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  1. Twisted0ne

    Give us the Aussie flag

    The flag is what is it currently, please keep the forum friendly. Every 1 is entitled to their point of view. If you feel strongly then please put a polity worded suggestion in the correct forum area. This section of the forums is for the player base to have a general discussion, the game Admins most likely will not read or see the comments here. At "drakon233" thanks for the edit, I gave you a +1. I shouldn't troll the forums after 14 hour days. My grammar is poor at the beset of times. (dam had to check that too many times )
  2. Twisted0ne

    Give us the Aussie flag

    Please keep the POST in the funny / nice side. This type of discussion can get railroaded quickly. This forum is being watched In answer to the above: The post can be read in a few ways, the benefit of the doubt was give but the post and forum has been flagged and patrolled ever since. Twidted0ne
  3. Twisted0ne


    Why do that, I'm happy with current. If it an't broke don't fix it ;
  4. Twisted0ne

    How to be come a super tester

    hand in air
  5. Twisted0ne

    Official Cheat in Clash of the Elements

    just remember to keep the chat civil guys also see this post for clarification http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/24381-cote-breaking-news/page__fromsearch__1
  6. PLEASE KEEP POSTS CIVIL. Every one here is allowed there own opinion and you don't have to agree either. Both sides have stated there side please don't make it personal. Action will be taken if it continues. Twisted0ne
  7. Twisted0ne

    USS Kidd incoming

    keep moving nothing to see here
  8. Twisted0ne


    We do test it before. Some bugs get through unfortunately. Your post is really helpful by the way not 1 idea on your issue so we can add it to the list that is getting fixed.
  9. Twisted0ne


    The above info is correct please issue a ticket to NA support for assistance.
  10. Twisted0ne

    Gneisenau missing main guns

    Correct so either the ship is different as it it is now or it wouldn't be in the game. What would you prefer?
  11. Twisted0ne

    Hall of Fame Q4.

    Closed at the request of the OP Twisted0ne
  12. Mod pack has been updated http://dl-wows-gc.wargaming.net/projects/mods/mods_pack/WG_ModPack_SG_0.5.16.1.exe
  13. Twisted0ne

    New player from Sydney Australia

    save for tier 4 + I usually start at Tier 5 pick a tech tree you like, slow and big guns go BB, or be fast try DD's or stay with CA for middle of the road. also: JPN DD are torp boats USA DD middle of the road jack of all trades RUS DD short range gun boats etc Each nation has it strengths rock paper sicsors etc
  14. Twisted0ne

    Team Hits penalty...

    it would be too labor intensive checking each time some 1 shelled a friendly by mistake, also open to abuse etc. Reload is long zoom in / out between shots
  15. Or does he like it that way