PM SGT(+8) March 12th 8:00PM AEDT(+11) Feel free to +/- hours to suit your timezone! Merged the two topics together. ~amade Edit: updated times
  9. Kryta

    Alpha is OVER? (RU Portal News)

    You wont be getting any from me.. It just grinds my gears when people start complaining the server is down and why can't they play etc because they clearly don't care enough to read up about their new role and I'm just here twiddling my fingers
  10. Kryta

    Invitation to a new "Alpha Test"

    Im really sorry but you have to be trolling at this point. If you head on over to the closed section server times have been explained clearly several times...
  11. Kryta

    Alpha is OVER? (RU Portal News)

    Guys please stop making me sad and post in the closed section of the forums and do a little reading before posting
  12. Kryta

    Invitation to a new "Alpha Test"

    Its all good I'm back from work to share the feels with you all!
  13. Kryta

    Invitation to a new "Alpha Test"

    I suggest you don't post that kind of stuff in this forum and read the responses you where given in the beta forum...
  14. Kryta

    Free unused Invitation code

    Currently, there are no codes going about. Your best bet is just to set up camp, keep an eye out for CBT test and hope they invite a few more people whenever it happens.
  15. Kryta

    Invitation to a new "Alpha Test"

    Personally I'd love to see the inside of the NA beta forums, I bet its fun in there especially in a particular thread