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  1. Looking forward to the console release in a couple of weeks. Some of the benefits over PC version. +/- 1 MM 9v9 battles, and most importantly......... NO F****** CV's Considering my low battle count, I'm not even leaving that much behind when I start kicking back on the couch with a controller in hand.
  2. Cronk

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    Servers up
  3. Cronk

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    Still down? derping about on NA while I wait for them to come back up.
  4. Cronk

    Is this the future of the WOWS?

    Those mods have been around for years, people use them in WoT and presumably WoWP as well, BBs just give a lot more real estate to defile with garish, borderline pedophilic images.
  5. Cronk

    Beta account wipe?

    I know that feeling, occasionally I need to walk away from tonks for an extended period before I start smashing expensive computer equipment, this Easter weekend I reached one of those points, time for a break.
  6. Cronk

    Beta account wipe?

    I only got the Arkansas Beta. The pre order pack sounds familiar, maybe I just considered buying it but didn't, my memory is hazy going that far back. Now that I recall I think it may have been prepurchase bundle and I'm thinking of the Warplanes promo that had a bunch of free prems recently. Thanks for clearing it up.
  7. Cronk

    Beta account wipe?

    Heya Ralph, so this is where you hide out these days? Yeah it's a ways back to try to remember, can't blame people for not recalling, my own recollection is rather hazy.
  8. Cronk

    Beta account wipe?

    Yeah I know it seems weird to be asking after all this time, but I've been away a long time. Could have sworn I had some mid tier ships when I played like the Cleveland and a tier 4 or 5 JP BB, also vaguely recall some kind of premium giveaway where you got 2 or 3 premiums like the Sims and some others, but they are gone now. I started during one of the betas, can't recall if closed or open, but if I'm missing ships I'm guessing there was some kind of wipe between closed and open betas. If there was going to be a wipe what was the point of having promo give aways for premiums that would just be taken away. I did receive and keep the Arkansa beta and the Albany but lost a bunch of other stuff, I understand the account resets of tech tree ships etc, but does anyone recall the details of the premium giveaway? I believe it was one of those vendor type promotions, NVidia, Corsair, ASUS or something alone those lines.
  9. Cronk

    First Impressions CBT

    It's about 20-30ms higher for me (160-170 for WoT, 200ish for WoWs) and others have reported similar. My lag indicator is solid red the whole time, but I suspect it might be coded to show as red if ping exceeds 200ms. It's hard to get a consistent reading though as it depends on what the wife and kids are using/doing, PS3 running netflix, 2 ipads, 1 nexus tablet, 2 smartphones and a 2nd PC and school holidays = variable ping. But I'm pretty sure when everyone else is in bed and everything besides my rig shut down I still get higher ping than I did during peak hours on WoTSEA. On WoTNA I get 250-300 plus and still a green light most of the time.
  10. Cronk

    Game Crash - Haven't Played It Yet

    Looks like a graphics issue. Tried updating to the latest graphics drivers, or rolling them back to a previous more stable version?
  11. Cronk

    Finally ,thank you

    I was tossing up whether to say Type 59 or E25, maybe E25 is a bit closer to the mark.
  12. Well there ya go, didn't think anyone would have made one yet due to lack of demand. But OP should probably try to hunt that one down.
  13. Most likely, in WoT they were different clients but shared about 99% of data, you could run multi clients from one install with the aid of mods or if you knew which files had to be changed. I kinda doubt that such mods have been created for this game at this time. It would be possible to do without redownloading everything but you would need to find someone in the know to help you out.
  14. Not sure, the key might be linked to your email account and not work with a different one, but probably need AALG or somebody in the know to confirm. I would hang onto it if I were you, I also have access here but wish I had an NA key as I would like to compare the two servers (particularly quality of pub teamwork and coordination) before ultimately making a decision on which server I will invest my time and money.
  15. Cronk

    Finally ,thank you

    I keep hearing about the sims, wondering if it will become the Type 59 of Warships? Detachments of them pwning noobs until the forums get so full of whine threads that they remove it from the shop.