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  1. Tank_Killerz

    Philippines WoWs Community

    IGN: Tank_Killerz Location: QC Days Online: Friday-Sunday Time Online: 8-11pm
  2. Tank_Killerz

    Failing in the Cleveland

    I don't do very well with random platoons. Its been a very bad idea in WoT...
  3. Tank_Killerz

    Losing motivation to keep grinding credits...

    I ground out the credits for the Ranger on a standard account, it took me the better part of a week playing nothing but Cleveland and Yubari. I was bored to tears every day and close to slamming my head on the computer. I finally gave in and bought another premium account for a month so I won't have to cry every time I have a good game with crazed players giving me grief. Money well spent, and also a drain on resources. It was the same with the other naval game. I had a standard (or silver account) and it took MONTHS of playing just to afford one tier 3 carrier. I had to sell some of the ships in the harbor to fund my purchases. And still lose to players with elite everything against my new pilots. I quit grinding there thrice, switching to other more lucrative earning ships just to get, what became my addiction, to carrier-borne aircraft at tier 8.
  4. Tank_Killerz

    Failing in the Cleveland

    I had one of 193 hits, I made less than 200k because *cough* low tier *cough*. My usual division mate is not present and he does not yet have a tier 6 ship.
  5. Tank_Killerz

    Losing motivation to keep grinding credits...

    I'm at tier 7 on the American line with the Ranger. Since I used to play SubField way back in 2006, carriers became my best class to play with. It sure got frustrating when I lost the majority of my air group to other players packing more cannons than my regular Seafire Mk. II and the planes were merely bi-plane Swordfish with one of the Dauntless bombers for maximum fail. My WoT account has one tier 9, four premium tanks, one tier 8, two tier 7s, one tier 6, one tier 5 and one tier 4. This side of the coin has Farragut and Cleveland at tier 6, Ranger at tier 7, Myogi and Yubari at tier 4,and the Teppanyaki with Wakatake down at tier 3. Haven't personally felt the burn-out yet, but the way my teams are for the past 2 days it might be soon.
  6. Tank_Killerz

    Failing in the Cleveland

    I just finished this game with almost none of the team bothering with capture points. I took A, we lost B. Enemy gets 3 capture points. Taking on enemies when the team melts is not a nice day. I may have also spotted the WoT bot doing his utmost to wreck himself.
  7. Tank_Killerz

    Missions - Why Torpedos ?

    I clear the torpedo missions with one Farrgaut class destroyer. There was a player who I had sunk calling it a Maggoty class destroyer. (I'd say the real thing, but I just don't want to get forum banned so early in my Warships career) Serves him right for getting really close for a torpedo strike. Is it not the Dead Sea?
  8. Tank_Killerz

    Minekaze got nerfed? Then nerf the cleveland

    I have pretty low exp then.
  9. Tank_Killerz

    Playing As a Lower Tier Carrier

    I'm enjoying US CVs. What's all the fuss?
  10. Tank_Killerz

    Playing As a Lower Tier Carrier

    Not a lot,
  11. I'm sure I can fit a fair few Swordfish on the British carriers with ASV Mk. II radar and begin dropping torpedoes. Or outfit the TBDs and SBDs with the same radar set and start the depth charge drops on submarines.
  12. Tank_Killerz

    So you wanna play Destroyers ?

    You the man! For a dead man.
  13. Tank_Killerz

    Ze Deutsches are coming!

    I was feeling lazy.
  14. Tank_Killerz

    Carrier Positioning Guide.

    I agree with you on the positioning for carriers. Though, with my use of the Bogue and Langley carriers, I could only move so far before I got sunk. Those low tier carriers turn and run like TOG IIs. With my newly acquired Independence-class carrier, I keep myself mobile so enemy planes have to travel a longer distance before I'm spotted. It also ensures that when I do get spotted, there are a couple of friendly ships nearby with the combined anti-aircraft fire of an Iowa-class battleship.