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  1. Thank you finally I get someone who's genuinely trying to help *Looks at above posts* I'll try to keep what you said in mind. Plus I got to start trying to predict where the ships are gonna turn towards
  2. I've had it with this really bad aim of mine. I keep missing ships floating at 10km or more. Anybody got some time to teach me how to hit anything past 10km?
  3. The speed of USN BBs prior to T8 is a joke. You'll never be able to get into a good position before you get spotted That being said Colorado's combined playstyle and economics are very beginner-unfriendly. You need to improve your aim drastically if you want to have even a single hope of doing well in it.
  4. Colorado is basically a floating bonfire soaked in Gasoline. HE spammers will cry with joy when they see one floating nearby
  5. If WG hadn't screwed up with the situation regarding Chase then more would join. As it is I don't give em much hope of getting people on the program
  6. A broadside NC is basically food for any T7 and above BB. The side armor is stupidly thin.
  7. Got stuck on a submerged island shelf in my NC 7 mins into a battle (Was busy dodging a wall of torps) A Benson came up front and just dropped torps on me. Too bad they hit the shelf =D Then a Minotaur decided to come from my right side =( Got him but his torps got me too X(
  8. For some reason i feel as though my NC is gonna have a real hard time. First Yamato and now Conquerer? Jesus............
  9. I'll just farm their noob asses. As soon as I get my connection issue fixed........ God damn it this has to happen as the free game week is occurring dammit
  10. I suppose I'll throw in a few questions into the mix 1) I've heard talk about the new mechanic to deal with smoke stealth firing. Can you comment on that and how it's projected to work? 2) Will DDs get some buffs? In the current state gunship DDs are very much underpowered against other types of ships 3) When will USN CVs get AP bombs, if they are?
  11. I do wish there was a option for angles sights in dynamic
  12. For German BBs fire prevention is more worth because your armor will be bouncing a lot of AP rounds if angled correctly, so most ships will resort to burning you out. For American BBs their concealment is surprisingly a lot better than most of their counterparts (I mean a 11.8km det range on CE NC wow.....) so CE helps in repositioning and surprise strikes For IJN BBs I would think fire prevention is better but I'm not so sure, particularly when it comes to anything below Yamato (I still hate that lolpen gun) Not so sure about other BBs though Edit: Still better to combine both skills. Secondary build only works on German BBs
  13. "bit of bias"? Is this guy joking?
  14. Finally got the stars needed. Now to complete this chapter
  15. Some players are just unappreciative of their CVs. I once had a heck of a time protecting my ships. Shot down every single strike aircraft that tried to hit my team and I still got reported.