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  1. _Sabre_

    tooo god damn players

    LOL. For real? The game has nothing to do much with skill. It is a server based luck game. It's like playing poker machines. Except, you don't have to gamble to be able to sort of play.
  2. _Sabre_


    You cant predict the game or matchmaking at all. You just have to try your best.
  3. Still being focused? Of course you are!
  4. _Sabre_

    So fishy , WG is that you ?

    I also asked support for details and got a response that said," no, not us, just ignore it." Actually, come to think of it, has the server been moved to HK? Could be a coincidence?
  5. I say this from bitter experience my friend. I too was a supertester back in the day. Hence why i say that everyone seems to just shoot you.
  6. _Sabre_

    Potato famine?

    lol, tiers are restricted by player ability? I guess the OP found out the hard way, tiers have nothing to do with it, it's about balance....ROFL
  7. _Sabre_

    Haida Will Always Find A Way To Kill You

    Haida is the latest OP crap released from WG. Soon to be nerfed. Story over, get good.
  8. _Sabre_

    Regarding being made PINK!

    Being PINK is the only true sign of being an individual. A true Democratic self thinking individual, a true Western thinking person!
  9. Promoting EULA Violations, Post Removed, User Sanctioned ~tc1259
  10. _Sabre_

    Which Tech-Tree to follow and which nation.!!!!

    French cruisers are absolute rubbish. Avoid them. Their guns do little damage, have small burn chance and are unreliable. 33 hits with HE on a Mogami for 0 damage, with the tier 6. KM battleships are good, JP cruisers are ok, US battleships are also not bad. Avoid CV 's totally, they are not liked by most players.
  11. _Sabre_

    About a op "Mod"

    It is definitely a cheat, and is disallowed. The problem is , these smart buggers change the way they code the mod to make it harder to detect by WG. After a while WG discover the secret and it gets neutralized until the mod makers make a way for it to work again. It's been going on for a while. But, as Teostra said, i think that WG might have actually eliminated the code that the mod access's to make it work, meaning i'm not sure it works anymore. TL,DR: i dont think the mod works anymore.
  12. _Sabre_

    "convenient" meat shields

    You guys must be confusing playing on another server. This is Asia server forum.
  13. _Sabre_

    IJN OP and has more ships

    History is History.
  14. _Sabre_

    Multiple problems :(

    Sounds like packet loss. I know that at the moment connection to the server from Aus is compromised because the cable between Perth and Singapore is broken. Perhaps because the traffic is being diverted onto other cables, this interferes with traffic from your region.
  15. _Sabre_

    Why is everyone skipping/hating HMS Emerald?

    An honest response. Emerald is completely underwhelming. In it's own tier, it's ok. As a top tier ship it actually does rather nicely. However, the biggest problem is that she cannot "up-tier" or fight effectively ships of a higher tier. Given the tier five MM we currently have, she sees a lot of higher tier opponents and in those games the Emerald is a liability. Rage sold mine last night. Edit for grammar.