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  1. Darkshaunz

    Winrate is Meaningless

    I think the quality of players has always been the same - a mixed bag. I say this as someone that played World of Tanks for years before switching to this game. People have been saying the WoT playerbase has been declining in skill ever since the first beta test of that game. The reality of World of Tanks is similar to this one - it's about the same when it comes to average player performance. When we're on a winning streak, we don't really notice anything. As soon as we start hitting a loss streak however, we start to amplify things that were always there to begin with. Things like a lack of map awareness, poor understanding of a ship's role, and bizarre positioning from allied players, those are all present even in the matches you do win. The reaction is more of a psychological thing if you're a competitive person (which I assume you are, or else you wouldn't have elucidated such a long spiel about the merits of WR as a statistic), when the chips are up - you feel good because you're part of a victory. When they are down, you feel bad and your brain is trying to find reasons as to why you're constantly experiencing loss - which makes you feel anger, frustration, and negative emotions. It's usually accompanied by denial and blame - and all of this ultimately leads to playing whilst on a tilt, which exacerbates the unfavourable performance even further. Getting angry over it seems like a futile exercise to me. Wargaming wants to make this game accessible to a larger playerbase, a great majority of which has no care for these forums or arbitrary concepts such as improving themselves for the benefit of a team filled with internet strangers. Wargaming are not at all concerned about which metric is being used to appease the top percentile of competitive players with deep purple stats. They are however, concerned about what ships they can sell off to the masses at a premium price. That's why we get Premiums like the Asashio, a ship which doesn't teach any of the correct lessons that the more competitive community wants newer players to learn - but to instead capitalize on general ignorance of class role and gameplay mechanics. Wargaming isn't going to assume the role of the curator for an even playing field, they want to be Nicholas Cage in the Lord of War - they want to sell that crazy warlord a golden desert eagle. By the time you read this you would have probably broken that loss streak anyway.
  2. Darkshaunz

    Ultimate Frontier getting a rework

    You know it's going to be a good time when: i) There are 2 DDs on your team on the loading screen. ii) The 3 BBs in your team totally ignore the Atlanta spawn up the top, and go straight to farm damage towards the elephant rock. iii) DDs and CLs try and YOLO the first 2 DDs at the start of the operation, either getting torpedo'd or destroyed by the first BB/CA NPC wave. iv) You're already down 2 ships by the time the Whiskey DD squadron spawns. v) For some reason a DD or Fast Cruiser decides to hunt down Raptor, only to get killed on the way. vi) By some miracle you've made it to the last wave and they are all concentrating their firepower straight at the Aerodome.
  3. Darkshaunz

    way too much divisions

    My opinion: It's fine the way it is, matchmaking doesn't take skill into account - you can have good or bad divisions anyway. My advice: Find good players, make friends with them, and then be ones that slaughter people without divisions.
  4. Over the past few weeks, we have all been undertaking a fantastic journey together. By fantastic, I mean painful - like getting teeth pulled without any painkillers. Just when you think random games couldn't get much "crazier" from the day to day, Wargaming asks us all to hold their vodka. Here's five types of people I came across in the campaign, at some point - I was at least one of these people as well. #1 THE YOLO GUY (By far the most unpredictable) The YOLO Captain is many things - but patient he is not. The YOLO Captain only has one objective: Get as much of the progress bar done in one game as possible. If the mission doesn't include the "WIN" stipulation, then you can rest assured that this guy will literally ignore everything on the map (including objectives). There is a decent probability that he may have bought the Emerald because he remembered that the floating citadel has 16 torpedoes. This is the same person that is quietly upset if it's an open map with very little islands to hug his torpedo platform next to, as that is their gameplan every game until the mission is done. This is also the same person that gets mad if you killsteal the battleship he was recklessly sailing into to drop torps, or if you were doing the same thing as him - and your torps hit the target first before his. If you were not afraid of islands before, he will put the fear of stars into you. #2 THE FLAG COLLECTOR I've seen people in all chat on the verge of tears as they share the fact that they are just redoing any of the following missions for the stars: Repeat Grind 35000/45000/75000 XP ("I'm running out of XP camos/flags") Repeat Grind 1.5M/3M credits ("I'm actually thinking of buying a Missouri with real money conversions") Repeat Grind 25000 Commander XP ("How do I still have Dragon flags left?") These guys have their ships looking like the front lawn of the United Nations Headquarters, nothing but flags fully covering the vessels. It's also a great excuse for them to use up all the ugly "Frosty Fir Tree" camos they got from opening 20 santa crates, hoping to get a ship - but instead getting terrible flags and camos. 8/8 slots for signal flags wasn't enough. #3 THE RANKED BATTLER The Ranked Battler is a cunning and shrewd operator. He realizes that it is significantly easier to score the "High Caliber" and "Dreadnought" achievements in Ranked Battles due to the smaller team sizes. He can be seen in a Tier 8 Battleship, and is seemingly unfazed on whether or not he is winning or losing stars, but more concerned about landing tasty big numbers on the enemy battleships on the opposing team. Sometimes, the Ranked Battler captain walks out of a match with a Win, High Caliber, and Dreadnought medal - laughing all the way to his Duke of Yuck + Krispy Kreme icing camo scheme. #4 THE COUNTER-PICKER World of Warships is supposed to a Rock, Paper, Scissors kind of game - and the Counter-Picker Captain is the guy that will choose a class that throws a winning hand at each stage of the timegated missions. This is because he either: i) Bought the Duke of York from the store, or ii) Doesn't care about the missions. He was the DD captain that was sinking battleships midway through the campaign, and he is the CL captain with two of his friends setting down a smoke + radar honey trap for the people spamming DDs towards the end of the campaign. Whatever his motives are, the Counter-Picker is very dangerous, because he goes against the potato herd meta. #5 THE EARLY ADOPTER I have heard rumours of a thing called, "Jobs". According to my personal research, having a job means other human beings pay you money for services rendered. You can use this money as currency to exchange goods and services - including virtual botes in a game run by Russians. The Early Adopter was the rarest of the people I encountered, these individuals have chosen to use money from their "Jobs" to buy the Duke of York early, in order to laugh at the sad peasants that must grind through the campaign to get the ship for free. They could be seen smugly sailing their KGV knock-off in the first days of the campaign, laughing at people because their time is actually worth more than most. This is all well and good, until some of them inevitably realize that they paid for a pretty bad clone of the KGV with actual money - resulting in secret buyer's remorse. #6 SECRET PLAYER
  5. Darkshaunz

    An Argument for CV Removal

    CV removal would be bad for business. period. I think they shudder to think about the logistics of having to rework their marketing materials, refunding people that bought premium CVs, compensating CV-only players etc. Ultimately, it's less to do with the developmental concerns, and everything to do with the bottom line - it wouldn't look good for them to remove an entire class of ships after spending so much time and resources showcasing the game as a complete naval action package.
  6. Wargaming won't be hiring OP for the marketing division anytime soon, that's for sure.
  7. Hahahahaha I have never seen so many potatoes voluntarily sail to their near-immediate deaths every single game. Thankfully, most of them have been on the enemy team. DDs and light cruisers throw themselves at BBs, only to get blown up in spectacular fashion. I might not finish the New Year's Raid mission myself, but this is a price I am willing to pay for entertainment value of this caliber.
  8. Darkshaunz

    The rigging of top loser by clans in Ranked

    Pretty much this. The save a star function incentivizes players to adopt the "Every man for himself" approach and changes the dynamic of the round completely. You turn a game mode where team play and communication is crucial to winning, into a game mode where it's literally the Survivor island - especially if the team goes down one ship early in the round. So after the team experiences an early setback, and it becomes doubly more important to keep everyone co-ordinated, WoWS instead says, "Welp! your chances of wining just reduced here, ditch your team and nurse your star".
  9. Deja Vu [Eurobeat Intensifies] I've seen this same topic done over, and over, and over in the World of Tanks forums before I moved to this game. There is a good to excellent chance that if Wargaming made a World of No Stats game, people would still be trying desperately to claw at whatever metric(s) they can to seek some kind of validation of their own self-worth in a video game. So let's get this out of the way first, you play a video game because hopefully you get some enjoyment out of it. For some individuals, it's going to be because they're fans of history, and for some people - it's because you get to drive a boat with big guns. Therefore, if you're logging into WoWS and your objective is to: Play the game and enjoy it - you're doing just fine. Live your life, and enjoy your pastimes. Nobody gives a damn about your stats unless you're trying out for a serious competitive clan, or you literally have nothing else going on in your existence (in which case, sucks to be you). The above applies to the vast majority of players, who frankly don't even read the forums. I don't even technically read the forums properly, I'm here mostly for the memes. Now, since you're still reading this - I can only assume that you do care about stats in one way or another. Also, you're probably one of the people embroiled in the never-ending war between "THE HAVES" and the "HAVE-NOTS". Either you're one of the warring factions, or you're an innocent bystander, I am talking about Neutral Citizens that are either Server Average, Above Average, or about to Ascend to become part of "THE HAVES" faction. This applied in World of Tanks, and it certainly applies here as well. THE HAVES - Have outstanding Solo WR stats, I am talking 55% and above. If you're pulling 55+ in this game solo, props to you and thank you for the carry. I don't care what the prevailing opinion is about Solo WRs, but by Jupiter if you've made it this far in your WoWS career stats-wise, you probably cry every time ranked battles get taken out of rotation because you have to go peel potatoes in random battles. THE HAVE-NOTS - People who are barely server average or lower (Anything up to 48%). We'll also include bots and AFKers here. If you're in this category, and reading this on the WoWS forum - there's hope for you yet (Keep trying, but TRY HARDER, please). Here's a protip - you don't want to be in the category that includes automated macros and people who literally leave their keyboard to watch anime whilst their game is running in the background. THE NEUTRALS - People who are like 49 - 54% WR. I fall into this category. If you're reading this and you are part of stat purgatory, you have one job - take out your popcorn and watch the two factions shoot at each other. Admittedly, the side with blue/purple stats are more likely to land their shots, bounce incoming rounds, and citadel the other side. What one side lacks in accuracy, map awareness, and team play, however - they make up with sheer numbers alone. But let's be real, you probably don't really care because you're not awful enough that people will use your stats against you, but you're not prodigious enough to want to show off your stats to anyone anyway. To answer the open-ended question in the OP: My overall feeling about stats has not changed for years, which is: Don't let statistics control your enjoyment of the game. Instead, control your own performance to enhance your enjoyment of the game. Numbers by themselves are absolutely meaningless. The meaning one gets out of stats is purely how a random table of percentages is being used by the owner of said figures. The context of the individual matters. If you as a player cares a lot about statistics, then use statistics strictly as a way of self-evaluation, and the only one that has and will matter is Solo WR%. Be honest with your own performance in a game, and see what you could have done differently to positively affect the game. Sure, you'll have days where you will lose a string of games, they'll happen. Those awful DEFEATS in the results tab will stack up like a Jenga Tower even for the deepest purple Kraken. But in my very anecdotal experience, if you took the time to learn the game, and the ships you're naturally good at (or lean towards), eventually your VICTORIES will overtake those DEFEATS. I am actually living proof of this, and this is coming from someone that legit sails into islands (on manual) in 1 out of every 5 games he plays. Can we go back to posting memes now?
  10. Darkshaunz

    2018 is the Year of the CV

    This has nothing to do with the latest Aftvent Calendar mission, honest. CVs are just that good in 2018. Thank you based WG.
  11. Darkshaunz

    Kutuzov Needs To Be Buffed

    I'll give you a ring of fire that surrounds your ship in a 12km diameter. Anytime a ship gets within your ring of fire - three fires start on their deck immediately. They must steer clear of you in order to use the repair kit to put out said fires. It's the best I can do for you on such short notice.
  12. Darkshaunz

    team fire got robbed on the first round

    Starting a team sounds like too much effort.
  13. Darkshaunz

    No shop update.

    You should be spending quality time with your brand new Freedomwagon, installing democracy in the seven seas. The Friant is basically a Kleenex tissue box with guns.
  14. Darkshaunz

    I saw the "Hood"

    I am very certain the ship will receive buffs to make her more desirable. WG doesn't just want Collectors/History Buffs to buy the ship, they want as many people as possible to buy it.
  15. Darkshaunz


    Seeing people get worked up over this event is more entertaining than the actual event.