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  1. fighter9374

    Submarine Testing

    Real nice WG, I can't even connect to the server to download the test server in advance
  2. fighter9374

    Update 0.7.0 Feedback

    Man was hyped about the new HSF captains Then this post about it came out That shut my hopes down faster than a falling pebble
  3. fighter9374

    Modules Destroyed

    Imagine Kagero's only torp tube getting bashed to bits in the middle of a battle Ouch
  4. fighter9374

    When is the 7.0 update due to start?

    So where are the new captains?
  5. fighter9374

    When is the 7.0 update due to start?

    way to smash my day WG
  6. fighter9374

    When is the 7.0 update due to start?

    I'm trying to log in every now and then Still no luck
  7. fighter9374

    When is the 7.0 update due to start?

    Welp someone beat me to the punch
  8. fighter9374

    When is the 7.0 update due to start?

    Well apparently the client has been updated but the servers still aren't up yet According to the updated maintainance it'll finish at 1030 utc+8
  9. fighter9374

    I pity CV players

    This topic is drowning faster than a sinking battleship......................
  10. fighter9374

    Torpedo Beats

    Meh I had to dodge a 2 torp waves from 2 dds from different directions at the same time. Good thing I was in my New Orleans
  11. fighter9374

    I pity CV players

    I think 3 problems contribute to the fact that CVs keep getting consistently blamed for a lot of stuff 1) CVs tend to be more of a 'command type' ship than the other types of ships. So if the team loses, who do they blame? Naturally the guy in charge/at the top 2) The striking power of a CV can never be underestimated. Being able to drop torps or bombs on a target out of nowhere without the risk of getting shot back makes a CV a valuable (albit a slow) striking power. 3) Unless they played a CV themselves, other players will never understand how a CV player has to play (Work around AA bubbles, benefits vs risk, save 1 ship or save a group, what they can see) With that much power and standing out it's no wonder everything a CV player does is scrutinised (and misunderstood) even more.
  12. fighter9374

    Dual CV in random battles

    It's true. With 1 cv the power shifts dramatically to the cv players. With 2 they can literally control the game. I just came from a game in my Ranger with a ally Ryujo where the enemy CVs (A Hiryu and a Independence) had absolutely no coordination between their FGs and strike groups whatsoever. End result? Me and my CV ally just cake-walked over the entire enemy team who were cursing them the entire way