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  1. chucky2

    controls settings

    https://www.amazon.com/PG-9025-Bluetooth-Wireless-Controller-Joystick/dp/B00GJJ6UYQ/ref=pd_sbs_147_5?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=YB41XK1DG6P9TYCHBX4T i paired with it my pc in keyboard mode so the buttons register as 1-8, w,a,s,d,i,j,k,l and arrow keys. i'll try following the instructions on the link you gave. the r1 button registers as 6 so i can't configure the controls in game because it needs mouse keys
  2. chucky2

    controls settings

    hey guys, i just got an impega bluetooth controller and paired it with my pc. i'm having issues changing the controls. anyone care to help?
  3. chucky2

    brawling cruisers

    I was wondering what was the best mid tier cruiser for brawling. for example getting in knife fight with DDs and other cruisers. getting close against BBs. the furutaka did great for me and i just got the kirov . the long range tactics of the kirov is not for me. i am after all a very terrible shot at long range
  4. chucky2

    Anshan or Murmansk or Ognevoi?

    i believe all prem ships camo have the same perks
  5. chucky2

    invisible dd rule the game

    if you pay close enough attention to the tracers, you can follow them to the ships position in the smoke.
  6. chucky2

    Torpedo detection range

    finally i don't need to bring a calculator to play. Did they also add other stats like the gun firing concealment penalty or when you're on fire?
  7. chucky2

    I want a japanese gold DD so bad!

    an IJN gunboat you say it would be great as a prem ship because if you make it an alternative for the shima, most of the people won't be used to gun boats unless they have the USN or RU DDs
  8. chucky2

    Torpedo detection range

    so if i play a lot of battles poorly, will they buff them back again? i am calling all DD players to torp you allies to get a buff
  9. chucky2

    0.5.5 Rumours/News

    they should add sonar to DDs
  10. chucky2

    Physics Questions related to ramming

    my ships hull stayed for the rest of the game instead of sinking to the abyss.. lol
  11. chucky2

    worst luck

    who else got dced at the worst moments. i didn't even get to say my parting words to that colorado just 7 km away and iw jut me and him on that side of the map, damn internet and that was my rant i also have a problem because i can't login again but i managed to post this. so its not my internet
  12. I remember hearing or reading something about the torpedoes detection range is related to its maximum range. If this is correct i was wondering of something. Would it be better for the detection range to be related to the distance the torpedoes traveled instead of the maximum range. if the DD risks more by getting closer should have more effective torps. however there should be some kind of minimum detection range or something. what do you guys think?
  13. chucky2


    i was thinking that instead of limiting ammo, they should make you pay for the number of shots you fire and all other armaments expended. i am still at tier 7 as a DD and don't know how severe the camping is at the 9-10s but i do occasionally save my smoke to save a BB or Ca thats over extended
  14. chucky2

    Bonus code from Razer

  15. chucky2

    Gunboat DDs: Stanlinium vs Freedom

    i just got my kiev and hatsu, i was wondering f it would be a good idea to start getting the usn DD or do i wait till i get a tier 10?