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  1. Captain_YoloPants

    Random Disconnects???

    Me also...
  2. I did this but got no container?
  3. Captain_YoloPants

    How to be come a super tester

    The original Aussie - one of the first WoT moderators, have been doing this for a long long time...
  4. Captain_YoloPants

    new public test wows

    I kinda wanna cuddle you...
  5. Captain_YoloPants

    Premium Time waisted

    Not a bad idea, ill bump WG again regarding it and see if its in the works at all This would probably why the above idea isnt implemented and is a good reminder to those that flag sales are great at giving you defacto premo account for specific ships
  6. Captain_YoloPants

    anyone else in indo having problems with DCs?

    I would dare say at the time the random DC's were happening WG weren't sure what was causing them (making an assumption here sadly). These things take some time to diagnose and fix, ideally once the server starts doing something "odd" it should just stop ranked battles/team battles and allow players to "try" random games... in saying that though im sure if it did that and people were trying out random pvp battles id be here replying to other players complaining that it ruined those games for them also :/
  7. Captain_YoloPants

    anyone else in indo having problems with DCs?

    I can appreciate your frustration with the issues last night. Sadly these things occur and the best WG can do is to mitigate any unexpected outages in future.
  8. Captain_YoloPants

    thanks you WG for reset

    *golf claps* Least you got more than 1 win in 6 battles at that tier... I cant buy a win in my yammy
  9. Captain_YoloPants

    Encouraging Rookie Players

    Thats not true... If you experience behaviour in game like you describe please report it to a moderator and we will get the chat logs pulled for that player/game. We are here to serve the community and ensure that game/forum rules are enforced. I might fall into that boat you are also complaining about - Im an alpha tester, supertest coordinator and moderator for World of Warships, prior to this I was on World of Tanks. Sadly I dont have as much time up my sleeve as you assume we have. Having a full time job, part time business and 2 kids under 3 whilst trying to keep my wife and real life friends happy is a real challenge. My only advice to newbies is ask questions, most the guys I have known since alpha are all decent guys and very very few fly off the handle at new players learning... id be dissappointed if the player in question is one of the guys i know P.S do not name and shame on the forums, send me the players name and the time the game was played and ill get it looked at. Chappo
  10. Captain_YoloPants

    The Corn Cartel, bring the noise

    Closing thread as youtube channel has been removed ~Chappo
  11. Captain_YoloPants

    CV player letter to non CV player

    Ok I think this has gone on long enough, enough of the bickering you lot. Be civil. This is WoWS forums, you want grief go somewhere else. ~Chappo Asia Moderating Team
  12. Captain_YoloPants

    Team Players list screen shows "nobody"

    Yeah i have seen that when i load in, i think its more of a how fast your PC takes to load the battle initiation screen. Raise it as a bug to support
  13. Captain_YoloPants

    Royal Australian Navy

    But isnt canada part of the US? the US navy is already in game....
  14. Captain_YoloPants

    Avatars for Moderators

    I look forward to this...
  15. Captain_YoloPants

    old info, doesnt works anymore

    @ OP - I understand you may not speak english the best so please PM me if you are not sure of why you were sanctioned. Thanks Chappo