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  1. _Sabre_

    Aircraft Carriers!

    CV's are the (edited) that is killing this game. War Gaming wake up and remove them! More players are not logging in because of the CV's and many have told me they wont be back until CV's are removed. Inappropriate Medical Term, Post Edited, User Sanctioned ~lengxv6
  2. _Sabre_

    NA Salt Thread

    Kind of a mute point now though. War Gamings' changes to the CV rework have sent many of the CV players back to the closet, thank goodness. It always seemed silly to me to have Carriers in a game that is mostly about gun ships.
  3. _Sabre_

    NA Salt Thread

    CV rework will kill the game. You should listen to the NA forums. They are superior players; you are just kidding your selves if you think you guys are better.
  4. _Sabre_

    Ranked off to a boring start again

    Ranked battles; the worst game mode for Asia server.
  5. _Sabre_


    You know exactly what is happening. This is WG last years of games, and it's grabbing all the cash it can get. You can see by the now very blatant pay to win aspects in WoT, and of course they'll follow suit here too.
  6. _Sabre_

    I love the feeling of carry 1 team(and some advice for Ranked)

    Except it isn't. Its still about luck. It's a bad game mode and should be removed. Most players that i know don't even bother with it, they say it's too frustrating and toxic. Self indulgent people who believe they are unicoms, talking rubbish in game. Hell even i started doing that, that's why i stopped playing it. I'm not paying somebody with illegal mods to rank up for the sake of 10000 coal.
  7. _Sabre_

    NA Salt Thread

    NA forums are much bigger seemingly than ours. I think because it is mostly an English only server that has some small sections to support Spanish and Portuguese speakers. It always seems to have a lot more user posts, and reminds me of the old WoT NA forums. But yes they are salty.
  8. _Sabre_

    I love the feeling of carry 1 team(and some advice for Ranked)

    Ah huh? Really? The fact of the matter is, it is by luck alone that you can rank up. I have seen terrible players now who have ranked out! How? Somebody pilots the account for them? No. Even i doubt that. What it is , is Lady Luck. Pure and simple. I'm just over this season, i've ranked up, like i said, as far as i'm concerned. Hell i've done it twice!
  9. _Sabre_

    I love the feeling of carry 1 team(and some advice for Ranked)

    I saw a few guys on NA, ranked out in about 25 battles! Some others took a few more. I wonder how many we might have here in Asia, be a few by now i reckon, surely everyone cant get the bad teams all the time.( because i've been having them all for you) As for me i consider myself ranked out after having to attempt it twice. Denied by potatoes, so stuff it, i wont bother trying. Rank 1 for me, on my desktop anyway.
  10. _Sabre_

    Operation of the Week T.U.F, Worst Nightmare?

    A few 5 stars there, nice. But the reality is, if you just pubbing it, or only have a few in division, you're not going to really get 5 stars, unless you get very, very lucky. Also you have to play the scenario many times to get to know the spawn times or triggers and where they'll come from. Knowing all that and having communications with other good players you can get it.
  11. _Sabre_

    Operation of the Week T.U.F, Worst Nightmare?

    It is the hardest by far operation to complete. I believe that some people got 5 stars at the very beginning, but they changed the difficulty soon after. I have never got 5 stars and almost no one i know has 5 stars in it. Mind you, you'll get plenty of liars tell you otherwise.
  12. _Sabre_

    Snowflakes removed.

    Oh is that all? Fair enough.
  13. _Sabre_

    Snowflakes removed.

    Wow, not many ships in your guys ports then. Must be these free to play types i hear about....
  14. _Sabre_

    I love the feeling of carry 1 team(and some advice for Ranked)

    Here's the advice. Don't bother. MM has been changed to take into consideration current rank and player elo. It's going to be very hard to rank out this season. I have been creamed twice on the final game to rank out, and then fall all the way back to the start of rank 3, because you have to carry potatoes who fail ground to rank 5. So unless you're using "mods" (wink wink) you haven't much chance.
  15. _Sabre_

    AU/NZ snubbed again

    And which language is taught as a second language in most Asian schools? English. Server is located in Singapore? You sure about that? The WoT server was recently relocated to Hong Kong. My bet is the smaller WoWS server was too.