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  1. JollyGood

    What have I missed out on ?

    nothing it's still boring with very few new ships and ages until any action is seen
  2. please move it? i thought this was the right place - cheers
  3. it's true it's obvious skill based MM is the way to go out of FAIRNESS but WG don't care about that they just pander to 'the few' who sail around killing us all whereas most of us are not as good and we'd like a fair 'crack o' the whip' too
  4. JollyGood

    way too boring

    I think they should consider 15 min games and ships getting up to speed faster as I just think it would add to the game (which i enjoy) I just think it's too slow
  5. JollyGood

    way too boring

    ...it's getting really, really BORING ​way too long load times games way too long ships take ages to get up to speed gun reload times way too long it's supposed to be a GAME but I sit there and walk away from the keyboard before my ship get's anywhere near the action why not speed it up? I want to have fun and blow things up not sit there waiting for something to happen! cut game lengths, get ships up to speed and cut gun re-loads - make it FUN
  6. JollyGood

    seems that the game favours the cowards

    ah I assumed you were referring to the OP
  7. JollyGood

    seems that the game favours the cowards

    you got me there what misspelling? (out of pure academic interest only) 'favours'? 'favors'?
  8. JollyGood

    so New Year any news of...

    maybe that's true I VERY rarely play WoT yet have 98m in credits and loads gold sitting there...
  9. ...being able to utilize gold and/or credits from WoT? and, whilst I'm on, why were the offers so abysmal over the festive period? talk about uninspiring and boring
  10. JollyGood

    11-14 Dec Special?

    yup well there is a great example
  11. JollyGood

    11-14 Dec Special?

    not really an appropriate response to a customer I'd say - how about: "Thank you for pointing the error out to us and we have changed it to reflect the correct format - thank you again"
  12. JollyGood

    11-14 Dec Special?

    who are you? trainee mod? yea thought so...
  13. JollyGood

    11-14 Dec Special?

    I don't think so... it says 11th of the 12th month @ 13.10 to 11th of the 14th month @ 13.00
  14. JollyGood

    11-14 Dec Special?

    Event Starts: 11/12/2015 @ 13:10 UTC+8Event Ends: 11/14/2015 @ 13:00 UTC+8 starts 11/12 and ends 11/14? yet another lack of concentration by WG Topic Moved to General Area, Be mindful of where you are posting, this is not a New Comers thread! ~lengxv6