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  1. This is a stupid move IMO. Why? 1) No account link (GG to all the loyal players who grinded their way up to T10 only to see their efforts go down the drain) 2) Bye bye to unified payments (Steam payments not available to long-time players) 3)WG just seems to hate on people who have been with them since the start
  2. So looks like 0.6.13 caused the voice packs for ARP and HSF ships to stop working. Again.............
  3. good thing I kept my Cleveland around I guess.......
  4. Hold up. How the hell is Cleveland supposed to survive T8-10 battles? It's armor is way too weak and it's only carrying 152mm guns............
  5. It counts, since the retreating filth killed off the ships. The idea is that the filth is what they survive in. Our air is hazardous to them, just as theirs (I.E. the filth) is hazardous to us.
  6. Anyway the problem I have with this op isn't the enemies. It's the people you're playing with. Idiots never seem to read the consumables they're given. Any wonder they die so fast and I'm left to deal with the hordes alone?
  7. Might be a bug then. It takes a lot of firepower but they always go down in the end. If you can't kill it before the portal is sealed then knock it's health down as far as you can and let the retreating filth do the rest. It still counts.
  8. It takes a lot of firepower just to bring it down. Don't go with airstrikes. It's AA will shred em to bits Basically spam HE and torps at this guy. CAs and DDs. Also lighting it on fire prevents it from using it's aircraft........
  9. Sound like a lot of players in randoms.......
  10. It's likely you can only earn the rewards for reaching a number of stars once. So if you aren't gonna buy the bundle from the shop 5 is the likely maximum you can earn. Which is stupid imo Make it a daily thing or something for the event
  11. *Recalls detonations* Rng seems to be married to WG though......
  12. For secondary range increases here are the following things you can use Ship upgrades: -Secondary Battery mod 2 (+20% max range) -Aiming System Mod 1 (+5% max range) (Note: These 2 upgrades occupy the same upgrade slot, so you cannot mount both) Captain skills: -Advanced Firing Training (+20% max range) Flags: Mike Yankee Soxsix (+5% max range of secondaries) Just to ask why do you want to increase your secondary range? Are you gunning for a secondary build or playing KM BBs?
  13. It's true. Unless you spec-ed demolitions (in which case I'd ask you to go respec again) you have a literal 0% chance of starting fires. The BB's main task is to take down catapults and the Zikasas using AP. Also as a battering ram against Rasputin.
  14. Call me when they make a SEA server Until then I don't care