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  1. Groucho

    [PSA] Compensation for Clan Brawl on 21 Dec

    Thanks @Nya_gaming and WG for providing a level of compensation after such a disastrous fail in the Clan Brawl format over the weekend. I would of course have preferred to have had a chance to play that night 😉.
  2. Groucho

    Clan Brawl changes

    Not good enough, by the time you fixed it the SEA window had closed! Advise how you are going to resolve the loss of being able to participate in Clan Brawl 5 to those on the SEA Server. This is what we lost out on getting - 2,500,000 credits; 100,000 Elite Commander XP; 5x Santa's Gift containers; and 1x Santa's Big Gift container
  3. Groucho

    Clan Brawl changes

    I am not impressed that those on the SEA server have lost out on an evening of Clan Brawl during our prime time just before Christmas. That's really nice that you changed the format but after the timings for the round are finished meaning we could not play at all? We advised you through the forums and with a ticket right when it started but only now receive correspondence on this?
  4. Groucho

    Clan Brawls

    Same issue for us in TF44
  5. Groucho

    0.8.11 Bug Report Thread

    Still waiting for Authorisation......
  6. During a short 4 hour window for Clan Battles you plan for server maintenance...… oh the hilarity WG!
  7. Groucho

    Naval Battle: Clans Competition

    So the first week has gone and there is no page where you can see the final score from the weekend and the breakdown of how much oil we are expected to receive. Any clues???
  8. Groucho

    Operation Dynamo Suicide Exploit

    I noted two DDs in one game I was in turn hard to port straight into the minefield as soon as the game started. To say I was not impressed was the least of my expressions, is this what you are talking about?
  9. It's been a while since I was last on the forums....