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  1. HERMITech

    Brisbane QLD Players - Local Event Possibility

    Hi all, Unfortunately, as we weren't able to get the numbers up this won't be happening at this time. Hopefully early in the new year we can try again with more success. Cheers ! HERMITech
  2. HERMITech

    Brisbane QLD Players - Local Event Possibility

    Hi all, Thanks for replying. We will need to get a few more people if this is going to happen so spread the word please.
  3. HERMITech

    Brisbane QLD Players - Local Event Possibility

    Awesome,Spread the word far and wide !
  4. Hey all, For those of you who don't have a clue who I am, I was one of the crew assisting WarGaming down in Melbourne at PAX earlier this month. What's happening here you ask? At present, just trying to gauge interest and numbers in what could potentially become a sponsored eat, meet, greet & feedback session around the 6th December for anyone in the Brisbane QLD area. It's not just limited to Ships so fellow Tankers are also more than welcome to attend so spread the word among your mates and or that other guy who always ends up sleeping on your lounge that eating all your food and drinking all your beer supplies, yeah supplies. Could you post a response below if you would like to and can actually attend said session with where you would be traveling from? I'm well aware that a lot of folks have work xmas parties around this time of year (as I'm a local myself) so really trying to check out how many people would be keen. I've been told if we can get upwards of 30+ people good things will happen! So, if you are interested, please post below so we make this happen! Cheers! HERMITech
  5. HERMITech

    Please let us select our battle types

    Please, will people stop caring about this shit.It's going to get wiped anyway....
  6. HERMITech

    New Face on Asian Forum

    Howdy, Just a heads up. The email sent out to new testers invited to participate, the links are all broken.